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The Reward of Wards, 10/20/2010

Category: Cities, Towns & Outposts
Topic: Wehnimer's Landing
Message #: 346
Date: 10/20/2010 04:07 PM CST
Subject: The Reward of Wards

Recounted by eye witnesses, many citizens gathered in the Council Chambers of Moot Hall last night, where the Interim Mayor Barnom Slim requested an audience with the Tehir war band who set up their tent near Wehnimer's Landing.

Of the war band, Raokh and Sekhula arrived first, followed by Akhash, the spiritcaller and their leader. Observers claim that the interim mayor Barnom requested Akhash remove the magical wards he had enacted over the town immediately. When resistance resounded from both the citizens gathered, and the Tehir war band, Barnom's requests turned to demands. Both Barnom and Akhash exchanged a volley of stern looks and hard words before the spiritcaller denied the request and left. Barnom stormed off moments later.

This morning, the interim mayor was questioned about the reasoning behind his demand, to which Barnom Slim replied, "I do not expect the citizens of this town to agree with every decision of both myself and the town council. But as your leaders we have decided our request was an important one. This war band moves freely through our town, but their past and even their agenda remains largely a mystery. We are not comfortable being so dependent on these strangers, or their months old pact in using the dark spirit Estrion's magic to help. Walkar may have been happy to deal with anyone to reach his goals, but look where that ended?"

When asked what the war band's defiance meant, Barnom finished by saying, "I approached Akhash with good intentions and no disrespect intended. As far as I am concerned, he has spit in the face of our leaders. It is in all of our best interest that this so-called spiritcaller adheres to our request and I strongly encourage him to reconsider, and quickly."

Tragedy at Sea, 11/29/2010

Category: Cities, Towns & Outposts
Topic: Wehnimer's Landing
Message #: 346
Date: 11/29/2010 08:03 PM CST
Subject: Tragedy at Sea

Days ago, after losing the mayoral election, Chambeli Malatina set out on a trip by sea to Brisker's Cove where she intended to enjoy some personal time to herself before returning to Wehnimer's Landing. When the ship, a merchant vessel carrying goods and passengers, never arrived in Brisker's Cove, a search party was sent out.

Miles out from Darkstone Bay, ship debris was located floating in the sea along with a few bodies, at least one of them identified as the ship's captain. There was no sign of any of the other passengers or Chambeli. Little else has been learned or made public, but authorities in both Wehnimer's Landing and Brisker's Cove have expressed deep concern and are equally investigating the incident to determine if the ship was destroyed by natural storms or perhaps met a more sinister fate at sea.

Grishom Stone Arrested, 12/14/2010

Category: Cities, Towns & Outposts
Topic: Wehnimer's Landing
Message #: 377
Date: 12/14/2010 08:36 AM CST
Subject: Grishom Stone Arrested

Last evening, an elven woman named Odilia stumbled into the center of town, bleeding from her abdomen and falling to her knees. She is allegedly a cartographer from Ta'Illistim and claimed to everyone present that Grishom Stone had attacked her. Witnesses recalled seeing Grishom and Odilia together at Willow Hall's dance the night before.

Local heroes immediately came to Odilia's aid, had her healed and escorted to Thrak's Inn where she was under their careful watch. Councilman Barnom Slim was the first official to learn of the incident, and reported it to the rest of the council and Mayor Walkar, while the night watchman sent out more militia to patrol the streets looking for Grishom Stone.

Grishom was later apprehended in town and it was reported that he was very cooperative with the authorities. Mayor Walkar brought Odilia before the rest of the town council and had her recount her story for them to help in the investigation.

Mayor Walkar spoke to a gathered crowd, early this morning, "Grishom remains in custody for now, and we have issued the order to have the Bathhouse searched. We are still awaiting word from officials at Mist Harbor in regards to his island. Odilia is under watch by our militia, and she is safe and doing better. Given the scale of the accusation made, along with consistent rumors surrounding Grishom Stone, I am fully committed to finding the truth in all of it."

A Meeting Between Governments, 12/16/2010

Category: Cities, Towns and Outposts
Topic: Wehnimer's Landing
Message #: 380
Author: GS4-ITZEL
Date: 12/16/2010 12:17 PM CST
Subject: A Meeting Between Governments

Representatives of Illistim's Argent Mirror, Myasara, met today with their counterparts in the Wehnimer's Landing government regarding the condition of one Odilia, a Ta'Illistim citizen and cartographer who was recently attacked and wounded. The conversation was apparently short, though according to sources, both sides were in agreement that the perpetrator of the crime against Odilia should be brought to swift justice. Currently, Lord Grishom Stone is being questioned in connection with the incident.

The Illistimi representatives, when leaving Moot Hall, refused to comment on the meeting, saying only, "The reach of the Argent Mirror and House Illistim is long, and her people should feel safe wherever they go."

Odilia's Dead? 12/17/2010

Category: Cities, Towns and Outposts
Topic: Wehnimer's Landing
Message #: 384
Author: GS4-ITZEL
Date: 12/17/2010 11:52 PM CST
Subject: Odilia's dead? Wait, there are two of them? (crosspost)

Murstyr Javilerre, the Lord Commander of the Sapphire Guard, confirmed rumors that the body found in Shimmarglin Court late Feastday was indeed that of Odilia of the Ta'Illistim Cartographers Guild.

Said Javilerre, "We are certain that the deceased is the surveyor and mapmaker Odilia. What remains unclear is who exactly the woman in Wehnimer's Landing that claims to be Odilia really is. At this time we are considering her to be highly suspect in this crime, and have requested that the government of Wehnimer's Landing turn her over into our custody for questioning."

