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Berost Silverfist
For Our Home: Honor, Strength, Loyalty
Race Dwarf
Culture Egrentek
Hometown Landing
Class Warrior
Religion Voln
Affiliation(s) Helden Hall, Voln Master, Warrior's Guild Master
In-a-Word Honor
Disposition Jaded, anti-empire, jovial when known
Demeanor Protective of the town and allies who have earned it
Primary Trait Loyalty
Flaw Search for his scattered clan/anti-empire
Greatest Strength Loyalty
Greatest Weakness Quick to judge
Habits Ale, Pipes, Bandit hunting
Hobbies Forging
Soft Spots "Lost" folks
Likes Directness
Dislikes People who talk to hear their own voice
Fears Losing another home
Loyalties Landing, Helden Hall, The townsfolk

Berost Silverfist was announced as a candidate for Wehnimer's Landing Town Council on Leyan, the 9th day of Lumnea in the year 5121.

He was born in Talador, but found his way to the Landing after his clan's mines in Talador were destroyed by the Empire and Hochstib. He soon found his way into Helden Hall and under the tutelage of the people there, he grew to love and see the Landing as Home. The driving force behind his wanting to be on the Town Council is simple: he wishes to see his home protected and grow.


You see Berost Silverfist the Guard.

He appears to be a Dwarf of the Egrentek Clan.

He appears to be long in the tooth. He has hazel eyes and tanned skin. He has long, reddish-hued hair styled into numerous perfect braids. He has a carefully plaited red beard strung with polished steel beads.

He is wearing a dark hat, a quintuple orb brooch, a harness, a weathered field eisenruck, a bandolier, some rolaren battle plate, a small silver hand-held pylon, an iron and mithril band, an intricate gold ring, a kit, a satchel, a steel-clasped glossy mahogany case, a dwarven infantry battle-kilt, and some dwarven infantry boots.

Campaign Information

  • Slogan: For Our Home
  • Campaign Colors: Silver
  • Goals if Elected: To keep the Consortium influence in check and do what is best for the people of the town.
  • This Candidate "In a Nutshell": "Much as my house says: Honor, Strength Loyalty. These three are in dire need of protecting and growing for our home. I am a voice and presence in support of the town and its folk. Not of the Empire. Not of the Consortium and Amos. Not of the Cult. Not of the Rooks. Of the Landing. The Landing is home, not just to me, but to many others. That must be protected and not used as a token in someone's plans. If ever you don't agree with a stance I find myself holding, never doubt that it is because I think it best for the Landing and its people."
  • Candidate's Availability: Find Berost in TSC between tracking down bandits; he is always open to chat over a pipe and some ale about whichever topic strikes your concern.

Town Council Application, 5121

1. What does Wehnimer's Landing mean to you?
Home.  It is home.  The Landing was the only place to freely accept me when the mines beneath Talador were collapsed and my clan was scattered by Hochstib and his ilk from Jantalar.  It further became home when Talador itself became the Bleaklands and those of my kin trapped and left behind fell into undeath and worse. 

2. What do you feel you can bring to Wehnimer's Landing, if serving on the town council?
A voice and presence in support of the town and it's folk.  Not of the Empire.  Not of the Consortium and Amos.  Not of the Cult.  Not of the Rooks.  Of the Landing.  The Landing is home, not just to me, but to many others.  That must be protected and not used as a token in someone's plans.

3. What are the goals you would like to accomplish for Wehnimer's Landing? How would you do this?
To further increase the independence of our town.  We have survived for decades on our own, through attack and plot.  It is the folk who make that happen. This is accomplished by continuing to empower the citizens of our town to make decisions for our needs.  There is something about our town that draws those who seek power.  We must guard and protect ourselves and rely on those who wish to see this place flourish for the people.  And there must be voices and those willing to use them against Amos and other influences.  Beyond voices there must be those who will take action when the people of the town are threatened.  Sometimes, words are not enough.

4. Describe your connection to Wehnimer's Landing, your history with the town and its people, and why this makes you the best choice for town council?
My early years in town were spent learning from those who founded the town and forged it's identity; the likes of Metabolculous and Wanton.  As I grew to call this town home I was accepted (as the then youngest member) into the second group of inductees to Helden Hall; eventually being named Brewmaster by Lady Lissanne for a short time before I was called away to search for the scattered members of my clan.  The Landing was never far from my thoughts while I searched.  It was those thoughts and news of the town that drew me back in an effort to protect those of the Landing.  I soon found myself helping to track down Raznel, leading the time lost dwarf Brumas away from the gates, standing alone outside the blood portal to the Shadow Realm in an effort to keep that which was inside from getting out and now keeping Amos and his greed from further infecting the town and people.  I wish to see all citizens have a voice and not need to hide behind the false promises of a mask and a woman who claims to protect the town but then furthers her own ends.

5. Do you belong to any organizations, inside or outside of Wehnimer's Landing?
Member of Helden Hall, Master in the Order of Voln, Guildmaster of the Warrior Guild, formerly a member of the Silver Guard of Zul Zymbrano and the Egrentek Clan.