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Mynon Felcroth, as rendered by MAZEIKISJ
You see Scribe Mynon Felcroth the Elemental Herald.
He appears to be a Human from Estoria.
He is taller than average and appears to have come of age.  He has large pale blue eyes and tanned skin.  He has finger-combed, trimmed indigo-tinged dark charcoal hair with a subtle peppering at his temples.  He has a clean-shaven face, a pair of silver-framed glasses perched upon his nose and a cleft chin.  He is wearing an argent Vornavian silk pennon emblazoned by a fiery azure sunburst that juts over his shoulder.
He is in good shape.
He is holding a jagged glaes bastard axe with dual crescent-shaped blades in his right hand.
He is wearing a broad-shouldered black leather longcoat, a dark blue sea glass locket etched with a ship, a hammered silver livery collar, a carved white monir shield crest, a veniom-worked ebonwood case with rounded edges slung over his shoulder, a white wool surcoat over a veniom laced stunning eahnor breastplate, a dark-grey leather harness slung over his other shoulder, a pair of heavy leather gauntlets with finely articulated vultite backing, a pale opalescent vaalin wedding band with caliginous whorls, a supple black leather belt studded with polished brass, a hip-slung ashen leather kit, a pair of black cotton pants fastened with a gold buckle, a pair of silver spurs, and a pair of silver-laced black shoes with small heels.

Mynon Felcroth is a human paladin and citizen of Solhaven. He is a son of Edran and Mariva Felcroth, of Idolone. he is the second youngest of six children, and the youngest son. His parents both came from families steeped in military service, with the Felcroth family having a long history in Idolone's navy. Edran was the captain of a naval ship which sank in battle during the battle for Idolone which took place after the assassination of Earl Hurrst in 5114. He, with all of his crew, was lost. Mariva survives as matron of the family.

As the youngest son of the family, Mynon planned to follow in his father's footsteps, serving in the navy, but found himself very ill-suited for life at sea, and was encouraged to develop his abilities in more scholarly pursuits. After several years of study in a monastery, during his youth, he committed to the service of the Great Spirit Voln, but as a paladin, rather than as an academic or priest. He moved north, with his sister Maretta, to Solhaven, in his mid to late 20s, and became involved in resisting the efforts of Elithain Cross, in his attempt to bring the dark being Althedeus into Elanthia, as well as fighting in several theaters of the war which Cross and his allies launched against the Turamzzyrian Empire.

Since the end of that war, he has married Divone Lerade, and settled in Solhaven as a member of the Order of the Azure Sun, initially as squire to Bristenn Mires, and then as a full member. He has also joined, and recently volunteered to chair Cairnfang Manor.