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The Bloodrune Holder was released by GM Wyrom through the Mystery of the Abyss event during Duskruin Arena in August 2019. The holders take the form of an archaic steel dodecahedron and are available to purchase for silvers. They are limited to one per character and character bound.


You analyze your steel dodecahedron and sense that the creator has provided the following information:

This is a bloodrune holder from Duskruin.  It can hold one bloodrune at a time.

You get no sense of whether or not the dodecahedron may be further lightened.


Roughly the size of a fist, the dodecahedron is an archaic contraption of unknown origin.  An oily finish gives the piece a reflective quality, while deeply incised runes shimmer as the piece is manipulated in the light.  Flashing at random intervals, sanguine light chases a pulsing white light across the chiseled edges.  A small, flat opening is in the center of each side.  The steel dodecahedron is empty.


Verb First Third
REMOVE As if sensing your purpose, an archaic steel dodecahedron detaches itself from your belt and flies into your waiting hand. An archaic steel dodecahedron detaches itself from XXX's belt and flies into her waiting hand.
PULL As you pry a cracked moss-covered bloodrune from your steel dodecahedron, it appears lifeless for a moment. As XXX pries a cracked moss-covered bloodrune from her steel dodecahedron, it appears lifeless for a moment.
PUSH Dozens of needles protrude from the steel dodecahedron as you seat a cracked moss-covered bloodrune inside of it, injuring your hand. Dozens of needles protrude from her steel dodecahedron as XXX seats a cracked moss-covered bloodrune inside of it, injuring her hand.
Causes a broken and bleeding hand with active bleeding.
WEAR As you bring your steel dodecahedron towards your waist, it pulls free of your hand and attaches itself to your belt. As XXX brings her steel dodecahedron towards her waist, it pulls free of her hand and attaches itself to her belt.

Additional Information

Obtaining the Bloodrune Holder

You will need 1,000,000 silvers, the box will not accept a note.

Travel to [Hypogeal Cavern, Ossuary] at room 28350. Once there whisper the passphrase "The rage would consume him." to the doors, this will teleport you to the Abyssal Arena where you will see "a gold-filigree black enamel box". Search the box to obtained your dodecahedron. Be warned that doing so will cause you to suffer a rank 2 hand wound.

To exit the arena, whisper "out" to the door.

Enchancive Use

If an uncarved flat etched stone found in the Duskruin Sewers is PUSHed into the dodecahedron and then RUBed, the stone will be consumed to give a temporary enhancive. The rune written on the stone will determine what effect is received. (See Bloodrune for a list of runes)

  • Common - +2 stamina recovery, one hour.
  • Arkati - +5 health recovery, one hour.
  • Arcane - +2 mana recovery, one hour.
  • Mystic - All three, 30 minutes.

Illusion Use

The dodechaedron can also give a one line illusion in the character description after the tattoo/piercing line, similar to an illusion prop, if a bloodrune is placed inside. To create a bloodrune you will need:

  • a flat etched stone found in the sewers
  • a carved ur-barath totem received as a consolation prize when losing by a fair margin in the arena, or by trading an ore from the Arena to the archeologist
  • a primitive metal chisel purchased from the Bloodriven Village shop, Mar and Scar.

To carve your stone into a bloodrune READ stone twice to commit it to memory, then holding a totem and chisel in either hand, CARVE my totem with my chisel. The resulting bloodrune can be PUSHed into the dodechaedron, or removed by PULL. Bloodrunes are never consumed, you can change them at will. The illusions provided are a minor version of how the individual bloodrune would alter a full Moonshard Pendant.

The appearance of the illusion is generally based on the type of bloodrune inserted:

  • Classic: "S/he gives off a(n) <rune> semblance."
  • Divine: "Miniature <rune> spiral outward from him/her before fading away."
  • Arcane: "Arcane <rune> sigils glow in front of him/her."
  • Mystic: "Mystical energies wash over him, [custom for each Mystic bloodrune]"

Mystic examples: Emotion bloodrune says "swathing him in a heavy shroud of emotional vibrancy." and nature bloodrune says "enveloping him in a light shroud of fluctuating winds."

The rune variable lines up with those listed for the MoonShard pendant.

Changing the Metal of the Dodechaedron

The metal of the dodechaedron can be change by using the ores found in the Arena. The item will become an archaic <metal> dodecahedron once the process is finished. To change the metal of your holder you will need to purchase a crucible from Mar and Scar then visit the Bloodforge located near the smithy. (Room 26091).

  1. Place 5 ores of the same type in your crucible
  2. Put the crucible on the bloodforge
  3. Wait for the ore to melt and then cool down. This will take some time.
  4. Once the crucible is cool enough to touch, GET the crucible and with nothing in your other hand, TOUCH the bloodforge.
  5. POUR the finished crucible on your dodechadron.

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Bloodrune Holder Information
Type Fluff
Feature altering
Item Classification Accessory
Item(s) Applied to Box
Feature(s) Altered Line after tattoos
Customizable Yes
Custom Metal
Original Release Venue Bloodriven Village
Original Release Year 2019
Attunement Permanent
Attunes to Character
Item Verbs