The chief wound, and assumed cause of death, was a single slashing cut to the throat. It's unknown how long ago the cartographer died, though the assumed imposter in Wehnimer's Landing has been known to be operating as Odilia for some time. The body exhibited signs that it had been kept in a chilled or dry environment, though it began to decompose rapidly in the open air of the Court.

Murder and Misconceptions, 12/18/2010

Category: Cities, Towns and Outposts
Topic: Wehnimer's Landing
Message #: 388
Date: 12/18/2010 03:57 PM CST
Subject: Murder and Misconceptions

After recent revelations out of Ta'Illistim regarding the discovery of the real Odilia's corpse, Lord Grishom Stone has been released from jail and all allegations dropped. The woman posing as Odilia, who was under the watch of Wehnimer's guards, was apprehended immediately upon the news.

Mayor Walkar added, "We have searched the local bathhouse and found nothing incriminating. We were awaiting word from Mist Harbor officials regarding Stone's island, when we learned of the duplicity of Odilia. With only the word of an imposter, we have freed Grishom Stone and the perpetrator, this woman pretending to be Odilia, will be sent back to Ta'Illistim in the coming days."

When pressed for more information, Mayor Walkar became irritated and said there was a lot of work to be done and headed back inside Moot Hall.

Councilman Barnom Slim was nearby and expounded, "What I feel was not covered appropriately, was our deep regret in regards to Lord Stone's situation. We hope above all else he will recognize our town officials had a job to do, and justice has prevailed. We are committed to putting all of this nonsense behind us and look forward to the re-opening of the bathhouse next month. We also welcome any continued ventures Lord Stone has in mind for Wehnimer's Landing."

A Convoy Lost, 12/21/2010

Category: Cities, Towns and Outposts
Topic: Wehnimer's Landing
Message #: 393
Author: GS4-ITZEL
Date: 12/21/2010 09:35 AM CST
Subject: A Convoy Lost!

News out of Ta'Illistim Keep today confirmed rumors that a decimated set of wagons and carriages found on the route to Wehnimer's Landing was, in fact, the convoy carrying the false Odilia to justice.

Murstyr Javilerre, the Lord Commander of the Sapphire Guard, stopped on the steps of the Keep to address details of the scene.

"Evidence indicates that the conveyances burned from their tops down, leading us to believe this was an aerial attack. As of yet, we have found no survivors," said Javilerre.

When asked if the accused murderer, Odilia, was found among the dead, Javilerre indicated only that identification of the recovered bodies is ongoing.

Ex-Interim Mayor of Landing Confirmed Dead, 2/3/2011

Category: Cities, Towns and Outposts
Topic: Wehnimer's Landing
Message #: 519
Date: 02/03/2011 02:49 PM CST
Subject: Ex-Interim Mayor of Landing Confirmed Dead

On the morning of last Restday, local citizens reported finding the headless body of a woman laying in the snow outside of Moot Hall.

The citizen was quoted, "I had just went inside to put stuff in my locker, I came out and the body was suddenly there!"

Militia were quick to the scene and carried the corpse away. After days of investigations, it was confirmed that indeed the decapitated body belonged to that of the ex-interim mayor, Chambeli Malatina.

Mayor Walkar took a few moments to comment on the situation, "The city mourns the loss of Lady Chambeli. She had led the town the last two years and she never asked anything in return. Only recently did she run for the official position of Mayor, and even though she did not win, she had always been gracious and kind to me in the aftermath."

"We originally thought her lost at sea, and now we are aware of some very strange circumstances that have occurred surrounding her death. A full report will be issued to the public in the coming days, as I feel it is in every one's best interest to understand what we are truly up against. Our enemies taunt us, with bodies before our Hall, and demons before our gates. But they cannot match our resolve, that of our defenders and our allies."

A few shouts from the gathered crowd asked the Mayor to confirm the reports of an orc killing Chambeli, but Walkar refused to comment and headed back inside.

Think with Portals, 6/2/2011

Category: Cities, Towns & Outposts
Topic: Wehnimer's Landing
Message #: 1166
Date: 06/02/2011 01:51 PM CDT
Subject: Think with portals, or, Let's do some science!

To disseminate a bit of field information and possibly answer some questions..:

As of last evening, the first of Lumnea 5011, a number of everyone's favorite red portals emerged again over Wehnimer's Landing. Immediately following their appearance, vathors of the towering horned variety emerged; these were repelled, but not without casualties.

Shortly thereafter, Commander Drangell appeared again with his usual axe to grind, pun intended. Following some words with him and attempts to stay the citizenry's hands while, generally, interrogating, he was apprehended by shadows, surmised to be the work of the Arcane Eyes. Post departure, the warparty in which I was present and a number of passersby were beset by undead, including shadow golems and shadow beasts.

This raises the question of a possible rift beginning to form between the enemy ranks, denoted by our attempt to sway the troll commander in favor of turning his sights from the frontier and towards the 'Robes,' as they are colloquially referred, while attempting to reason and reinvest him in his former self before the 'curse,' apparently a giantmannish mercenary.

The portals, however, are another task; Akhash, the Tehir spiritualist, was working towards warding the walls to prevent this, however my conjecture is that the task will be more difficult with portals already there. He requires a strong spiritual source from the surrounding region, preferrably not elemental as they are unreliable and hostile and not Arkati as they are 'too distant,' to continue his work and aid us in unravelling Commander Drangell's current affliction. He can only perform one or the other.

