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Use Armor, Weaponry, Shields
Offensive Bonus +10
Defensive Bonus +10
ST/DU ?/?
Rarity Extremely Rare
Weight Modifier Unknown
Special Properties Bonus to AS and DS
Primary Color Golden
Dyeable Yes

Zelnorn has the unique property of enhancing attack strength as well as defensive strength.

The metal appears to be identical to steel, as far as weight, strength, and durability are concerned. The makeup of the material is unknown, and the metal cannot be enchanted by normal means. The natural color of the metal is a golden hue, but it can also be dyed any color.

Zelnorn cannot be used by characters incapable of taking on a massive troll king, which is about level 63. The innate abilities are significantly more powerful than standard materials, which is why a higher than normal level restriction applies.


Zelnorn was released during Ebon Gate, in the year 5106.

Two sets of zelnorn armor were released at Ebon Gate 5107.

Two sets of zelnorn longswords were released at Ebon Gate 5108.


The enchant of the metal in its base state is +10/+10. This natural bonus can be enhanced, but the AS/DS bonuses should always be within one point of one another. It can be enchanted through the premium points system, and when enchanted through this system both the attack strength and defensive strength bonus provided by the item will be increased, each one alternating between +3 and +2 such that the bonus to both AS and DS remains relatively equal. For example, a zelnorn item that was originally +15/+15 and is enchanted once will provide a +18 bonus to AS and a +17 bonus to DS. Enchanted twice, the item will provide a +20 bonus to both AS and DS.

Zelnorn takes the primary enhancement slot, so it is not compatible with weighting/padding/flares. Zelnorn weapons are effectively defender weapons (up to +25/+25). Zelnorn shields and armor provide their bonus AS to all attacks, including bolt spells.

Zelnorn is considered 10x when it is +25 AS / +25 DS.

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