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Precious Materials of Atan Irith: A Guide to Some of the Unique Ores, Gemstones, and Other Precious Materials of Atan Irith is an Official GemStone IV Document, and it is protected from editing.

Precious Materials of Atan Irith: A Guide to Some of the Unique Ores, Gemstones, and Other Precious Materials of Atan Irith

Metals & Ores

Vethinye: As light as imflass, vethinye, or starsong, is an ore mined in the northern mountain ranges of Atan Irith. In its raw form, it can be smelted into starveil, a somewhat rare material used for jewelry and decorative work, such as inlays, but unsuited for weaponry, armor, or armor accessories and possessing no particular properties other than its beauty.

Properly worked by Inyexat forgers, vethinye's natural properties are enhanced and strengthened, and it becomes suitable for the rigors of combat-oriented items. Worked this way, vethinye may also be known as starsong.

Vethinye in all forms ranges from the palest of pale blues to the darkest of midnight blues and everything in between, including ombre versions. The metal is dotted with star-shaped occlusions that catch the light and appear to twinkle like stars in the sky. The metal can take a dye, but the iridescent speckles remain.

The sound of the hammer against the metal tells the metalsmith when it is ready, singing in a high-pitched, clear tone with each strike and giving starsong its name.

Minerals, Rocks, and Gemstones

Soon after revealing themselves to the rest of Elanthia, the erithi provided minimal information on several gems as found here. However, there are several other unique gems to be found. Below is a comprehensive list of all known unique gems to date.


From the Elanthian Gems document: beetle agate, blood agate, celestial agate, dawn agate, dream agate, drought agate, iris agate, nathala agate, owleye agate, panther agate, spectral agate, snake agate, storm agate, and summer agate.

Luck Agate: The iraitha is an agate found primarily in deposits along the northern coast of Atan Irith. Its deep blue colorations with periwinkle iridescence is similar to the yurita (luck fish), giving it its name.

Mereagate: The mereagate is found near the Undermere, deep in Inyexat lands. A deep forest green swirled with dark purples, it is a popular agate for Inyexat jewelry. They also trade extensively with the erithi, often for the tansy corals found near Tynathi-Re.


From the Elanthian Gems document: There are several varieties of elementally dyed white jade (brilliant blue, pale red, black, and lavender).

Rainbow Jade: The palest of pale greens, rainbow jade gets its name from the polychromatic striations that arch through each piece.

Snow Jade: Snow jade is a rare white jade with dark green speckling and undertones. An even more rare version with violet speckles and undertones is found only near Eloth-Ra. Snow jade is easily differentiated from the more common white jade, and it is never used in the elementally dyed jades.


From the Elanthian Gems document: Cinnamon amber, sunset beryl, sun tourmaline, and nathalene.

Agita: An amber-like substance from the surita tree. See also Agita.

Fairy Ring Diamond: Fairy ring diamonds, also known as mushroom or toadstool diamonds, are not truly diamonds but rather small crystals that grow in a circular cluster reminiscent of a "fairy ring" of toadstools. These come in all the colors of the rainbow, with a brilliant teal being highly prized amongst the Inyexat.

Tea Diamond: So named because they were first found on a mountainside tea farm, tea diamonds are small diamonds with a slight cloudiness at their center. This cloudiness can be slightly colored, such as the violet-hearted tea diamond found frequently around Tynathi-Re.

Lotus Ruby: A deep vermilion ruby with a lotus-shaped ebon heart, the lotus ruby is a somewhat rare ruby found mostly in the eastern mountains of Atan Irith.

Pearls, Coral, and Shells

From the Elanthian Gems document: anemone coral and spiral coral

Celestial Pearl: Celestial pearls are freshwater pearls that have been cultivated for generations by Inyexat. The locations of these pearl farms are highly confidential. The pearls themselves are a prismatic golden hue and, according to erithi legend, are blessed by the moons.

Midnight Limpet: The outer shell of the midnight limpet is a purple so dark it is almost black, but its interior is a glittering swirl of silver and lavender. During the day, these limpets are hard to see, but at night, a protrusion of the limpet's foot glows with a green-blue luminescence when struck by an alchemically created type of lamplight. Inyexat night-fishers take out small coracles with these limpet-lamps attached to poles and row about the rockiest parts of the shore to harvest the prolific and beautiful shells. The mollusk is in turn provided to other fishermen for the next day's bait. Peak harvesting season is in the late summer and early fall and always at night.

Pirate Nautilus: The mollusks inside these shells are only good for fish bait, but the shell itself is a lustrous black with ivory markings. Smaller than most nautilus shells, pirate nautiluses are common along the northern shores of Atan Irith. The Nathala claim the name comes from the fact that the mollusks fight one another, like pirates battling on ship decks.

Sky-nacre (and sky-nacre pearls): The interior of the sky abalone is called sky-nacre and is an iridescent blue with opalescent white markings like fluffy clouds across a summer sky. Sky abalone are prevalent off the eastern coast of Atan Irith, and Inyexat free-divers place themselves at great risk diving the depths to reach the largest specimens. The abalone develop crescent-shaped pearls of a similar hue (hence sky-nacre pearls), and both it and sky-nacre are coastal favorites for jewelry and other adornments. The meat is also used, especially in soups and chowders.

Tansy Coral: Unlike the tansyfish, tansy coral does not get its name from the erithi word for "truth" but rather from its resemblance to the flowering plant. Tansy coral grows in vivid yellow "blossoms" with leaf green bases. Tiny, bright orange fish frequently make it their home, dodging the palm-sized, peekytoes crabs that stalk amidst the coral.


Aganjira: Greater and lesser aganjira are cloth materials closely associated with Atan Irith. See also Aganjira.

Inytela: Also known as star silk or starsilk, inytela is a type of Inyexat silk woven from honeybee silk and processed to have a star-like iridescence. Inytela is a sturdy silk, takes a dye well, and is fairly common.

Captiql: Captiql is a type of wool from long-haired capybara. It is a luxuriously soft, light brown wool that dyes well and is sturdy enough for everyday use. See also Atan Irith Fauna.

Naraina: Naraina is a type of lotus silk crafted from the rare saltwater lotuses of Atan Irith. See also Erithi Fashion.

Shadarl: Shadarl is a leather-like material closely associated with Atan Irith. See also Shadarl.

Special Woods

For unique trees to Atan Irith, see Atan Irith/Flora. This section details those woods with special properties.

Surita: A rare tree with special properties often used for runestaves. See also Surita.

OOC Notes

  • Created by GM Xynwen, 2023
  • Vethinye Details
    • Vethinye refers to both the base ore and the final starsong product.
    • Starveil requires alter fodder to use. It cannot be used for weapons, armor, shields, and armor accessories. It is used for jewelry and adornments only (such as inlays on items), and the name is always starveil, not vethinye and not starsong.
      • So you can have "a starveil bracelet" or "starveil earrings" but for other items it would be like "starveil-inlaid gauntlets" and such
    • Starsong/Vethinye are only for use as weapons, armor/accessories, and shields. Additional combat information forthcoming.
  • Material Restrictions:
    • This is a "catch-all" document with new items, but it also pulls together previously released items. Those item restrictions, if any, are not superseded by this document.
      • This includes: agita, aganjira, captiql, naraina, shadarl, surita, etc.
    • Combat materials follow normal alter rules for those materials (shadarl, surita, aganjira, etc.)
    • Erithi gems from the Elanthian Gems document require alter fodder
    • Snow jade, lotus ruby, celestial pearls require alteration fodder
    • Everything else is open use, no fodder required