-sir bristenn mires

Grishom in the open, threats to the Order, 11/13/2011

Category: Cities, Towns & Outposts
Topic: Wehnimer's Landing
Message #: 1851
Date: 11/16/2011 03:56 PM CST
Subject: Re: Spurring Betrayal

These events proceed the unjust accusations and hanging of both Sir Cryheart and Sir Brinn by three days. I speak for myself in this instance and I endorse Ravashaak's candidness. Our enemies are dangerous. We have tried to share what information we could in person, but that has not appropriately shown to light the face of our enemy.


On Restday, the 6th day of Eoantos, the Shadow reappeared at the Gryphon Holding. We have had one or two similar incidents with this mysterious presence, previously it had thanked us for "Freeing" them. Later information has lead us to believe that when the free people of Wehnimer's Landing destroyed the Mandis Crystal in Mestanir it gave rise to the Summoners return.

This time the Shadow made himself fully known and stepped from the shadows to speak to us directly, "Call me persistent, or perhaps a naive fool, but I held your Order in the highest regard for so long." he began. "So I come to bring you one last chance. Your town is mine. You are without the means to stop me. I will get the Urnon that I need." he continued.

Cryheart weighed his words and asked, "Then, what is this last chance ye propose?" to which our guest replied, "To stand down, to find yourselves elsewhere, to stop meddling."

Cryheart's answer was obvious, but our guest always knew that. "Ye understand Oaths?" he informed him. "Ours we took a long defend this town..and the citizens. To break our to break our duty."

"Of everyone I bury, I will hold the most regret in yours." were his final words, as Grishom Stone faded back into the shadows.

By my hand,
Geijon Khyree

The Order has not always been loved. We have faced scrutiny for our actions in our defense of this city. Be they from our enemies or even the citizens we fight for, but our Oath has always rung true in it's execution. Our cause is just and true, regardless of the slander against us throughout our existance. We will honor these words until all of us perish.

To Defend Our Town and The People Who Live Within It.
To Protect Those Who Cannot Protect Themselves.
To Aid Those Who Are In Need, If Their Cause Is Just.
To Serve With Honor, By Example And By Deed. ”

Grishom's Landing, 11/13/2011

That's the name our friend Grishom Stone has taken to using in private when speaking of our town. He won't dare refer to this town as "Grishom's Landing" in public, not yet anyway, but I am not the only one to hear him use the name. He now considers this to be his town, and if you care about this town you should be concerned.

I can't claim to know everything he is up to, but I've spent a good amount of time getting to know Grishom and I think it's time to share much of what I have learned. For some there will be few surprises, but for others there could be many. I might even sound crazy to a few, but so be it. There is no more time for silence. The time to speak up is now.

More than 5 months ago, Grishom Stone first approached me for a private meeting. His reasons for requesting the meeting were an obvious ruse, but I went along assuming I'd learn more once we met. Sure enough, after a couple of meetings he revealed to me what he really wanted - help retrieving the urnon shards that remained upon Mirayam's demise. He wanted names of those carrying the shards, with outright delivery of a shard or shards preferable. I had my chances to do both, but never gave him what he wanted. In every dealing I've had with Grishom Stone, he's always demanded a betrayal in some form...betrayal of friends, loved ones, or even of the town. He always demands and seeks betrayal. It's a theme for him that's so prevalent that I suspect it carries deep significance. That was warning sign enough for me. The price was much too high.

He has since attempted to move me by persuasion as well as coersion as he's sought shards and information. He's offered safety for Sarvia and myself more than once in exchange. He's offered silvers and for me to "name my price". I gave him plenty of chances to show that he could act with honor and not deception. I gave him plenty of chances to show that he could be worthy of the friendship he claimed to seek, but it's always been the same. When he doesn't get what he wants, he threatens and even kills. What an awesome "friend"!

At different times, he's killed myself as well as killed Sarvia, but there's always a twist. In the case of my death, he was thoughtful enough to whisper into Sarvia's mind that he was about to kill me, giving her just enough time to turn to me sobbing an apology as I felt a small stab in my back seemingly from nowhere. Literally within seconds, a powerful poison had taken my life. All this in an attempt to coerce Sarvia. As for sarvia's recent death at my hands (yes, my hand wielded the blade and dealt the blow), Stone was livid with me for spilling the secret of his cavern beneath the Baths as well as his urnon, and for bringing the watchman's attention upon his Baths when Elisyia disappeared. Ironically he considered these acts to be betrayals and in a fit of rage assailed me with visions of Sarvia's flesh decaying from her bones in various painful illusions. When they failed to sway me to stop opposing him, he somehow gained control of my right hand for a brief moment, wrenching my blade from my cloak in one swift motion and slaying Sarvia. Don't take my word for it. There were witnesses, including Sarvia. The whole affair even made me wonder if some similar power was used to frame mayor Walkar with Colson's murder.

Grishom shared some of his secrets with me. I suspect that he thought it would endear me to him and make me more willing to help him. That's how I know of the cavern he has deep down in the sandstone beneath the Baths. That's how I know of the obsidian scrying pool he has there and how I know of the urnon he keeps (or kept) there. It's how I know of the portal in his office - the one he's now concealed or closed thanks to Juramis allowing him the luxury of a week's time to prepare for his office to be searched. I wonder if Karibeth or Cryheart were shown such courtesy in their searches. He showed me these secrets willingly. Nor am I the only one to have seen these things. There are others but I will leave it for them to speak up if they choose to do so.

