Bayview Manor

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Bayview Manor is a private property located in Vornavis proper in Solhaven.

The property was auctioned off during the Grand Auction of 5123. It is owned by Raelee.

[Vornavis, Dondraek Lane - 33281] (u4201106)
Western-facing homes centered by a stately manor behind a wrought-iron gate line the ambling lane, each surrounded by decorative bushes and ample lawns.  Beyond the tidy rows, the illuminated city thrums with activity and life as denizens hurry about their busy day.  Narrowing perceptibly to the north, the small cobbles of the street transition to large slabs of worn sandstone as it slips between an imposing structure and the city walls.  You also see a wrought-iron gate.
Obvious paths: north, south

Bayview Manor, Courtyard

[Bayview Manor, Courtyard]
Walls of stacked stone surround the courtyard, providing some solace from the constant bustle of the city on the other side. At one end of the courtyard, a pair of aged mahogany doors leads into the manor while a wrought-iron gate at the opposite end leads back to the city. Along the perimeter, an assortment of topiaries, bushes, and ivies has been planted, their blooms blanketing the area with a soft, floral scent. In the center, several cushioned benches surround a large pear tree which provides shade from the sun, its canopy a riot of leaves wit

Obvious paths: none

>l doors
Thick planks of mahogany have been joined together by oversized, black iron hinges. A clear polish has been applied to the wood, bringing out its fine, straight grain and natural luster. In the center, a circular, gold door knocker hangs just above a stout iron keyhole, while a small, wooden window allows anyone inside to assess callers before allowing entrance.

The doors are open.

>l gate
Solid metal bars coated with a thick, black enamel give this gate a timeless quality as it shows little effect from exposure to rain and salt water. Small flourishes in the bars lend the gate an almost artistic touch which stands in stark contrast to the thick, angular spikes at the top. In the middle, polished gold emblems resembling the elements surround the gate's lock.

The gate is open.

>l bench
Several benches have been set at equal intervals around the courtyard, affording a comfortable place to sit and quietly reflect. Solid pine slats have weathered to a dull grey and are counterbalanced by colorful silk cushions. At each end, black wrought iron provides sturdy support while various flora and fauna have been imprinted in the metal to add a small artistic touch.
>l tree
The dark brown trunk of the pear tree rises straight as an arrow from the dark, rich soil surrounding its roots. Along its length, a multitude of limbs sprout and grow in different directions. Oddly, each of the limbs has a different bark texture, color, and leaf shape. At the base of each limb are small scars in the wood that run the entire way around the limb. Curiously, each of these scars is accompanied by numerous glyphs and runes along the entire length. A small sign rests at the base of tree.
>gaze tree
You gaze at a large pear tree with a practiced eye, noting that you could probably harvest a vibrant pink peach blossom, a knotted pear tree twig, a white apple blossom, a pink pear blossom, a fragrant orange blossom, a misshappen green pear, a strip of pear tree bark, and some thick dark green grass.
>read sign
In the Common language, it reads:
Experiment 0192-1: Hybridization of a Pear Tree

Bayview Manor, Foyer

[Bayview Manor, Foyer]
The foyer is expansive and airy, with high ceilings and polished marble floors that gleam in the bright natural light streaming in through the floor-to-ceiling windows that flank a pair of aged mahogany doors. An imposing chandelier hangs overhead above a pair of plush leather couches set on a large wool rug near a riverstone fireplace. Opposite the entrance, a grand staircase leads up to the second floor while an ornate oak archway leads further into the manor. You also see a small entry table.

Obvious exits: west

>l doors
Thick planks of mahogany have been joined together by oversized black iron hinges. Though small gouges and dents in the wood evidence signs of usage, the polish used to finish the wood remains in pristine condition. In the center is a stout iron keyhole while a small wooden window allows for observation of the outside.
>l chandelier
This opulent chandelier hangs from the ceiling from a polished gold canopy and column that twists and spirals down to the bowl. From them hang numerous candles surrounded by prism-strung chains that serve to scatter the light into a myriad of colors when in use. At the bottom of the bowl, a small symbol of the Hall of Mages hangs from a thin silk rope.

The chandelier is lit.

