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Aquamarine is a perfectly transparent gem of an extraordinarily pale blue color with just a hint of green. It can be faceted to produce a delicate yet brilliant fire.

Aquamarine is said to be inert to water magic. Stone-tenders claim it protect again seasickness. It is attached to both the Arkati Charl and his daughter, Niima.

A gift of aquamarine represents sympathy, trust, and fellow-feeling.

List of Aquamarines

Rarity: Uncommon
Average value: 500-1000
Location: Any

an aquamarine gem

Description:   This single, water-clear crystal has formed in the shape of a flattened prism, with a few veil-like inclusions. It is an extraordinarily pale blue with just the faintest hint of green.

Average value:
Location: Sanctum of Scales

a flawless aquamarine gem