Grishmn Stone shows his true face at times and has done so in front of many folks here in town. He grows more confident with each passing day. He learns more and grows more powerful. He studies and uses blood magic to accomplish his clandestine goals. He seeks the urnon shards in order to remake Mirayam - his urnon golem. He seeks to remake "his weapon", as he calls her. His ambition knows no bounds and he will attempt to destroy anyone who gets in his way. He will attempt to betray and consume anyone he finds useful, once their usefulness has run its course. And contrary to his reassurances that once he has the shards, he will leave us alone, do you think he'd really relinquish control of "Grishom's Landing"?

Did I mention that he claims in private to be the true leader of the summoners? The leader of the Arcane Eyes, he claims. I suspect that soon he will be bold enough to show his true face to all. However, his reluctance says to me that his preparations are not yet complete. There may still be time, but it surely runs short. The council and our interim mayor back Grishom Stone. I do not know whether their cooperation ifs because of their tacit knowledge of him being a summoner, or if they are just foolish enough to be duped by him. In the end it does not matter. The council and our interim mayor do Stone's bidding and defer to him. Grishom's Landing indeed.

These claims will likely cause great problems for me. I suspect Stone and Juramis will scream heresy and slander. I am sure they will attempt to silence me or discredit me as they have so many others - through intimidation, lies, and fear. But now is not the time for the quiet voice. The stakes are much too high. Now is the time to add our voices to the crowd. Now is the time for those who still care to resist and oppose Stone and his lackeys, both witting and unwitting. For those already in the struggle, we must unite. We must put aside our petty and personal differences and rise to this challenge. We must join together again and face the common enemy. As for those not yet involved, it's not too late. Opposition can take the form of joining the active Resistance, or finding some way to challenge and resist Stone and the Council. It can be as simple as opening your mouth when they come to speak in public. Disagree, oppose, resist. These are your rights to exercise...for now. There are no guarantees in Grishom's Landing.

And as for integrity, I'll stack mine against Grishom Stone's any day and anywhere.

- Ravashaak Une-Makhar

Spurring Betrayal, 11/14/2011

Category: Cities, Towns & Outposts
Topic: Wehnimer's Landing
Message #: 1830
Author: GS4-Kenstrom
Date: 11/14/2011 03:28 PM CST
Subject: Spurring Betrayal

Last evening, interim mayor Barnom Slim and Councilman Juramis called upon the Order of the Silver Gryphons to meet them outside of Moot Hall. A crowd gathered soon after, along with many members and leaders of the Gryphons. Barnom went on to explain that he had been tipped off, by someone close to the Order, that there had been a plot between some of the knights to harm leaders of Wehnimer's Landing.

With a crowd of witnesses present, Barnom instructed Sir Brinn to hand over his surcoat, but instead the knight emptied its contents to reveal a black leather case. Barnom confiscated the case and took four parchments from inside it, and after reading them with a look of shock on his face, he tacked them up to the wall outside of Moot Hall for all to read.

The letters bore the seal of Sir Cryheart and each one addressed Sir Brinn. The letters detailed an ongoing conversation about plotting to assassinate Barnom Slim and Juramis, and even revealed the Order's hand in the disappearance of Stennis, the Landing's old mayor from three years ago. Other members of the Gryphons were also indicated by name in the letters.

Sir Cryheart and Sir Brinn were then apprehended and publicly hanged for their conspiracy to murder the town's officials. The crowd outside of Moot Hall began to grow more agitated after their punishment and lobbied a number of insults and threats against Barnom and Juramis, and as a result they too were arrested and fined.

Soon after, the interim mayor Barnom Slim retired for the evening and Juramis remained for awhile, being heckled by the crowd until a plague scare erupted as scabs and boils formed on the skin of Ravashaak. Juramis fled the crowd for safety, as did others as the disease began to spread quickly and infected many nearby. Well into the night, the shouts of "Resist!" echoed across the streets of Wehnimer's Landing, threatening to divide the town once more.

This morning, interim mayor Barnom Slim released a statement, "As I declared last night, the Order of the Silver Gryphons are hereby stripped of any authority in Wehnimer's Landing. Their dark treachery has been exposed, not only by their plot to kill myself and Juramis, but in their murderous actions three years ago when the old mayor Stennis was removed from office. An investigation will be underway into the Gryphons, their membership and their land. All those found guilty in this conspiracy will find themselves imprisoned or banished. Furthermore, the town council and I will be seeking an audience with the Drakes Vanguard to secure further protection for the town against our enemies, those who batter our gates, or plot within our walls."

OOC NOTE: Last night was a lot of fun, watching all of you get riled up and so vehemently oppose Slim and Juramis. Things are definitely getting exciting, even on our end. For those of you who weren't present, I'm going to paste the "letters" below so you can see what Barnom tacked up to Moot Hall before I took them down. I sure hope Wehnimer's survives through all of this…mwu ha ha ha!

A torn piece of parchment
Ivory in color, the parchment's wax seal is now broken, that of a small golden oak tree surrounded by the motto "In Honor and Strength." One corner of the letter holds the insignia of a rampant silver gryphon enclosed within a ruby red circle. The letter is inked in regal black script and reads, "Brinn, you could have returned at no better time. We have an ally in Walkar, but his future may be bleak. If Barnom Slim comes to power, once more we may have to employ our darker tactics."

