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Use Weapons, Armor
Bonus +20
ST/DU 15/40
Rarity Uncommon
Weight Modifier 80%
Primary Color Blue with silver veins
Dyeable Yes

One of the most commonly-traded magical metals in all of Elanthia, vultite is most often a light blue-grey ore streaked with veins of bright silver in its natural state. Vultite is easily mined as it forms a dense crust on the rock face of a mountain, rather than deep within, and deposits are often located near the surface without need for extensive excavation. It can be easily dyed, and is often a standard when comparing enchantments due to its being so widespread across so many different cultures. Its natural enchantment is equal to that of four common wizard's enchantments. It is a favorite metal among smiths as it makes versatile weapons, and is also light as far as metals go.

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