>l couches
Extremely soft sections of leather have been worked and sewn to create very comfortable couches which sit atop a patterned wool rug. At each end, numerous pillows have been set to allow for a comfortable rest while remaining in close proximity to the riverstone fireplace.
>l fireplace
You see a neatly laid-out pile of wood and tinder awaiting only the application of flame to come to life. Nearby is a basket of wooden sticks ready to be used to light the fire or to keep it burning.
>look staircase
The wide, curving staircase has been constructed with dark, polished mahogany treads and off-white risers with polished handrails flanking each side. In the center, a red wool runner that has been secured with polished brass retainers serves to quiet any steps. At the top of the staircase, a wide balcony allows for a commanding view of the foyer while a carved oak door leads into the manor's second floor.

Bayview Manor, Library

[Bayview Manor, Library]
Sturdy floor-to-ceiling shelving filled with books and folios organized by subject matter line the walls of the room. Atop a thick wool rug in the center of the room sits a dark byssine-lined chair and a grand mahogany desk covered in neatly organized papers and trays containing various alchemical apparatuses. Above, a polished gold lantern hangs from a decorative canopy that has been inlaid with various gemstone constellations. You also see an iron-banded oak door.

Obvious exits: east

>l shelving
Delicate silver wire is hammered into each shelf in a continuous floral filigree pattern. Each looping curl of the silver wiring has a different round-cut gem imbedded into it and the ebony wood.
>l desk
Expansive in size, this desk is nearly as tall as a halfling and about three times as wide. A matte brown leather mat covers most of the tabletop with highly polished, dark brown mahogany trim. The four legs are non-girdled mahogany with deeply grooved bark that has been filled with clusters of purple amethyst that glitter in the ambient light.
On the mahogany desk you see a paper tray.
>look in tray
In the paper tray you see a white piece of paper (3), a torn piece of paper, a pristine piece of paper.
>read fifth pap in tray
In the Common language, it reads:
Koaratos 7th, 5105

Magister Graniton,

The Hall of Mages thanks you for your tireless research and work in pushing back the frontiers of magic.  Your tireless work has yielded bountiful results, many of which are still active areas of research today.  To further your efforts, we have secured a small manor within the City of Vornavis and supplied it with all of the components we deem neccesary to assist your work.  Your presence there is requested immediately.

>read pap in tray
In the Common language, it reads:
Phoenatos 13th, 5105

I have settled into the manor quite nicely, and work is beginning.  The city is quite the hodgepodge of various races and cultures, but somehow, there is a harmony here.  Perhaps the pursuit of trade and coin is universal to us all.  I have finished my designs for the courtyard and hope to begin my research anew soon.

Yours in service,
A. Graniton
>read second pap in tray
In the Common language, it reads:
Charlatos 29th, 5113

New flowers and a pear tree have been planted in the courtyard in furtherance of my hopes of improving food yields to help feed the Empire's burgeoning population.  To date, none of the experimental trees have borne fruit that most would be willing to call 'food.'  I admit that I am at a loss as to why this has not worked yet.  Nonetheless, I persist.

A. Graniton
>read third pap in tray
In the Common language, it reads:
Eorgaen 31, 5122

Another failed tree, another failed season.  There is not much to report beyond that.  My hope is that grafting trees that bear similar fruit together may yield better results, though, at this point, I cannot guarantee them.  I continue to work earnestly day in and day out to secure a viable specimen for study.

A. Graniton
>read fourth pap in tray
In the Common language, it reads:

Fine.  You're right.  I give up.  Congratulations.  I understand patience has run out, and results are needed now.  I will turn my sights towards another experiment I have been designing.  I just need more plinite.  Please send it at your earliest convenience.

A. Graniton

Bayview Manor, Ruined Workshop

[Bayview Manor, Ruined Workshop]
The smell of burnt timber and cloth, which is relieved only by the large hole that has been blasted into the roof, permeates the remnants of this shattered workshop. Large spiderweb cracks radiate outward from the central point of this large, round room. Throughout, shattered bits of plinite have embedded themselves into the wall, their inner light casting a dull, ethereal glow. In the center, a makeshift platform has been erected and topped with a polished silver telescope. You also see an iron-banded oak door.

