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Avrey Trent
Avrey Trent by Midjourney
Race Human
Culture Bourth
Profession Warrior
Religion Arm of Voln
Affiliation(s) Member of the Cairnfang Manor

Avrey Trent is a human warrior arrived in the spring of 5213 to Solhaven. She is from a small village in the barony of Bourth, which lies to the north of the Wyrdeep Forest. The village dubbed themselves Stonevale, thus named because of the large boulders that dot the secluded valley they reside in, surrounded by the tall peaks of the Dragonspine. Her father, Owen Trent, is the village healer and her mother, Nadia nee MacIntyre, was once a warrior of some renown from Dragach. They met during battle, where she was gravely wounded while protecting a son of Firman McGarry and Owen saved her life. After the clash, they decided to live a simpler life to start a family.

Owen and Nadia tried to have children for a very long time, consulting the local shamans and even the elves of Wyrdeep for spells and potions to cause conception. In the fall of 5105 Nadia gave birth to twins, a girl and a boy, and the couple couldn't have been happier. They named them Avrey and Ian, and raised them with an even hand. As the twins grew older, they were allowed to make decisions about how they wanted to make a living, but were expected to contribute to the family from the age of 10.

As a small village, the majority of work was hard labor, hauling stones and felling trees for more land to eke out a living. Ian showed a propensity for gentleness and caring, leaning towards his fathers way of healing, but argued with his mother and father more often than not. Avrey was obedient but quiet while showing a curiosity about the world around her and was much happier with the physicalness of her chores than her brother. When the twins turned 15, the decision was made to add weapon training to their daily schedule.

As she was training in the field one day, practicing an overhand strike on a poor scarecrow in the field, an avalanche crushed her family's home. Luckily no one was in it at the time, but the loss of the home meant that Ian and Avrey were sent to a small nearby military school to reside, where they became the youngest cadets that the school had seen.

The home was eventually rebuilt, and the twins were welcome to come back. Ian went readily, his path was chosen and he was planning to become a healer like his father. The school had given him knowledge of how to use his innate talents to fight the undead scourge and unruly mountain invaders. Avrey decided to stay on at school, and graduated at the top of her class.

Encouraged by her parents to seek out her fortune, Avery was excited to experience life outside of the village, but didn't have any particular place in mind. In the spring of 5123, the village held their annual festival before the sowing of the fields, a tinkers wagon showed up with tales of the Barons Caulfield and of the unusual circumstances surrounding the Lady Larsya and her narrow escape from certain death.

Such were the tales that she expressed a keen interest in meeting the man responsible for saving the lady's life, Sir Mynon Felcroth, whom she was told was currently residing in Solhaven. She struck out on her journey with the blessing of her parents, promising to continue her training. On the way, she was set upon by by a large band of bandits who stole nearly everything of value, except a tiny vial of dirt that was presented to her by her brother Ian. Upon arriving in Solhaven she immediately set out to continue her training, spending long hours in the field.

Currently, her superiors at the guild and the monks from the Order of Voln are happy with her dedication to ridding the countryside of bandits, as well as the ever-present threat of undead, and she eventually got to meet Sir Mynon. Her letters to home are filled with excitement and wonder, and she sends a majority of her money that she earns to the family. She receives packages from her family sporadically; usually gifts to aid in her training, heirlooms from her mothers time in battle.


You see Avrey Trent the Cadet.
She appears to be a Human from Bourth.
She is tall. She appears to be youthful. She has dark-rimmed ultramarine eyes and fair skin. She has chin length, unruly raven black hair with delicate layering in the back. She has an angular face, a freckled nose and well-groomed, thin dark eyebrows.
She has a sleeve of shadowy inked undead clawing their way up to their doom on her right arm.
She is in good shape.
She is wearing an asymmetric fine velvet jacket, a tiny vial of bleak grey soil, some shimmering argent platemail with a thick quilted black linen gambeson underneath, a roomy herb kit strung on thick rope-like chains, some onyx leather pants belted by a trio of matching straps threaded through ovals, and a pair of durable light wool socks under a pair of tall black boots with silver and onyx buckles.


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