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A small crystal snowglobe was a magical snowglobe with a loresong that was auctioned at the Ebon Gate festival in 5106. It may have had historical importance to the town of Icemule Trace.

Behind the Scenes


a small crystal snowglobe

The crystal globe is polished smooth and contains the miniature landscape of an apple orchard. Tiny white snowflakes dance inside with every movement, swirling around the ice-covered trees and settling on a wooden farmhouse. The base is covered with a thin layer of frost, and the crystal is cold to the touch.
There appears to be something written on it.

Along the bottom of the globe in an elegant hand is the name, "Malaray."


creates a blanket of snow five times a day that can be used to make snowballs. Snow lasts around 10 minutes before melting.


  • clean

You carefully polish the surface of the globe, removing all traces of dust and fingerprints.

  • lick

You give the globe a tentative lick, only to find that your tongue is stuck to the cold glass. After struggling a bit, you manage to free yourself, but a tingle remains along with the faint taste of apples.

  • shake

You shake your globe gently and a mini-blizzard of snowflakes swirls around your hands. The snowflakes slowly drift to the ground, forming a blanket of snow.

  • touch

Your fingers grow chill as you run them over the globe and trace the lines of the name etched in the frost-covered base.

  • gaze

Shows a random scene:

- The snowflakes dance and swirl violently, obscuring all detail.
- As the snow swirls, the trees sway, bending nearly to the point of snapping before returning to their original position as the storm abates.
- Flakes swirl into the shape of a delicately pointed ear behind which is tucked a sweep of long hair. A woman's face turns toward you but vanishes as the snow scatters once more.
-Light glowing in the window of the farmhouse frames a young woman peering anxiously towards the orchard. As you watch, she is pulled away and the light is suddenly doused as heavy drapes are pulled closed inside.
- A handsome man's face appears in the swirling snow, his sparse beard a testament to his youth. He bears a hopeful, yet anxious expression, his eyes darting left and right before his visage vanishes once more.

might be more


Berrasi sings something in Guildspeak that you don't understand.
The crystal snow globe seems to respond to the magic of Berrasi's song.
A chill breeze swirls through the area, carrying the frozen tang of snow.
Berrasi gazes into the depths of the globe for a moment and her eyes cloud over like a frost-covered windowpane.

Berrasi softly says, "I find myself standing in the middle of a frozen orchard. The trees are white with frost and icicles hang from the branches. A chilling breeze stirs the drifting snow around my weathered boots."

Berrasi softly says, "I raise my eyes to the night sky as a cloud drifts in front of the crescent moon. The shadows lengthen briefly and I shiver as the cold creeps its way under my rough wool tunic. Behind me, a large, ice-covered branch cracks and crashes to the ground, startling me."

Berrasi softly says, "I am transported into a homey bedroom, donning a heavy cloak as I sit on the edge of a comfortable cot. A candle flickers on a table by the bed, a dim beacon against the cold moonlight reflected off the blanket of snow outside and through the panes of the window."

Berrasi softly says, "I pause a moment to stroke the pewter locket around me neck and smile, wistfully. Standing quietly, I tiptoe towards the wondow and lift the latch..."

Berrasi sings something in Guildspeak that you don't understand.
The crystal snow globe seems to respond to the magic of Berrasi's song.
Berrasi shivers and stamps her feet before gazing around the area with sightless eyes.

Berrasi softly says, "The scene returns to the orchard, and I lean against one of the frozen trees, stamping my feet against the cold. My breath forms a forsty fog in front of my face, but the sight of the heart carved into the trunk of the tree brings a smile to my lips."

Berrasi softly says, "I look around at numerous branches on the ground, broken from the weight of ice, and cast a nervous glance upwards before stepping away from the windbreak of the tree. The moon is sinking low now, and I keep scanning up and down the rows of trees with rising nerves."

Berrasi sings something in Guildspeak that you don't understand.
The crystal snow globe seems to respond to the magic of Berrasi's song.
Berrasi gasps and shakes her head, but soon her eyelids flutter closed.

Berrasi softly says, "Back in the house, I gasp as a hand closes over my wrist. The hand is only slightly larger than my own but my heart races in fear. His elven face is full of only concern, however, as he escorts me back to bed and closes the curtains."

Berrasi softly says, "The elf blows out the candle and kisses me gently on the forehead before quietly leaving the room. I wait for the candlelight in the next room to out but it remains constantly flickering, lulling me into sleep."