Briarmoon Cove 2016

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Briarmoon Cove 2016/shop list
Instance Opening Date Closing Date
Prime February 4, 2016 @ 9pm February 7, 2016 @ 9pm
Platinum February 11, 2016 @ 9pm February 17, 2016 @ 9pm



In order to enter, make sure you have the orb in hand.

  • Icemule Trace - Icemule Temple, Foyer
  • River's Rest - River Road
  • Solhaven - Liabo Plaza
  • Ta'Illistim - Shimmarglin Var
  • Ta'Vaalor - Amaranth Court
  • Teras Isle (Kharam-Dzu) - Vaalin Street, Temple District
  • Wehnimer's Landing - Town Square, Southeast
  • Zul Logoth - Hall of Arches
  • Four Winds Isle - Oleander and Daisy

Announced Raffles and Services

GM Posted Schedule

Raffle Item Major/Minor Date/Time
Tedra's Private Property MAJOR Thursday, 10:00 pm EST
Ithzir Unlocks (5) MAJOR Thursday, 11:00 pm EST
Custom Disk Changers Minor Friday, 4:30 PM EST
Enhancive Dachres (3) MAJOR Friday, 7:00 pm EST
Public Voln Armor Unlocks MAJOR Friday, 7:30 pm EST
Forest Armor Raffle MAJOR Friday, 8:00 pm EST
Bittle's Frosting Raffle Minor Friday, 9:00 pm EST
Shield size changing MAJOR Friday, 9:30 pm EST
Armor AsG changing MAJOR Friday, 10:00 pm EST
Garli's Jewelry Raffle MAJOR Friday, 11:00 pm EST
Ithzir unlocks (5) MAJOR Saturday, 9:30 am EST
Garli's Jewelry Raffle MAJOR Saturday, 11:30 am EST
Unlock Garli Jewelry Minor Saturday, 12:00 pm EST
VOLN ONLY Voln Armor Unlocks MAJOR Saturday, 12:30 pm EST
Bittle's Frosting Unlocks Minor Saturday, 4:00 pm EST
Enhancive Dachres (3) MAJOR Saturday, 7:00 pm EST
EZ Script (10) Minor Saturday, 9:00 pm EST
Forest Armor Unlocks to T2 Minor Saturday, 9:30 pm EST
Custom Perfumes Minor Saturday, 10:00 pm EST
Enchanting MAJOR Saturday, 10:30 pm EST
Forest Armor Unlocks to T3 Minor Sunday, 11:00 am EST
Enhancive Dachres (4) MAJOR Sunday, 12:00 pm EST

Schedule with Info & Links

MAJOR Custom Spell Preps (delayed service)
Ithzir Unlocking Add/unlocking of a single tree by one level. Armor cannot be worked on more than once. 10 slots total.
Variable cost, minimum of 500k. Update by GM Haliste
2/4 - 11pm, 5 winners
2/6 - 9:30am, 5 winners
Voln Unlocking Raffle
1 unlock from tier 3 to 4 (voln members only)
2 unlocks from tier 2 to tier 3 (1 voln members only)
3 unlocks from tier 1 to tier 2 (1 voln members only)
5 slots for adding voln to existing armor (2 voln members only)
Information provided by GM Mazreth
2/5 - 7:30pm
2/6 - 12:30pm, VOLN ONLY
Enchanting (some limitations; variable cost) 7 slots for items with a final enchant up to +40 and weighting/padding less than or equal to 10 points (heavy).
2 slots for items with a final enchant up to +45 and weighting/padding less than or equal to 10 points (heavy).
1 slot for an item with a final enchant up to +50 and weighting/padding less than or equal to 15 points (exceptional).
More information provided by GM Tamuz
2/6 - 10:30pm
Enhancive Adding via Dahcre (500k) Raffle for 10 winners, 10k Ticket
Additional cost for service is 500k
Information on available Dachres provided by GM Flannihan
2/5 - 7pm, 3 winners
2/5 - 7pm, 3 winners
2/6 - 12pm, 4 winners
Shield Size Changing
(some limitations; variable cost)
One modification per shield. No non-fluff scripts can be on the shield.
Info provided by GM Liia
2/5 - 9:30pm
Armor AsG Changing
(some limitations; variable cost)
Changes only in the same AG. Only one modification per set of armor. No non-fluff scripts.
Info provided by GM Liia
2/5 - 10pm
Garli Jewelry (Fully unlocked) Raffle, 100k Ticket
Item provided
2/5 - 11pm
2/6 - 11:30am
Forest Armor (Fully unlocked) Raffle for 2 winners, 100k Ticket
Item provided
2/5 - 8pm
Tedra's Property Raffle Auction 2/4 - 10pm
MINOR Custom EZScripts
(delayed service)
Raffle for 10 winners
Poiret's shop
2/6 9pm
Custom Signature Verbs
(delayed service)
Custom Perfumes
(delayed service)
2/6 - 10pm
Fluff Script Swaps
Pocket Adding
(some limitations apply)
Size will be determined by where item is worn, similar to how a glove can't hold as much as a backpack.
The merchant will be able to answer specific questions at the time of the service.
Info provided by GM Liia
Make Locked Pocketed Items Closeable
Lockpick Bracer Unlocking
(From OTS to T1)
Adventure Clothing Unlocking
Enhancive Permanence One per account
Info provided by GM Liia
Script Removal
Custom Disk Changer By GM Kynlee 2/5 - 4:30pm
Shock Lancestaff Unlocking No more than one upgrade per person/per lance.
Info provided by GM Liia
Bittle's Unlimited Frosting Raffle, 20k Ticket 2/5 - 9pm
Garli Jewelry Unlock T1 to T2, 50k Cost 2/6 - 12pm
Bittle's Frosting Alters Changing frosting flavors/altering frosting tips, 10k Cost 2/6 - 4pm
Forest Armor Unlocks T1 to T2, 50k Cost 2/6 - 9:30pm
5 from T2 to T3, 100k Cost
5 from T1 to T3, 1 mil Cost
2/7 - 11am
Unlimited keg Raffle for 2 Winners



Possibly a new game that allows for a chance to win prizes based on ice sculptures and how well they are created. Originally announced in the Briarmoon Cove official folder.

