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Bee-utimous is a shop in the Yasrenila Compound, around Ta'Vaalor, that sells apparel. The proprietor is Beetreece.

[Bee-utimous] RNUM: u810104
The lattice-woven walls of oak and laurel are washed in honey-colored paint, the amber and gilded tones complemented by enamel flowers interspersed between the crossed beams of wood. A trio of beehive-shaped lanterns are nestled at the far corner of the stacked stone counter, the display firmly positioned in the center of the shop. Short wood-planked racks are scattered along the periphery, filled from top to bottom with bolts of undyed fabric.
Obvious exits: out


  1. a beehive-like rattan basket         7. a metal-linked felt nonalca
  2. a bee-stitched wicker creel          8. a bee-motif silk sash
  3. a braid-woven dried grass basrenne   9. a full-layered silk skirt
  4. a wood-beaded ecru linen huiteo      10. some long-cut roltalen trousers
  5. a sheer-sleeved lacebark blouse      11. a dual-clasped plumille apotl
  6. a square-necked linen tunic          12. a chain-draped plumille apotla

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