Yellow canary

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A yellow canary lives in the town of Zul Logoth.


The yellow canary seems to be in good health, which always sets the mind at ease about possible contamination of a cave's air.  The scrawny thing appears to have escaped its cage to wander the streets of Zul Logoth searching for bits of food that the inhabitants discard.

Idle Messaging

  • A yellow canary pecks at something on the ground, hoping for a morsel of food.
  • The canary will also sometimes play dead, scaring the populace:
A yellow canary suddenly jumps up and lands flat on its back!
A dwarven female points at the canary and shrieks, "Everyone run, the canary is dead!"  The woman runs off screaming.
The canary bounces up to its feet and hops around on the ground.  You think you hear something almost like snickering from it as it begins to tweet happily.
  • A dwarven man walks by and glances at a seemingly healthy canary. He gives a sigh of relief and continues on his way.
  • A yellow canary flits around Chalcedony's head, being a nuisance. Chalcedony flails her hands around until it finally flies off.
  • A young dwarven girl starts to chase the yellow canary around the street. The bird flits around, easily avoiding the chase. Eventually, the girl gives up and wanders away.
  • A yellow canary hops around on the ground chirping a high pitched song.
  • A yellow canary flits in, chirping merrily.
  • A yellow canary chirps loudly and flits east.