Jagged glossy black shard

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Jagged glossy black shards can be made by sorcerers in the Trinkets subskill of Alchemy. They are used for breaking sanctuaries created by either Minor Sanctuary or Song of Peace.

Profession Sorcerer
Discipline Trinkets
Spell N/A
Uses 4
Rank taught 45
Rank end 63
Location Icemule

Success Factors

  • Level is not a factor
  • There is a flat bonus for the breaker
  • Every 2 ranks of MIU is equivalent to one rank of the applicable spell rank (MjS or Bard) or lore rank (Spirit Summoning or Telepathy)
  • Each side gets a d100 roll

Alchemy Recipe

A jagged glossy black shard
  1. Add crystalline solution
  2. Add t'ayanad crystal
  3. Simmer
  4. Add powdered glossy black doomstone
  5. Infuse
  6. Add 3 doses of ayana'al leaf
  7. Refract light through a shadowglass lens

Sorcerers have been taught two identical versions of the recipe except for the refract step specifying either daylight or moonlight. Thus, it can be made at any time.

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