Aulidie's Pottery

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Aulidie's Pottery is a specialty shop in Solhaven. It is located in a blue-stained modwir building in South Market East.

[Aulidie's Pottery, Showroom] RNUM: 13474
A fine layer of white pottery dust covers every flat surface in this shop. Tall vases filled with wilted yellow ferns flank the doorway in a failed attempt at elegance. Lanterns cast their warm yellow light across the shelves of pottery and blown glass behind the counter. A slight breeze blows through a window set high in the east wall, cooling the shop. You also see a small sign.


Welcome to Aulidie's Pottery!

A clerk offers her catalog to browse.
A clerk exclaims, "Greetings stranger, have a look around!"

  1. a ceramic bottle     21. a ceramic bowl
  2. a porcelain bottle   22. a porcelain bowl
  3. a clay bottle        23. a clay bowl
  4. a glass bottle       24. a glass bowl
  5. a ceramic flask      25. a ceramic jug
  6. a porcelain flask    26. a porcelain jug
  7. a clay flask         27. a clay jug
  8. a glass flask        28. a glass jug
  9. a ceramic pot        29. a ceramic vase
  10. a porcelain pot     30. a porcelain vase
  11. a clay pot          31. a clay vase
  12. a glass pot         32. a glass vase
  13. a ceramic mug       33. a ceramic mask
  14. a porcelain mug     34. a porcelain mask
  15. a clay mug          35. a clay mask
  16. a glass mug         36. a glass mask
  17. a ceramic cup       37. a ceramic medallion
  18. a porcelain cup     38. a porcelain medallion
  19. a clay cup          39. a clay medallion
  20. a glass cup         40. a glass medallion