Ayana'al leaf

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Ayana'al leaf
Uses Alchemy
Found in antimagic areas.
Climate Terrain
? Arid
? Arid Temperate
? Cold Damp
✓ Cold Dry
? Freshwater
? Hot Damp
? Humid
? Moist
? Saltwater
? Snowy Arctic
✓ Temperate
? Barren Scrub
✓ Coniferous
? Cultivated
✓ Deciduous
? Grassland
? Hard Flat
? Hilly
? Mountainous
? Muddy Wetlands
✓ Plain Dirt
? Riparian
? Rough
? Sandy
✓ Subterranean
? Tropical

Not much is known about Ayana'al leaf itself. Like ayana leaf, it comes in different varieties. Ayana'al leaf, Ayana'al lichen and ayana'al berry have been found. They can only be found in antimagic areas, such as the Deep Woods and the Outlands village near Solhaven. The best known climate that it grows in is temperate and it grows in coniferous, plain dirt, and subterranean terrains. Berry was found in the coniferous terrain while lichen was found in the subterranean terrain.

Ayana'al leaf has been found in a cold, dry climate in a deciduous forest terrain near the Elven village.

Recipes requiring ayana'al leaf

As ayana'al leaf Via essence of body