A torn piece of parchment
Ivory in color, the parchment's wax seal is now broken, that of a small golden oak tree surrounded by the motto "In Honor and Strength." One corner of the letter holds the insignia of a rampant silver gryphon enclosed within a ruby red circle. The letter is inked in regal black script and reads, "Brinn, our fears are recognized. Geijon, Evia and I have spent most of the morning discussing our options. We do not support the interim mayor Slim, nor his puppet Juramis. We must make this problem go away."

A torn piece of parchment
Ivory in color, the parchment's wax seal is now broken, that of a small golden oak tree surrounded by the motto "In Honor and Strength." One corner of the letter holds the insignia of a rampant silver gryphon enclosed within a ruby red circle. The letter is inked in regal black script and reads, "Brinn, we have little time left. As similar to our issue when Stennis was mayor, we must remove the problem. The kobolds will not work as a good cover this time. We need something clever, and we need it quickly."

A torn piece of parchment
Ivory in color, the parchment's wax seal is now broken, that of a small golden oak tree surrounded by the motto "In Honor and Strength." One corner of the letter holds the insignia of a rampant silver gryphon enclosed within a ruby red circle. The letter reads, "Brinn, I have confirmed with those at Restday's meeting. Perivan and Metadi will lead the assassination of Slim, the body to be discarded in the same location as Stennis. We will keep Juramis for now. No more letters beyond this, burn them."

-GM Kenstrom-

From His Excellency, Earl Eddric Jovery.., 11/17/2011

Category: Cities, Towns & Outposts
Topic: Wehnimer's Landing
Message #: 1854
Date: 11/17/2011 12:20 PM CST
Subject: From His Excellency, Earl Eddric Jovery, Regarding the Protectorate of Wehnimer's Landing

Recent and disconcerting rumors have spread through the Empire regarding the Turamzzyrian Protectorate of Wehnimer's Landing. These rumors have centered around the expulsion of the Order of the Silver Gryphons from the aforementioned town. While We fully expect that these rumors are nothing more than the product of overactive imaginations and careless tongues, We find the very thought of such an act intellectually offensive as well as contrary to the good order and discipline of a Turamzzyrian Protectorate.

Therefore, let us make ourselves scintillatingly clear: the town of Wehnimer's Landing is an interest of the Empire with unique status due to its distance from the civilized heart of the Empire. As such, it has been suffered to maintain its own internal governance, with the expectation that said governance make decisions in accordance with the will of the Empire.

Should We determine that the town of Wehnimer's Landing has acted in direct defiance of the Empire or any Imperial Order, reprisal shall be swift and terrible.

However, as We remain certain that there is little truth to this rumor, We shall not bestir our august personage to travel northward at this time. We expect confirmation within fourteen days that the source of these rumors has been squelched. Should this confirmation not arrive promptly and with ample verification, the independence of Wehnimer's Landing shall be promptly reconsidered, and a greater Imperial presence will be dispatched to the area.

His Excellency Eddric Jovery Defender of the Faith Earl of North Hendor Northern Sentinel of the Turamzzyrian Empire

Clash with Conspirators, 11/21/2011

Category: Cities, Towns & Outposts
Topic: Wehnimer's Landing
Message #: 1884
Author: GS4-Kenstrom
Date: 11/21/2011 12:37 PM CST
Subject: Clash with Conspirators

Last night, Interim Mayor Barnom Slim met with leaders of the Drakes Vanguard in their courtyard. An offer was extended from the interim mayor, to the Drakes, that they take a public oath of loyalty to Wehnimer's Landing and its leaders. Their leader, Svardin, repeatedly pointed out to Barnom that the Drakes would protect all innocent people on the western side of the Dragonspines, as was their mission, but did not claim an oath or political ties to any faction. The Drakes then thanked Barnom for stopping by and sent him on his way.

In response, Barnom let his frustration be known, "After the recent events of the Silver Gryphons coming under investigation for treason, we had offered the Drakes the chance to renew their loyalty to the people of Wehnimer's Landing. I would strongly, strongly recommend the Drakes reconsider our request. These are uncertain times, and as such, we must be vigilant when it comes to those who might conspire against us. If the Drakes are unwilling to cooperate, then the town council and I will put their organization under review, including the land their structure resides on."

Not much later that night, the Silver Gryphons met for their weekly meeting, and dozens of militiamen, led by their captain, entered the Holding. The captain, who remained unnamed, informed the Gryphons that as a group under investigation for treason, that their meeting would be supervised. Members and leaders argued against the militia, hurled insults at them, even threatened them more than once. After being warned to leave multiple times, the Gryphons disarmed the militiamen and their captain, returning their weapons only after they promised to go back to town. No one was injured.

This morning, interim mayor Barnom Slim was red with anger, "These treasonous knights are so bold as to endanger the lives of hard working citizens, who dutifully serve in our militia, thanklessly protecting our town! To have our guards disarmed and threatened, all to protect their secret meeting, should be glaring evidence as to the guilt of the Gryphons! Had they no conspiracy to hide, then our guards would have been allowed to remain. My captain's findings will be recorded in full detail and the mighty Earl of Hendor can expect his response, oh yes, he will get his response indeed. Wehnimer's Landing will not suffer subversive knights abusing the protection of the Empire to plot the murder of its leaders! We will act in accordance with our right to persecute our enemies, imperial blessing or not!"

Helga's Barmaid: Missing!, 11/22/2011

Category: Cities, Towns & Outposts
Topic: Wehnimer's Landing
Message #: 1900
Author: GS4-Kenstrom
Date: 11/22/2011 03:30 PM CST
Subject: Helga's Barmaid: Missing!

