Alerreth Nellereune Illistim

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Alerreth Nellereune Illistim was a famous member of the Nellereune family, and a prominent member of the Loremasters. He was the first to ever purify veniom, the metal that defies the force of gravity. His early experiments in flight techniques led to the modern airship, having invented the first steerage globe. His work with veniom was particularly focused on allowing it to support bulk weight, as techniques had long existed by that point for minor levitation.

Museum Alerreth was made in his honor out of the old airship depot, one of numerous representations of him within Ta'Illistim.

Behind The Scenes

Corner of Glamesine Var and Glaendier Wey, Ta'Illistim.

[Ta'Illistim, Glaendier Wey]
A plinth, topped with a sculptural bronze, sits in the middle of the road, leaving any traffic merging between Glaendier Wey and Var to wend around it. The lantern-lit roundabout is framed by a series of identical residential structures, each one faced with white marble. You also see an enameled silver signpost.
Obvious paths: east, southwest, northwest

>look plinth
The plinth is set with a small bronze plaque.

There appears to be something written on it.
>read plinth
In the Elven language, it reads:

Loremaster Alerreth Nellereune Illistim
Architect of Artificial Flight

>look bronze
This tall, imposing bronze statue casts its stern visage toward the skies above it. A bejeweled faenor sextant rests in the statue's hands. Twisting traceries of pale blue veniom and white mithril, inlaid into the figure's robes, create complex patterns across the surface of the bronze.

Museum Statue and Globe

[Museum Alerreth, Airships]
Three model airships sit prominently on display in the middle of the room, each placed within a glass case. Matching glass-fronted cabinets, fitted with copper, sit apart from the small vessels, their contents filled with larger pieces of airship parts, pieces and paraphernalia. The floor underneath the exhibit is inset with a square tile, the patina of which matches the greenish finish of a verdigris arch.
Obvious exits: none

>look statue
The statue is carved from off-white marble and is slightly larger than life. Its subject is a man, seated, his face upturned towards something unseen. Across his lap is a draped piece of parchment, upon which are scribbled a series of mathematical calculations and bits of abstract geometry. A compass weighs down the document. Beneath the statue, on its plinth, is a small plaque.

>read statue
In the Common language, it reads:
Alerreth Nellereune, alchemist and master of flow magic, was the first to harness the unique properties of veniom, combining the lighter-than-air metal with charged energies to make a material suitable for the construction of flying ships. Another of his chief accomplishments was the earliest form of steerage globe.

>look globe
The glass bubble has a clear exterior shell, through which is visible its roiling interior of bluish gas. Small protrusions of crystal pierce the sphere, forming a random pattern. Next to the object is a small plaque.

>read globe
In the Common language, it reads:
Early steerage globes, originally designed by Alerreth Nellereune and his workshop, were beautiful devices, but limited. This example, from a later period, is a refinement of Alerreth's concepts. The globe is filled with a mixture of alchemical gasses and sealed. The crystalline shards that pierce the sphere transmit energy between the interior gasses and the hand of the pilot, allowing for navigation. Modern steerage globes take the process a step further, bonding a sphere to a primary user.

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