2022-02-10 - Vornavis Baronial Court Session (log)

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Category: Towns
Topic: Solhaven
Message #:
Author: GS4-LYDIL
Date: 2/4/2022 8:48 PM
Subject: Court session in Vornavis

This coming Niiman the 10th of Fashanos at 9:30 pm by the Empire Standard of Time, Baron Dunrith Malwind of Vornavis will be holding an open session of court. Those with ties to Vornavis are invited and encouraged to attend, and all residents of the region and friends of the barony are welcome at court. Those guests and envoys from the Elven Nations are especially invited to join his Excellency at this session of court.

The chamberlain of the court would also like to remind all those who would attend this session of court that proper attire and behavior will be required.

(OOC: The Court session will Thursday 2/10 at 9:30 pm EST)


The Duke of Aldora, Duke Bannon Chandrennin, invites Baron Malwind and his family to visit them in Elstreth. Dunrith accepts mentioning he's looking forward to the weather.

Sir Bristenn Mires give an update on the recent events with the Order of the Azure Sun.

Guarrin was introduced as the leader of the Order of the Silver Gryphon and offered continued there aid so Baron Malwind took him up on it was questioned at length on a knightly scenario or theory that grew into realization it was regarding Sir Gedrick's situation.

Salnim gives some details on the return from their trip and a Court in the near future.


Sunday, February 10th 5122...

Jaysehn says, "Well...I suspect I can enlist quite the cadre of heroes from this batch to help clear out the Krolvin in Darkstone Bay when this session is completed."

You see Guarrin the Protector of the Platinum Pride.
He appears to be a Giantman of the T'Kirem Clan.
It is difficult to properly see his features as the hood of his cloak is pulled down over his face.
He has a weaving Saramar runes tattoo on his arm, and an ebon and ivory skeletal gryphon tattoo on his arm.
He is in good shape.
He is wearing a thin silver crystal pendant, a black enameled bracer with a silver gryphon set in a ruby circle, a penannular vultite brooch, a silver-edged black gambeson, a silver griffin-clasped kilt, and some buffed leather riding boots with steel-framed buckles.

You bow to Salnim.

You see Lord Salnim Malwind.
He appears to be a Human from Vornavis.
He appears to be an adult.  He has thick-lashed hazel eyes and ruddy skin.  He has tied back, shoulder-length light brown hair with reddish highlights, and a white forelock on his left side.  He has an oval face, an aquiline nose and high cheekbones.  A thick pale scar runs from just above his left eyebrow up across his forehead into his hairline.
He is in good shape.
He is wearing a thin silver coronet, a bright white pearl swan pendant, an emerald green silk cloak embroidered with a white swan, a white gold ring inlaid with a carved emerald, a white silk shirt embroidered with silver scrollwork along the sleeves, a white leather belt with silver studs, a green leather scabbard bound in white gold, a pair of formal black wool trousers with white striping, and a pair of black leather boots with silver buckles.

Charna whispers something to Darcena.

[Vornavis, Great Hall]
On a low dais, spanning the southern end of the hall, three regal chairs of state rest before an embroidered tapestry of the Rising Swan of Vornavis that covers the wall behind them.  Banners bearing the coats-of-arms of knights in service to the barony hang from the railing of the second floor gallery that lines the other three sides of the Great Hall.  Opposite the dais a pair of large fel doors, inlaid with gold scrolling, are set in the north wall.  You also see the Murgin disk, the Geijon disk, the vivid crimson Esana disk etched with a gold-traced wyvern, the Krystalena disk, the Aureliano disk, the Cryheart disk, the rectangular Perigourd disk fashioned of oiled tanik, the Earthdiver disk, the Agathilea disk, the Mynon disk, an aged chamberlain and a small side door.
Also here: Lord Salnim, Baron Dunrith, Lord Asben, Thuldir, Kruilbeck, Vultair, Quinzella, Arianiss, Murgin, Charna, Aureliano, Skorrian, Kothos, Meril, Lady Arenglae, Zeminar, Bakarus, Earthdiver, Alosaka, Darcena, Chancellor Yukito, Commodore Jaysehn, Goldstr, Sir Cryheart, Laermeluion, Lady Uniana, Lord Teveriel, Perigourd, Missoni, Phanna, Magister Raelee, Krystalena, Birch Guardian Akenna, Lady Regwen, Lord Khazaann, Roelaren, Sir Balantine, Agathilea, Lady Esana, Guarrin, Archivist Huske, Ouaen, Sir Mynon, Ifanna, Sir Bristenn, Captain Gurbah
Obvious exits: out

Speaking to an aged chamberlain, Dunrith asks, "What is first upon the docket, my good chamberlain?"

