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Tsoran's map
Blighted Forest

This category lists all creatures found in the Blighted Forest hunting area. The Blighted Forest hunting area is nearest to the town of Ta'Illistim. It is found on the Tsoran map EN-tower.

The Blighted Forest is a dark, twisted forest that houses black forest vipers, black forest ogres, massive black boars, and swarms of mosquitoes. The area is so thick with plants that it is generally difficult to move about. The boars cannot climb the trees in the forest, so many hunters retreat to the trees when their game is the ogres or the vipers, or if they simply wish to avoid the boars.

The forest is temperate and is mostly wooded, though some areas are sandy, especially near the lake.

Maaghara Tower

Maaghara Tower is a huge tree that houses a creature called the Maaghara. Imprisoned within the tree are the shrickhen, moulis, and the dhu goleras, though the moulis are likely the most deadly of the three due to their ability to infect people. Infected persons eventually hatch moulis scrapings, killing the host. At the top of the tower is a machine. Its function is unknown.

The Maaghara appears wise and her appearance shifts, though she withholds many answers about the forest that she inhabits.

Entering the tower requires solving a puzzle (Maaghara Tower Puzzle on GSGuide). Order of Voln masters may also enter with Symbol of Seeking.

This area seems to remove Mobility (618) exclusively, rather than using Spellburst or Spell Sever.

To exit the area, you must find a room with a massive root and "go root". Roots may not be available to transport a character out of the area, but you can try again in a different room or simply wait for the root to be available. If they are, the character will be pulled through a tunnel by tendrils and dropped in the Refuse Heap.

Note: Your character must be level 67 to enter this area.


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