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Use Runestaves
Bonus +15
ST/DU 10/30
Rarity Extremely Rare
Weight Modifier 100%?
Special Properties d125 or d110
Primary Color Storm cloud grey, white, or ebon
Dyeable No

Grown in alpine climates, the surita is a magically produced combination of an enchanted agate and a sumac species known only to Atan Irith. Completely leafless during its life cycle, the surita's bark curls into thin strips once a month to reveal new growth beneath. The tree reaches its maturity when its spindled limbs begin to produce crystalline tears called Agita, which can be harvested and polished to create decorative ornamentation. The wood garnered from harvesting has bands of crystalline structures within its growth rings.

Due to the "Three Calamities" of its creation, both growing and harvesting of surita is closely guarded and monitored. Since the tree produces no seedlings, flowers, or leaves, it is impossible to say how the Erithi continue to produce new specimens.

In color, the bark of the surita is typically the grey of storm clouds. The curling bark is, by contrast, pure white on its underside. The wood grain varies into six distinct hues:

  • Storm: grey wood grain striated with intense turquoise augmented by varying shades of light blue
  • Aura: grey wood grain striated with niveous veins accented by pink, lilac, and saffron hues
  • Dusk: ebon wood grain striated with lavender veins accented by rose and carnelian hues
  • Dawn: ebon wood grain striated with crimson veins accented by goldenrod and pumpkin hues
  • Ocean: white wood grain striated by moss agate and indigo hues
  • Summit: white wood grain striated by plum and chocolate brown hues

The above hue descriptions can be used when referencing the "color" of the wood since its magical properties prohibit dyeing. For instance, a runestaff could be: a slender dawn surita runestaff. Hue variants do not need to be referenced in the item's description.

This material was originally released at Rumor Woods in the shop Gifts of Atan Irith in June 2019.


Surita is a type of wood that inherently provides a bonus to all casters, utilizing either a d110 (lesser surita) or a d125 (greater surita) instead of a d100 in the combat system.

  • Lesser Surita: A d110 die results in an average expected outcome of 55.5 (versus a d100's 50.5), a net 5 advantage to both CS and AS.
  • Greater Surita: A d125 die results in an average expected outcome of 63 (versus a d100's 50.5), a net 12.5 advantage to both CS and AS.

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