Forest Armor

The shop that sells this can only be reached by going through a quest in Kotwynn Forest (Quest information provided here). Forest armor has several tiers to unlock and offers mechanical benefits that only work outdoors. Original posts made in the Briarmoon Cove official folder.

Garli Jewerly

Jewelry items that hold gems found in a pile with a pull for a specified amount of coins. The process is similar to Fusion but works differently. Originally posted in the Briarmooon Cove official folder.

Prestige Champagne

Drink like its 5999 with these fun champagne bottles, teased by GS4-Sindin.

Snowball Satchels

Snowball satchels allow one to gather snowballs and store them for a friendly fight later on. Five fully unlocked satchels will be made available and grant the ability to generate a snowfield once a day to the owner. Initial teaser information can be found here.


A single slot gold ring holder will be given to attendees with special messaging exclusive to Briarmoon Cove which will allow everyone the chance to upgrade it to 2-slots via limited service as mentioned here by GM Galene.

Saved Posts

A Letter From The Mayor of Briarmoon Cove

Originally posted in the Briarmoon Cove Official Folder

Prospective Attendees,

At the frigid and blustery mouth of the Olbin River lies our beautiful port city of Briarmoon Cove, cozily nestled among snow-covered craggy cliffs and deep caverns. While easily reached by traders and merchants arriving from the sea, those approaching from the inland trails are met with unforgiving environmental hazards and a harsh, nearly inaccessible terrain, making travel to this area largely unpleasant. Briarmoon Cove has remained a mostly secluded haven for seafaring traders and merchants because of such limited land access... until now!

The Chronomages, having become increasingly interested in merchant trade opportunities within Elanthia, have invested significant efforts and research in devising alternative methods to expand their reaches in goods transportation. Olthos Demache, a Chronomage well-known for his diverse knowledge of time travel and obscure methods to overcome restrictive challenges, sent a brief missive explaining their interest in the aggregation.

"The limitations of terrain and weather severely inhibit the ability to move goods from one town to another, resulting in lost income for that town and its merchants. With our assistance, towns may be eligible to experience and benefit from a vast new system, which we are promoting and scouting for here at Briarmoon Cove. We want to keep our eye on potential locations, so we will be appraising what they have to offer at the festivities of this groundbreaking event."

As the mayor of Briarmoon Cove, and the appointed ambassador for the festival, I welcome you all to join us in celebrating this worldly gathering of artisans. We have brought delegates from all across Elanthia to our seaside retreat, and they will be marketing quintessential offerings from their homelands. Be sure to stop by all of the shops from each represented area, as you will find a vast assortment of commodities, both unique and familiar. Some are even exclusive to Briarmoon Cove.

The residents of our town have been preparing for the much-anticipated arrival of visitors, and attendees will be able to experience such things as stunning coastal views of the night sky, street performers, ice sculpting areas, the Lighthouse Pub (best known for its warming spirits), the traveling airship known as The Revenge, and over twenty exclusive shops with wares from Icemule Trace to Ta'Illistim! We hope to see you all in a little over two weeks.

Briarmoon Cove awaits!

- Isabriel Fain
Mayor of Briarmoon Cove

Admission to Briarmoon Cove

Originally posted by GM Liia on the Officials.

Things will be heating up in the frosty town of Briarmoon Cove! For this event, we're trying something new. Instead of buying a ticket through the box office, anyone who wishes to visit the festival will buy a luminescent silver-gold orb from the Simucoin shop. This item will allow you to be transported via magical portal to the festival venue. Once you enter the portal, the orb will "lock" onto whatever character uses it, so there are no "admit all" options for this event (though it's something we can look into for future events, if the interest is there). 

The cost of the orb will be 3250 Simucoins. Orbs will likely show up in the box office before the event opens, but will not be made available to purchase until opening day. We don't want anyone losing orbs! The orbs will NOT be limited, so there's no need to worry about getting it early.

Thanks to SGM Sleken for his hard work on the new entry mechanics! 

APM, Events & World Development

Additional information provided by GM Sleken on the Officials.

Just to re-iterate on the original announcement post...The orb locks (attunes) to the character that uses it. 


Q: Can I buy an orb and then give it to someone else?

A: Yes, as long as you haven't used it. 

Q: Could I buy orbs and drop them everywhere?

A: Sure, Mr/Mrs Moneybags. 

Q: Is the orb really only good for one character for this event?

A: Yes, just the one. One is the loneliest...I'll stop.

Q: Would these orbs be good for future runs of this event (if they happen)?

A: No. This event only. Plan accordingly.

Q: Will these orbs work for other events like Ebon Gates's'es?

A: No. 

Q: Does this fix that annoying feature of buying a box office ticket and having to log out and back in to get that ticket to show?

A: Oh yes, it does. It VERY MUCH fixes that issue. 

SGM Sleken