Two nights ago, Helga appeared outside of Tykel's shouting for people to help her. A horde of townspeople came to her aide and were told that one of Helga's barmaids, an elven woman named Salaendra, had missed the last two evenings of work. Originally from Ta'Illistim, Salaendra has no family in town, and according to Helga she was reportedly not on speaking terms with them, which is what eventually drove her to find work in Wehnimer's Landing.

Townspeople and local officials have continued to conduct search parties, but there have been no signs of the missing barmaid. When asked for her description, Helga informed the citizens and guards that Salaendra had long black hair, green eyes and was last seen leaving the pub in her barmaid attire.

When interim mayor Barnom was questioned about the second woman to have gone missing in the last month from town, he replied, "Our guards are still conducting searches for the two women missing. We would ask for assistance from any citizens, should they have credible information regarding the situation."

In other news, Quin "Sleepy" Telaren was overheard mentioning he should spend more time at Helga's.

Sir Eahlstan addresses events in the Protectorate, 11/23/2011

Category: Cities, Towns & Outposts
Topic: Wehnimer's Landing
Message #: 1924
Date: 11/23/2011 10:44 PM CST
Subject: To the Council and Citizenry of the Turamzzyrian Protectorate of Wehnimer's Landing:

We, of the Order of the Azure Sun, stand deeply troubled by the crimes committed within and within sight of your city walls in the weeks past. Concerning the matter of the summary executions of Sir Brinn Mithrandir, Knight Banneret of the Turamzzyrian Empire, and Sir Cryheart Thaxin, Knight of the Turamzzyrian Empire; Not only were our Imperial brethren executed, but they were given neither investigation nor trial, and any evidence brought to bear against them was both vague and uncharacteristic if not completely falsified. Many who questioned or peaceably protested such unjust actions, our own Squire Divone Lerade among them, were silenced or arrested without warning. Furthermore, Interim Mayor Barnom Slim has seized the Holding of the Order of the Silver Gryphon. This is Imperial Property, well outside the boundaries of Wehnimer's Landing, and certainly outside of the Interim Mayor's jurisdiction.

These hostile acts, perpetrated by Interim Mayor Slim, directly conflict with the will of the Turamzzyrian Empire, and stand to put the entirety of Wehnimer's Landing and her citizenry at risk. The Interim Mayor has ostracized those who have proven themselves time and again to be staunch and loyal and protectors of the city, thereby hindering many a vital blade, bow, or spell from participating in the defense of the city and her people.

These acts of hostility against the Turamzzyrian Empire have not gone unnoticed, and will not be allowed to stand. Already, the eyes of His Excellency, Earl Eddric Jovery of North Hendor, and Northern Sentinel of the Turamzzyrian Empire, turn towards Wehnimer's Landing. Rest assured that the Earl will be kept apprised of the situation as well as any further acts of aggression towards the Order of the Silver Gryphon, Knights of the Turamzzyrian Empire, or citizens of the Turamzzyrian Empire. Let us be clear: Inciting the ire of the Turamzzyrian Empire is unwise beyond reckoning, as Imperial retribution for the both the aforementioned crimes and any further transgressions will be both swift and severe not only for Barnon Slim, but for Wehnimer's Landing as a whole. It is our most sincere hope that you will seek amends for the crimes committed, and take no further action that would serve to damage, even in the slightest way, the relationship between the Turamzzyrian Empire and its protectorate city.

Know that the Order of the Azure Sun stands in solidarity with the both Turamzzyrian Empire and with our brothers and sisters in arms, The Order of the Silver Gryphon.

Signed by my hand, 23 Eoantos 5111 Eahlstan Hjeldin, Knight Banneret of the Turamzzyrian Empire Marshall of the Order of the Azure Sun

Cosignatory, 23 Eoantos 5111 Aydan Mursilis, Knight Banneret of the Turamzzyrian Empire Adjudicator of the Order of the Azure Sun

Cosignatory, 23 Eoantos 5111 Melorra Tirentha Standard Bearer of the Order of the Azure Sun

Closure of a Different Kind, 11/23/2011

Category: Cities, Towns & Outposts
Topic: Wehnimer's Landing
Message #: 1903
Author: GS4-Kenstrom
Date: 11/23/2011 10:30 AM CST
Subject: Closure of a Different Kind

Days ago, Councilman Juramis was poisoned at the steps of Hearthstone Manor while being patronized by a group of townspeople, many among them belonging to the Order of the Silver Gryphons. Little doubt remains among the town council of the Knights' plan to kill the current leadership in Wehnimer's Landing. The councilman was healed and is now doing better, but the entire situation rattled him.

In response, Interim Mayor Barnom Slim ordered a group of militiamen to storm the Gryphon's Holding and lock their portcullis, barring access to the structure until the investigation into the charges of treason is completed. When Barnom arrived outside of Moot Hall to make the announcement, he was killed by Beldin, a member of House Arcane, before local healers and clerics brought him back to health. After the announcement, Akivas and Giogionni, representatives from the Black Wolves, and Kupaka, a representative of the Drakes Vanguard, met with Barnom Slim inside the Council Chambers of Moot Hall to discuss the possibilities of peacefully restoring order to the town.

After the meeting, Barnom was stopped by a few townspeople for comment, "The Black Wolves have reached out to try to peacefully mediate the restoration of order to this town. The council and I are committed to protecting our citizens, which is why we have taken the measures believed necessary to conduct our investigation of treason without obstructions. We welcome any progress the Black Wolves are able to make, especially in regards to the obstinance of the Drakes Vanguard. Now is the time that our people need reassurance on who can be trusted to protect us."

