Lerep Hochstib

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Lerep Hochstib
Storyline War of Nations
Gender male
Race half-elf
Status dead
Alias/Title Baron

Lerep Hochstib was a Half-elf and baron of the Barony of Jantalar from at least 5087 until 5103, the time of his death.


You see Baron Lerep Hochstib of Jantalar.
He appears to be a Half-Elf.
He appears to be middle-aged. He has brown eyes and an uncommonly pale complexion. He has receding, light brown hair.
He is in good shape, although green veins pulse beneath his skin, and a web of azure energy shifts constantly along the contours of his body.
He is wearing a golden baronial coronet, a crystal amulet, a fur-trimmed cobalt doeskin doublet, a gold-trimmed black belt pouch, a pair of black leather leggings, and some black high-topped boots.


Despite his own heritage, Hochstib was a staunch defender of human predominance over other races. Under his leadership, Jantalar launched a series of wars against its neighbors. The last two wars, against the Barony of Mestanir and the Barony of Vornavis were aided by use of Mandis Crystals, artifacts provided to the Baron by Mynal'lyanna Anodheles, Empress of the Turamzzyrian Empire. The crystals nullified magical use by absorbing mana on a regional level.

Lerep Hochstib was killed by a party of adventurers on Eoantos 9, 5103, after attempting to finally conquer the region and town of Wehnimer's Landing.

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