Tykel's Arms

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Tykel's Arms is a weapon shop in Wehnimer's Landing. It is located in Town Square, Northeast.

[Tykel's Arms, Showroom] RNUM: 402
Glancing about the interior of the shop reveals all manner of bladed weapons, from daggers to twohanded swords. Most of the weaponry is wrought in bronze, although finer specimens reflect the glint of steel. All seem to share an air about them that says, "This weapon is meant to be used". Tykel the Weaponsmith stands ready to sing the praises of his handiwork. You also see a silvery-blue roiling fog-filled chamber, a polished counter with some stuff on it and a swinging door.


  1. a cudgel                                  28. a wire-hilted mithril foil 
  2. a dagger                                  29. a jade-pommeled imflass foil
  3. a short sword                             30. a double-edged kris
  4. a scimitar                                31. a jade-hilted mithril kris
  5. a twohanded sword                         32. a serrated imflass kris
  6. a rapier                                  33. a blackened mithril sapara
  7. a broadsword                              34. a jade-hilted mithril cutlass
  8. a handaxe                                 35. a jade-hilted imflass sabre
  9. a mace                                    36. a gold-chased greatsword
  10. a war hammer                             37. a jagged-edged mithril greatsword
  11. a quarter staff                          38. a jade-hilted imflass greatsword
  12. a halberd                                39. a jade-pommeled imflass spatha
  13. a crystal-set rosewood runestaff         40. a jade-hilted talon sword
  14. a twisted black rowan runestaff          41. a jade-pommeled mithril talon sword 
  15. a wide-grained deringo runestaff         42. an ash-hafted moon axe
  16. a ruby-tipped mossbark runestaff         43. a well-balanced mithril moon axe
  17. a gold-capped orase runestaff            44. a well-balanced imflass moon axe
  18. a fantail dagger                         45. a steel-spiked bulawa
  19. a bejeweled imflass fantail dagger       46. a jade-inlaid mithril bulawa
  20. a bejeweled mithril fantail dagger       47. an ash-hafted imflass bulawa
  21. a steel-banded shillelagh                48. a jagged-edged scythe
  22. a modwir-hafted shillelagh               49. an ebon-hafted mithril scythe
  23. a spiked shillelagh                      50. an ash-hafted imflass scythe
  24. a jade-hilted epee                       51. a dual-bladed battle axe
  25. a jade-tipped mithril epee               52. a pair of plates
  26. a jade-tipped imflass epee               53. some leather gauntlets (0x UCS Gear (not pocketed))
  27. a well-balanced foil                     54. some leather boots (0x UCS Gear (not pocketed))

  Backroom Catalog
  55. a claidhmore                             58. some leather handwraps (4x UCS Gear (pocketed))
  56. a naginata                               59. some leather footwraps (4x UCS Gear (pocketed))
  57. a sinew-bound thin wire garrote

Weapon Customization Options

Materials available
  1. modwir
  2. iron
  3. steel
  4. bronze
  1. obsidian
  2. alexandrite
  3. ruby
  4. mithril
  5. ora
  1. imflass
  2. glaes
  3. vultite
A conversion chamber is located in this shop's Showroom.