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The THINK verb works with the ESP System to send messages on private, hidden, and public channels in conjunction with SPEECH VERBIAGE modifiers and TONE modifiers dependent upon channel type. Settings can be seen via the ESP verb. Note: Previous roleplay messaging used by the THINK verb has been moved to the CONSIDER verb.


THINK is used on its own to access the syntactical menu and has similar messaging for HELP THINK and VERB INFO THINK.

    THINK [modifiers] {message}              - Sends out a message on your default channel
    THINK ON {channel} [modifiers] {message} - Sends out a message on the specified channel
    THINK TO {target} [modifiers] {message}  - Sends out a private message to the target
    THINK LOCATION {target}                  - Use a crystal amulet to send your location to the target
    ESP                                      - Control your ESP settings and channels
    ESP CHANNELS                             - List ESP channel information

Where [modifiers] is zero or more of the following:
    :{tone}                                  - Think the message in a particular tone (see TONE LIST for a list of tones)
    ::{person} or @{person}                  - Direct the message to someone on the channel (visible to others)
    ={verb}                                  - Verb to indicate the thought style (see SPEECH VERBIAGE LIST for a list of verbs)

In order to send a location to a target, you must have a crystal amulet in-hand, in crystal amulet jewelry, or in your worn inventory and THINK LOCATION followed by the target name. Do not use TO.