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Guarrin SSD.jpg
Guarrin, as rendered by User: Stormyrain
Race Giantman
Culture T'Kirem Bear Clan
Class Warrior
Profession Blacksmith
Religion Multiple
Affiliation(s) Order of the Silver Gryphon

Guarrin is a Kindred warrior and member of the Order of the Silver Gryphon hailing from the Dragonspine Mountains. He is active in Solhaven, Landing and elsewhere across the continent of Elanith.


Born upon the slopes of the Dragonspine Mountains, Guarrin was raised amongst the T'Kirem clan. As is common with many of his clan, once he passed the trials of his youth, he ventured down the slopes and into the Turamzzyrian Empire where he quickly found work as a mercenary and guard. During his early travels, he spent time visiting other clans, especially the Araime Sun Clan and Grishknel Wolf Clan.

After traveling through the Empire, he found himself at the frontier town of Wehnimer's Landing where he joined the Order of Voln after meeting Sir Shirkon, Dame Evia, Sir Morgiest, Sir Cryheart and Sir Geijon.

Eventually, Sir Geijon extended an invitation to join the Order of the Silver Gryphon. His first task as a squire was to reform and lead the Protectors of the Citadel, a task he would perform for the next several years through the Griffin Sword War and War of Nations. Both events would change Guarrin significantly.

After returning to his home for a brief time, and renewing his ancestral obligation to the Guardians of Sunfist, Guarrin returned to Sol Haven and aided in the defense of the city during the Solhaven Cataclysm.

Significant Events

Champion and/or Master of multiple events at the Highman Games 2010.

Guarrin was knighted by Baron Dunrith Malwind in Charlatos of 5122.


Guarrin, illustrated by Andre Ihl
You see Sir Guarrin Hjeldin the Knight-Errant.
He appears to be a Giantman of the T'Kirem.
He is of a towering height. He appears to be full grown. He has deeply-set piercing steel grey eyes and pale skin. He has very long, dark blonde hair worn in a trio of thick, interwoven braided twists across the top of his head with the sides shaved close to the scalp.
He has a weathered face, a crooked nose and a neatly trimmed, full beard gathered into a single glossy braid with a curled tip. He has a thin, faded scar across the front of his neck, a long diagonal scar running across his left eye from brow to cheek, and broad shoulders.
He has an ebon and ivory skeletal gryphon tattoo on his arm, and a weaving Saramar runes tattoo on his arm.
He is wearing a black enameled bracer with a silver gryphon set in a ruby circle, a hammered vultite brooch, a fur-lined iron boar hide cloak, a light linen tunic, a leather swordbelt, a lightweight hunter tartan great-kilt with a long swathe pinned at the left shoulder, some pointille steel-plated sabatons, and a pair of golden spurs.