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During Ebon Gate of 5106 there was a shop called "A Taste of Truth" that sold tea leaves you could brew. A byproduct of this brewing was that leaves appeared in the bottom of the cup that left images for viewing. Since then, other shops have sold similar teas, including the Tea Room of the Wehnimer's Landing Baker's Shop and Tea-Lightful.

Example Messaging

>drink my teacup
You take a drink from your rose blossom teacup.  Subtle flavors of tart lychee, kiwi, and mango infuse the light vanilla body of the white tea, adding a sweet fruit-like aftertaste.
The tea is a bit weak.
As you finish your sip, you notice some leavings at the bottom of the teacup.
You have one quaff left.

>look in my teacup (1st look)
Gazing down into the nearly empty teacup, you notice some leavings low in the cup.  Turning the teacup slightly, you see the letter "L" formed by some leavings.  Tilting the teacup toward you, you make out the image of a flying bird in the leavings.

>look in my teacup (2nd look)
You turn the teacup and view the leavings inside at a different angle, making out the images of a lute from this point of view.

>look in my teacup (3rd look)
You turn the teacup and view the leavings inside at a different angle, making out the images of a shoes from this point of view.

>look in my teacup (4th look and beyond)
You turn the teacup in an attempt to discern any other images in the leavings, but fail to notice any other than what you originally saw.


Below you will find a set of translations.

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Leaves at First Glance

Each leaf is left at a certain place in the cup and upon first viewing of the leaves you can find out certain things.

Here is the translation for that position:

Leaf Translations

Various images appear in the tea leaves and they are arranged below by letter.

Arrangement Translation
Leaves are low in the cup The time frame is distant
a single leaf clinging to the edge meeting a new friend
several floating leaves busy days
a single floating leaf on the surface coming money
Leaves are high in the cup the time frame is near
a clear unhindered surface rest and relaxation


Image Translation Alternate/Reverse Translation
altar suffering and sacrifice ---
Anchor Security Insecurity
apple Fertility ---
Arch Travel ahead ---
arrow an attack ---


Image Translation Alternate/Reverse Translation
Bat A hidden fear --
boat A Luck Symbol - Life is getting better Vistors or romance is coming
Bone Fogetting old injustices
bottle caution, moderation is needed ---
bow someone is using force on you ----
bowl enjoy what is coming enjoy what you are
Box A gift is given A gift is taken
Bridge Mending a quarrel or rift widening a quarrel or rift


Image Translation Alternate/Reverse Translation
castle broaden your horizons Defend your home
Cat you are aloof a friend is aloof
cat deceit and lies are ahead
cauldron Creativity is key Criticism is hurtful
chain engagement is ahead
Chair Someone new is coming into life Someone old is Leaving your life
closed lock restriction ahead adaptability needed
cloud confusion, wait and all will be clear
clover Luck Symbol ~ Extreme luck in Life the gods favor you
coin money ahead
crescent moon changes are ahead
cup your chances are coming do not seek more then you have


Image Translation Alternate/Reverse Translation
dagger ware the two face
diamond Luck Symbol ~ Fortune
Door opportunity
double horse shoe Luck is head, open your heart
double line your doubts are well founded
double triangle wisdom from the past wisdom from the future


Image Translation Alternate/Reverse Translation
egg a birth
eye Study
eye patch secrets are waiting


Image Translation Alternate/Reverse Translation
fat blossom Luck Symbol ~ Happiness in life Praise or compliments
fence you are being restricted
Fire you are in a social phace of life
flame intense feelings envy
flying bird good news arriving
fork tricky situation ahead, caution Do not make a choice now
full circle money is coming your way ---
full moon listen to your dreams


Image Translation Alternate/Reverse Translation
gate a death a visit
grapes Now is the time to fulfill your desires
Gryphon Exciting new prospects Danger ahead


Image Translation Alternate/Reverse Translation
hammer hard work ahead
hand appreciate those around you you are being too strict
heart mending family matters starting a new romance
horseshoe Lucky Symbol ~ good fortune Safe travels
hourglass finish what you have started


Image Translation Alternate/Reverse Translation
Ice Hidden Feelings Hidden factors
incomplete circle a once in a life-time offer a missing piece in the puzzle
Ivy Faith and endurance


Image Translation Alternate/Reverse Translation
Key Opportunity for improvement Lorminstra's favor
knife caution in what you say look over your shoulder
kraken be prepared flexibility is needed
Krrska self-displine, responsibility Hard work is head but worth it


Image Translation Alternate/Reverse Translation
ladder promotion ahead
lamp light after a period of doubt doubt without hope
lemur harmony at home
Letters of the Alphabet Represent People Negative Influence
lute music lover music hater


Image Translation Alternate/Reverse Translation
Mermaid Romance and creativity
mouse pay attention to small details ware what is hidden


Image Translation Alternate/Reverse Translation
nail direct forceful action is needed Do not force the issue
necklace a close bond


Image Translation Alternate/Reverse Translation
obelisk an obstacle in your way patience is needed


Image Translation Alternate/Reverse Translation
parasol the unknown is here but all is well the unknown is here all is not well
pear optomisim
pipe take your time move quickly


Image Translation Alternate/Reverse Translation
quill communication is needed communication is hindered


Image Translation Alternate/Reverse Translation
rattle someone who acts childish an attention seeker
ring deep emotional commitment
rose friendship and love


Image Translation Alternate/Reverse Translation
scale balance is needed
scales You need to way the pros and cons
scissors your being held back, cut the loses
series of dots a long journey
shoes You are on the right path you are on the wrong path
sickle you have earned all you gained a warning to be cautious
single bird a messenger
single line do not take risks at this time
snake you are being tempted to stray
spade dig deeper for your truths
spiral creativity is needed to solve
spoon keep your own council confide in those you trust
square you must overcome your fears
standing bird a delay in news
straight line ending of a journey
sun live life to the fullest
sword a dispute a peaceful ending


Image Translation Alternate/Reverse Translation
teardrops open up, your honesty is needed You are showing too much, be cautious
Temple Adhere to your Arkati The gods are watching
tent a place of shelter there is no place safe
throne power lays ahead for you you are power hungry
tower feeling issolated
tree you are independent independence is ahead
trident a symbol of the sea's favor fate is with you
twined snakes Go for what you want


Image Translation Alternate/Reverse Translation
vase You have too many secrets you have stepped out of the shadows


Image Translation Alternate/Reverse Translation
wavy line high emotions
wheel go with the flow
window remember your instincts
Winged One Protection Vulnerability
wings you need to rise above the situation

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