Melgorehn's Aura (913)

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Melgorehn's Aura (913)
Mnemonic [MELAURA]
Base Duration 1200 sec
Added Duration 60 sec per Wizard Base rank
Span Stackable
Defensive Magic  
Subtype DS, TD 
Defensive Strength +10 (all) 
Target Defense +20 (elemental) 
Availability Self-cast 
Wizard Base Spells
Minor Shock (901) Attack
Minor Elemental Edge (902) Offensive
Minor Water (903) Attack
Minor Acid (904) Attack
Prismatic Guard (905) Defensive
Minor Fire (906) Attack
Major Cold (907) Attack
Major Fire (908) Attack
Tremors (909) Attack
Major Shock (910) Attack
Mass Blur (911) Defensive
Call Wind (912) Attack
Melgorehn's Aura (913) Defensive
Sandstorm (914) Attack
Weapon Fire (915) Attack
Invisibility (916) Utility
Earthen Fury (917) Attack
Duplicate (918) Utility
Wizard's Shield (919) Defensive
Call Familiar (920) Utility
Enchant (925) Utility
Familiar Gate (930) Utility
Core Tap (950) Utility

Melgorehn's Aura is a defensive enhancement spell.

It provides:

For each rank of Wizard Base spells known:

  • the duration of the spell is extended by 60 seconds from its base 1200 second duration.
  • the DS bonus is increased by +1 for each rank known over 913.
  • the Elemental TD bonus is increased by +1 for every 3 ranks known over 913.

The mana cost also increases by +1 for every 3 Wizard Base ranks known over 913.

In addition, it provides an unknown defensive benefit against SMRv2 spells and maneuvers.

It is selfcast only, so non-wizards must use a magic item or scroll to obtain its benefits.

It cannot be imbedded using Magic Item Create (420).

The DS bonus is capped at the caster's level. The TD bonus is uncapped.

DS increase = [10 + ((Wizard Spell Ranks - 13))]
TD increase = [20 + ((Wizard Spell Ranks - 13) ÷ 3)]

The DS bonus at 100 Wizard Spell Ranks is 97.


A luminescent aura begins to swirl around you.
A luminescent aura fades from around you.