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Agita is a special type of gem released at Rumor Woods in June 2019 and was announced by GameMaster Thandiwe and GameMaster Sindin. Agita is not found in the treasure system, but instead can be purchased at Rumor Woods.

Resembling amber in thickness and opaqueness, the agita is the crystallized product of sap bleeding from the surita tree as it reaches maturity and is ready for harvest. The incredibly dense structure is naturally wrought in a teardrop shape that is impervious to reshaping, though it does come in a variety of sizes. Smooth on the surface, the interior is an explosion of hues and comes in the same colorings as the trees that produce it, yet is devoid completely of the grain hue of its origins. As a result, the agita comes in the following varieties:

Variants of Agita
Name Description
Storm intense turquoise augmented by varying shades of light blue
Aura niveous flecked with pink, lilac, and saffron hues
Dusk lavender veins with rose and carnelian inclusions
Dawn crimson striated by goldenrod and pumpkin hues
Ocean moss green veined with indigo
Summit plum swirled with chocolate brown

Due to its inability to be reshaped, drilled, pierced, carved, or bored, the agita is typically used for ornamentation by creating a cage of either wire, metal, or stitching. Lattice-stitching with metallic threads has grown in popularity in Atan Irith and is used to bind the material to the cloth as either neckline ornaments or buttons, while single pieces are usually showcased upon the toes of slippers or yatanes. Smaller specimens have been fashioned into a variety of jewelry. Earbobs that are fused to metal and pendants that are encased in cages. The most famous of the cage varieties is the basket-weave cage made of fine wire.