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Briarmoon Cove General Information

WARNING: Some container sizes may be off.
Map by Rozy and Raelee

A Silver-Traced Ebonwood Wagon

The finest weaponry pirate royalty can provide! Small arms, edged blades, and polearms are shipped direct to you from the great families of River's Rest!

a silver-traced ebonwood wagon with whorled glaes windows, Lich #XXXXX, Map Rm 15, go ebonwood wagon

[A Silver-Traced Ebonwood Wagon]
The enclosing ebonwood walls bear a coat of matte lacquer, dulling the gloss to a subtle but refined sheen under the touch of flickering lantern light cast from behind cut glass shades. Underfoot, plush plum carpeting quiets every footfall, and warped shafts of pale moonlight are painted across it by the whorled glaes windows set near the ceiling. Between the windows hangs a wall-mounted velvet-lined case with a small parchment note attached, and beneath it is a finely scripted parchment sign in a silver frame.
Obvious exits: east, out
On behalf of the great families of River's Rest, I come bearing the finest assortment of arms our skills of procurement can provide.  Also among the pieces are those of my own forging.
Please avail yourselves of my services when possible (and these services include cosmetic enhancements as well as aid in UNLOCKing hidden aspects these items may have).
Also, rest assured that if you think you see something familiar, you are certainly mistaken.
Best regards,

In the Case you see

a petite mithril bodkin with a slender pearl handle Siolan dagger 10000
a short-bladed mithglin boot dagger with a slim onyx hilt
a brushed invar cinquedea streaked with half-span fullers
an ivy-engraved faenor dirk with a hardened green leather grip
a pale imflass stiletto with a faceted blue sapphire hilt
a single-edged vaalorn sgian achlais with a bronze suede grip
a razor-sharp black vultite knife with a serrated spine
a twisted glaes spike with a stygian leather-wrapped grip
[A Silver-Traced Ebonwood Wagon]
Facing off from opposite sides of the wagon are a sturdy wall-bracketed stand housing a variety of polearms and a wide floor-to-ceiling sword rack laden with goods. A finely scripted parchment sign in a silver frame stands sentinel beside the ebonwood door set into the rear wall, and distorted shafts of light snake across the plum carpeting from the whorled glaes windows set near the ceiling.
Obvious exits: west
All of the weapons here are of the enchant natural to their respective materials.

On the Rack you see

a blackened vultite broadsword with a contoured onyx hilt broadsword 60000
an opal-hilted imflass craquemarte with a tilted crossguard falchion 30000
a rippled glaes whip-blade with slender crescent cutouts whip-blade 23000
a crimson-bladed vultite mortuary sword with a maoral hilt backsword 44500
a suede-gripped steel claidhmore with an engraved crossguard claidhmore 1200
a flame-etched vaalorn flamberge with ruby-inlaid quillions flamberge 67500
a double-edged mithglin kaskara adorned with a cerulean tassel longsword 33000
a curved drakar scimitar with a contoured blazestar hilt scimitar 4500
a matte-finished rhimar short sword with a sapphire pommel short sword 4500
an ash grey ora two-handed sword with a blackened ivory grip two-handed sword 24750
a dusky invar katana with a cross-wrapped ebon silk hilt katana 34500
a sigil-incised mithril bastard sword with a hematite pommel bastard sword 8500

On the Stand you see

a barb-tipped vultite lance with a filigreed conical guard lance 49500
a faenor awl-pike with a lithe spiral-carved haft awl-pike 17000
a burnished vultite halberd with a gnarled birch haft halberd 59500
a sleek imflass naginata with a dragon-carved maoral haft naginata 521000
a sturdy ebonwood-hafted mithril pilum with a tanged head pilum 2100
a polished mithglin Hammer of Kai with a crimson suede grip Hammer of Kai 47000
a silver-streaked zorchar javelin with a jagged blade javelin 4900
a crescent-bladed ora jeddart-axe with a woven leather grip jeddart-axe 19750
a leaf-bladed invar spear adorned with tawny hawk feathers spear 1500
a four-tined glaes trident with an engraved thanot haft trident 44500