When questioned about him being attacked outside of Moot Hall, Barnom replied, "There have been a number of threats, and now attacks from a member of House Arcane. Perhaps we underestimated the level of summoner sympathizers in this town, but if Arcane does not rein in their membership then we will have no alternative but to investigate them as well. In fact, I fully encourage all organizations who reside within Wehnimer's Landing or its territory to make their allegiance be known. We will not suffer more months of division. If we must, we will take action against any and all who pose a threat to our peace."

Demise of a Merchant, 11/30/2011

Category: Cities, Towns & Outposts
Topic: Wehnimer's Landing
Message #: 1939
Author: GS4-Kenstrom
Date: 11/30/2011 03:41 PM CST
Subject: Demise of a Merchant

Two nights ago, the reputable merchant Dyhne and his son Gioh were travelling in their wagon to Wehnimer's Landing when they were ambushed by a group of crimson-clad bandits. Gioh was only wounded when the bandits ambushed, but his father Dyhne was not as fortunate, having perished inside his wagon when it was consumed in flames.

A group of local heroes and citizens rushed to the aid of the wagon, managing to kill one bandit before the others escaped. Gioh confirmed that the bandits had stolen some of their ingots of adamantine, zelnorn and kroderine. Many present speculated that urnon might have also been stolen, but Gioh was uncertain if they had any onboard, as only his father would have known.

On behalf of the Wehnimer's Merchant Guild, Lord Grishom Stone came out to speak about the tragic death of Dyhne, "My heart goes out to the poor boy Gioh, as losing a father is nothing any decent man would wish upon another. I cannot help but wonder if our enemies, these summoners and their leader Elithain Cross, are to blame for Dyhne's demise. A prominent merchant and councilman goes missing, a traveling merchant is ambushed and killed, and the Empire itself threatens to place its boot on the throat of this town. I am inclined to believe that if our interim mayor is not up to the task of protecting this town, then perhaps there is another more suited for the job."

Another Girl, Another Pillar, 12/1/2011

Category: Cities, Towns & Outposts
Topic: Wehnimer's Landing
Message #: 1941
Author: GS4-Kenstrom
Date: 12/01/2011 03:49 PM CST
Subject: Another Girl, Another Pillar

Just last evening, Tykel Rone, the Landing's prominent weaponsmith, was found shouting for help outside of his shop. Local heroes and citizens came to his aid, where he informed them that his niece, Kalie, was missing. She had just visited her uncle inside his shop and expressed her desire to go watch the falling snow, when moments later Tykel heard her scream from outside. The old weaponsmith grabbed his axe and charged into the street, but there was no sign of her anywhere.

Tykel went to go report the incident to the local officials, while dozens of adventurers broke into search parties and scoured the town and surroundings for the missing girl. Outside of town, bandits attacked townspeople in the forest but were quickly dispatched. The search continued for over an hour until a storm rolled in with black clouds accompanied by crimson lightning. A bolt of red lightning struck the mine road near Wehnimer's Landing, shaking the ground for miles before another bone pillar rose up out of the dirt. Fearing that Tykel's niece was the latest victim of the summoners, the old weaponsmith was informed of the pillar's appearance and tried feverishly to cut it down before collapsing into a sobbing fit. Tykel promised retribution and went back to town to mourn.

This afternoon, Iron Jack was seen loading up a wagon full of supplies. "The fourth pillar is here. We all know what it means, five fingers in a hand. We're doomed. That lass that went missing, yeah, she had dark hair, but she had blue eyes, not green. No one's safe anymore. I ain't leaving town yet, but I'm going to be damn well sure I'm ready when that moment comes. I'd suggest you do the same."

The interim mayor and town council were not available for comment.

Interim Mayor Skips Town, 12/12/2011

Category: Cities, Towns & Outposts
Topic: Wehnimer's Landing
Message #: 1956
Author: GS4-Kenstrom
Date: 12/12/2011 09:24 AM CST
Subject: Interim Mayor Skips Town

It was reported early this morning that Interim Mayor Barnom Slim smuggled himself out of town in the middle of the night. The constable had found Barnom's office almost bare, but most troubling was the news that a sizeable amount of money from the town's coffers had gone missing.

Rumors have indicated that Barnom Slim and his stolen money boarded a ship on the north docks and its speculated destination was the town of River's Rest.

As a result of the considerable loss to the town's treasury, the entire new militia, once put in place by Barnom himself, has resigned their post but kept their weapons, when they were informed they would not be getting paid.

Helga was on edge all morning, "What now? Our militia isn't getting paid. The streets go unguarded and there's a great evil still out there. I hope that interim mayor Slime didn't chase off all of our heroes, because something tells me we need them now more than ever."

Colson's Murderer Revealed!, 12/12/2011

Category: Cities, Towns & Outposts
Topic: Wehnimer's Landing
Message #: 1961
Date: 12/12/2011 11:34 PM CST
Subject: Colson's Murderer Revealed!

In an attempt to reclaim the trust of the town, Head Councilman Juramis swore to find the truth behind Colson's murder. Late in the evening, Juramis' falcon hunted down a group of local townsfolk who were investigating the strange pillars in the forests and hills surrounding Wehnimer's Landing. Through this avian, Juramis created a portal to the recently found tombstone of Colson. Juramis detected a strange aura about the tombstone and asked a local bardess to reveal the lore within.

