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The Al-Dur Tribe, also called the Al'Dur, is a Tehir tribe. It is one of several larger tribes among the greater Tehir nation. Comprised of multiple family lines, the Al-Dur are more nomadic than most of their brethren, preferring not to linger in any one place for more than a month. While not exclusively merchants, the Al-Dur are nevertheless more willing to trade and interact with Imperials than other tribes, largely because they acknowledge that in doing so they can expand upon their own influence in the region.

Many of the typical Tehir customs are practiced by the Al-Dur with a few notable exceptions. One of the more unusual exceptions is the manner in which Arkati are recognized by the Al-Dur. Instead of using the formal names as recognized elsewhere in Elanthia, the Al-Dur refer to the Arkati with terms denoting familiar status. The end result is a peculiar mix of overlapping roles. A single entity recognized by the Al-Dur may be either Sheru or Ronan, or both, while Koar may be attributed to multiple names depending on which of his aspects is recognized. Some well-traveled Al-Dur recognize that the Arkati and the Great Spirits of the Al-Dur are one and the same, though this view is not held by most tribe members.

Behind the Scenes

The Al-Dur Tribe was created by the players of Azorack and Alexiel as part of a grassroots effort among the playerbase to flesh out individual Tehir characters in the absence of any official documentation. This effort took place in the early 2000s and led to the formation of several larger tribes, from which hailed various player characters. Some of the lore established by those contributing members eventually was incorporated into the official Tehir documentation, including the concepts of both the morduska and the selshis.


Known members of the Al-Dur Tribe: