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Master Benkueh, a refugee from the destruction of the only monastery dedicated to The Order of Voln in the erithi homeland of Atan Irith. He introduced a new fighting style to Elanith previously known only to the Atan Irith. He would later guide us to victory over the Children of Ink. He dispatched the three prominent monks, Ziunya, Vilthulko, and Linlao, with help of other adventurers near the Voln monastery in Ta'Vaalor.


You see Master Benkueh the Monk.
He appears to be an Erithian.
He is average height and appears to be in his dotage. He has piercing emerald
eyes and pale golden skin. He has long, silvery grey hair worn in a single
braid. He has a weathered face and high cheekbones.
He is in good shape.
He is wearing a weathered white bandana, a rattan-bound large leather pack, some
fitted ebon silk robes trimmed with cloth-of-silver, some fingerless studded
leather gloves, a cloth-of-silver sash fitted with a long ebon tassel, and some
studded leather boots.

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