Verse after verse, the song unraveled the mystery about Colson's death. It was not Mayor Walkar after all, but a Summoner with sea blue eyes. In light of this discovery, Juramis called an emergency meeting with the rest of the town's remaining council. Grumbling and discontent with the fact that they had to get out of their warm beds in such a cold evening, at the whim of the bedraggled and once missing Head Councilman, they were forced to listen to what Juramis and the brave group of townsfolk learned. Several argued that this was not a good reason to call an emergency meeting. Juramis silenced them quickly with a display of his magical prowess and a word of warning, if they refused to listen.

After the meeting, Juramis appeared outside of Moot Hall and announced that it was not Mayor Walkar who had killed Colson, but the now infamous Lord Grishom Stone. Juramis publicly declared Grishom Stone as an outlaw of the town and made a plea for the return of Walkar Wellington to his rightful place in office. The once hated Head Councilman revealed the waraxe of Mayor Walkar, and offered to return it to the man it belonged to upon his arrival in town. The people of Wehnimer's Landing now eagerly await the return of their rightfully elected leader, and the head of Lord Grishom Stone.

Set in Stone - Details and Thanks!, 1/16/2012

Category: Cities, Towns & Outposts
Topic: Wehnimer's Landing
Message #: 2050
Date: 01/16/2012 09:51 PM CST
Subject: Set in Stone - Details and Thanks!

Well my summoner storyline concluded a few days ago, with the ending of the final chapter "Set in Stone." It's been a long 16 months and I can honestly say I enjoyed every single second of it. I have no one else to thank for that but you all, the players. I truly hope you've enjoyed yourselves as much as I have and I'm so very proud of the role playing that happened in and around Wehnimer's Landing from all of you. I worried many times that I was invading too much, or dragging the storyline out too long, but you all kept coming back for more. My goal was to bring life back into Wehnimer's Landing and most importantly, keep it there. So I really hope that spirit endures and trust me, while this storyline may be over, there is more plots in the work for the future.

In the coming days I will be posting my storyline timeline so you can all catch up on everything that happened, beginning to end. There shouldn't be too many loose ends (unless intentional) but I will be happy to answer the ones I can on the forums or in the upcoming OOC town meeting. Below I will be listing storyline credits and thanks, because without a number of other GameMasters lending me their help, time and support, none of this would have happened. Following that I will be listing the details about the monsters I used during the storyline, many of them on Erythro Island.

As always, I welcome feedback on the storyline, not just the final chapter, but anything if you have it to share. Good, bad, I'm never offended because I use all forms of criticism to help adapt for the future. Thank you all for following along and I can't wait until next time.

Storyline Credit

I'd like to thank the following GameMasters for their time, their help and their approvals over the last 16 months of my storyline. From hours of NPCing, to hours of QCing a giant island and more, I cannot thank these people enough! Their assistance was very critical and very much appreciated!

NPC's - Marstreforn, Khshathra, Thandiwe, Auchand, Wyrom, Itzel Room and Item QC - Aulis, Khshathra, Aiza Creature QC - Strathspey Storyline/Item Approvals - Izzea, Alyias, Kaikala, Mestys, Voraviel, Modrian, Lusus

Invasion Info

Below is some of the info for the creatures you fight, either auto-spawning on Erythro Island or invading the town.

Island Creature	Level	Auto-Genned
a large arctic crab	13	1525
a scruffy krolvin pirate	15	2272
a white feathered vulture	15	1579
a menacing krolvin slaver	18	2299
a wailing dark spirit	28	1180
a dark-eyed scarlet bear	32	1150
a massive dark steel golem	35	1555
a red-veined dark ogre lumberjack	39	1348
a red-eyed black bat	42	229
a large blood red globule	44	195
a slimy crimson spider	46	324
a large red-scaled worm	49	332
a scorched glowing-eyed skeleton	54	1250
a colossal blood golem	56	1047
a red-tusked black boar	59	770
a red-skinned ogre scavenger	60	1566
a whirling storm wraith	64	1138
a ruby-eyed glaes golem	66	1255
a black-robed fire mage	71	183
a blazing fire elemental	73	100
a white marble gargoyle	75	113
a brilliant crimson mein golem	79	98
a giant alabaster construct	83	832
a gleaming cerulean mein golem	85	1075
a blue-grey arctic griffin	87	1439
an immense frost golem	89	1303
a black granite gargoyle	95	1074
a huge granite construct	96	1226
a tormented dark banshee	98	1574
a tortured ethereal woman	108	4918
a white-robed fire warlock	103	2038
a swirling shadow golem	105	4769
a mammoth veinous blood maggot	110	6502
an urnon-eyed bone white golem	115	2602
Misc. Invasion Creatures

Creature	Level
a large black crimson-eyed wasp	46
a gleaming silvery mein golem	95
Grishom Stone (doppelganger flesh golems)	100
a winged spindly necleriine	100
a gigantic murky oculoth	101
a huge blood red wasp	105
a red-speckled alabaster construct	105
a lithe black abyran'ra	105
a huge crimson spider	110
a black-winged blood red vathor	120
an urnon-eyed brilliant white golem	120

Special Mission Creatures

Ruined Library

Creature	Level
a slender ice-covered skeleton	3
an icy blue cold guardian	34
a frozen elven corpse	42
a red-eyed ice wraith	45
a pale blue ice elemental	53
a dark blue ice elemental	63
a hulking arctic giant	90

Den of Ash

a muscular fire ogre	28
a giant lava troll	34
a massive red-skinned ogre	36
a fiery lava golem	56
a fiery orange sprite	64
a large fire elemental	73
a towering ancient flame guardian	103

-GM Kenstrom-