An aged chamberlain says, "The first matter on the docket is your announcements, Excellency."

Dunrith nods.

Dunrith says, "His Grace the Duke of Aldora has invited my family and I to visit him in Elstreth for a holiday."

Dunrith says, "This invitation has been accepted and we will be sailing south in a few days time."

Dunrith says, "It will be most pleasant to see the Chandrennins," the Baron states never glancing towards his son to his right, "as we have not previously had the pleasure of visiting their home."

Dunrith says, "The weather is never unpleasant here in the winter, but we look forward to experiencing the southern winter for the weeks we will be there."

An aged chamberlain says, "Next upon the docket..."

An aged chamberlain says, "...Sir Bristenn Mires of the Order of the Azure Suns."

Bristenn snaps smartly to attention!

Speaking to Bristenn, Dunrith says, "It is ever a pleasure to have you and your Order with us, Sir Mires."

Speaking to Bristenn, Dunrith says, "We understand you recently held quite the feast in your holding."

Bristenn formally replies, "Aye, my liege."

Speaking to Bristenn, Dunrith says, "Compliments then to all of your Order upon doing so."

Bristenn sincerely adds, "Just as it is with gladness and whole hearts that we of the order continue to serve the same, as well as express our gratitude for standing in your court, my lord."

Speaking to Bristenn, Dunrith says, "The service of your Order and yourself to Vornavis is ever appreciated and never in any doubt."

Bristenn nods understandingly.

Dunrith nods to the aged chamberlain.

Bristenn inclines his head.

An aged chamberlain nods at Bristenn.

Bristenn bows respectfully, his eyes fixed firmly on the ground.

Bristenn takes a few steps back.

An aged chamberlain says, "Next upon the docket..."

An aged chamberlain says, "...Protector Guarrin of the Order of the Silver Gryphons."

Guarrin clears his throat.

You nod.

Guarrin faces Dunrith and smartly brings his right fist up to his chest.  Holding it there, he bows deeply.

Charna smiles after Guarrin.

Darcena nods encouragingly at Guarrin.

Speaking to Guarrin, Dunrith says, "It is also a pleasure to have you and your Order here with us tonight, Protector."

Speaking formally to Dunrith, Guarrin responds, "The honor, as ever, is ours my lord Baron."

Speaking to Guarrin, Dunrith says, "We also wish to offer you congratulations upon your new position within the Order."

Speaking to Dunrith, Guarrin says, "Thank you. I hope to follow in the long line of leadership within our Order."

Speaking formally to Dunrith, Guarrin adds, "As ever, should you have any need, we are at your disposal."

Darcena nods approvingly at Guarrin.

Perigourd whispers something to Delindra.

Roelaren agrees with Guarrin.

Speaking to Guarrin, Dunrith says, "Many have served in such a role over the years.  We know that you will do well in such a role."

Salnim leans over and whispers something into his father's ear.

Dunrith glances at Salnim.

Speaking to Salnim, Dunrith says, "An excellent point."

Darcena fidgets.

Delindra smiles at Darcena.

Darcena's cheeks flush with a soft pale rose shade, darkening her freckles even more.

Deavon glances at a purple banner.

Speaking to Guarrin, Dunrith says, "Your offer is ever appreciated.  We have ever valued our relationship with the Silver Gryphons."

Speaking to Guarrin, Dunrith says, "As you did however put forward an offer, we do accept."

Phanna looks thoughtfully at Guarrin.

Teveriel takes a moment to observe Dunrith.

Akenna cocks her head.

Yukito blinks.

Alosaka surreptitiously glances at Guarrin.

Speaking to Guarrin, Dunrith says, "As there is a matter upon which we would ask for your assistance upon."

Guarrin nods understandingly at Dunrith.