Obvious paths: none

>l plinite
Shards of plinite have embedded themselves into the walls of this room as the result of some sort of catastrophic explosion, the holes created by the fragments seemingly pointing towards the center where the cracks in the floor originate. At first glance, the shards appear to be entirely random in their pattern, but careful observation shows some to closely resemble constellations in the night sky while others appear as runes related to the domains of magic.
>l telescope
Crafted from silver and fitted with polished crystal lenses, this telescope has been kept in perfect working order with no evidence of tarnish or blemish. The surface of the optical tube has been etched with numerous constellations connected with faint swirling lines. A sturdy steel tripod sits below the telescope, providing a sure, stable base as the view is swiveled around.

Bayview Manor, Kitchen

[Bayview Manor, Kitchen]
Neat and efficient, the kitchen has been organized to provide a cook with ready access to all of the tools and serveware contained in its numerous white pine cabinets. In the center, a large wood table serves as a convenient place for prepared food and drinks to be served. Behind it, a polished copper stove sits flanked by additional work surfaces while a small rhimar chest sits near the entrance. You also see an ornate oak archway.

Obvious paths: none

>l cabinets
The cabinet is made of solid, naturally pale, pine lumber and is finished with a clear, glossy varnish. The doors frame blue and green-stained glass panes and have patinaed copper knobs.
>l table
Thickly cut and encased in crystal, the table is a sliced midsection of tree, and the darker wood grains whorl chaotically, similar to how oil and water react to each other. Tiny crevasses have been carved throughout the surface of the wood and filled with shards of colored glass, giving the whole table an aurora borealis effect.
>look on table
On the large wood table you see a rectangular white porcelain tray.
On the white porcelain tray you see a cylinder of peppery fried potato, a grilled skewer of spicy chicken, an herb-coated ball of goat cheese.
>l chest
Frosted blue rhimar panels are held together with obsidian corners and lined with blue steel slats. Inside, small shelves line opposite walls while a large center space provides ample storage for food and drink. A darker rhimar lockplate is centered on the chest's front between the lid and base.
>l in chest
In the small rhimar chest you see a small bowl of ripe peach ice cream, a small bowl of dark chocolate ice cream, a petite tropical frozen souffle.

Bayview Manor, Bedroom

[Bayview Manor, Bedroom]
Some curtained floor-to-ceiling windows allow natural light to fill the space and provide a view of the courtyard outside and the city beyond. A large ebonwood sleigh bed flanked by a pair of ebonwood nightstands and gold wall sconces serves as the focal point of the room, its plush mattress topped with thick blankets and soft pillows. Across from the bed is a comfortable ebonwood chair and a large cedar wardrobe, its doors inlaid with geometric gold leafwork. You also see an ornate gold archway and a polished oak door.

Obvious paths: none

>l bed
Large and spacious, the feather-stuffed mattress sits atop a dark ebonwood sleigh frame. An oversized crimson wool blanket is draped carefully over the top of the bed so that its side lies perfectly straight against the frame.
>l wardrobe
Built from cedar that has been sanded to a smooth finish, this has three spacious drawers for clothing at the bottom and two smaller drawers at the top for personal items. Along its exterior, delicate gold inlay has been shaped into geometric scrollwork to add some subtle detail to the otherwise unmarred wooden surface.

Bayview Manor, Bath

[Bayview Manor, Bath]
Polished marble floors surround an ornate freestanding bath embellished with elegant gold fixtures. Curtained windows provide the space with natural light while a large crystal chandelier suspended from a silver chain hangs overhead. A square silver-framed mirror hangs above a polished beechwood vanity topped with a polished stone sink while several storage bins are tucked away underneath. In opposite corners of the bath sits a gold filigree bin and a small collection of incense on a small beechwood stand. You also see an ornate gold archway.

Obvious paths: none

>l bath
Tall sides and shallowly sloped, rounded ends provide ample depth to soak in the warm, lavender-scented waters of this bath.
>peer mir
You look at yourself carefully in the silver-framed mirror...
>l in bin
The filigree bin is filled with a variety of garbage. You see nothing useful or appetizing.
>l incense
A small collection of incense is lit, sending wisps of warm sandalwood-scented smoke through the air.