Forest armor , Puzzle to get in

[Backwoods, Anterior]
Deep jade ivy creeps along haon-planked walls that give off a faint purplish grey luminescence and cast a mellow glow throughout the room. A winding stream painted in an iridescent deep blue hue snakes along the floor from the entrance to a series of sapphire-beaded strands, hung to resemble a waterfall. Carved from a single piece of modwir, a natural bench has been positioned behind a similarly designed table.
Obvious exits: out
All of the armor in this shop is four times enchanted.  It has unusual properties that are derived directly from the forest, and therefore, will not work favorably if you are hunting in water or indoors.  Armor that has been treated by the shop's owner will progress in strength, calling upon more abilities and enhancive benefits with each tier.

On the bench you see:

a black silk shirt with silver cuffs Forest armor AsG: 1 300000
a floor-length black-to-white plumille gown
some crisscrossed wide cotton straps
some wide-sleeved storm grey robes with veniom threading
a silver-edged emerald silk sash

On the table you see:

a front-laced taupe leather tunic Forest armor AsG: 5 300000
a forest green leather shirt with suede-wrapped sleeves AsG: 6
a steel-riveted dark leather gambeson AsG: 7
some bark-textured mahogany leathers AsG: 8
a tooled bronze leather jerkin AsG: 9
a mithril-banded dark brown corslet AsG: 10
some thick ora-studded leather AsG: 11
a set of silk-lined amber-banded armor AsG: 12
[Backwoods, Underground]
Musty and damp, this underground room is mostly protected from the outside elements, though the crumbling dirt walls plant doubt as to their stability. Crude racks formed of crisscrossed oak boards display a variety of leather gear, and suits of heavier armor hang from a thick wooden beam that is embedded into the planked ceiling. A small hole in the ceiling allows a small amount of light to seep into the otherwise dark room.

On the racks you see:

a suit of blackened vultite chainmail Forest armor AsG: 13 300000
a heavy imflass-linked jazerant AsG: 14
a mithglin and silver-ringed chain haubergeon AsG: 15
a leaf-etched mithril chain hauberk AsG: 16

On the beam you see:

an ivy-etched vultite cuirass Forest armor AsG: 17 300000
an imflass coracia with brass joints AsG: 18
some etched mithril half-plate AsG: 19
some solid ora platemail AsG: 20

Blow Me Away

Wind-blown items for that perfect lazy day.

a palm thatch-roofed pavilion, Lich #XXXXX, Map Rm 20, go pavillion

[Blow Me Away]
A weathered thatched roof comprised of palm fronds is perched over sturdy oaken beams forming a lofty ceiling overhead, while each corner is supported by intricately carved columns, with open sides to welcome all passing breezes. Soft light flows from floating glowing orbs that dangle from the overhead beams. In the center, a vividly colored, fish-shaped windsock swims above a spindly-legged table. A narrow pathway that is almost hidden in the evening shadows leads to a snow covered field.
Obvious exits: out

On the Table you see

a crumbly sweet pear tart It is sweet enough to make your teeth ache.
You can almost feel the sugar running through your veins.
a mug of stong mint tea The bitterness is offset by a touch of milk and sugar.
The dark, smoky flavor lingers in your nose.

On the Beams you see

a golden yellow phoenix kite Kite 50000
a teal-winged butterfly kite
a vivid purple box kite
a broad-winged damselfly kite
a fiery crimson spherical kite trailing smoke-hued ribbons
a flimsy parchment kite

On the Columns you see

a vivid rainbow pinwheel Pinwheel 5000
a large kaleidoscopic pinwheel
a dazzling jewel-hued pinwheel
a prismatic pinwheel
a multi-hued pinwheel
a sunset-hued pinwheel


[Blow Me Away, Snow Field]
The path opens into a spacious snow-covered opening surrounded by snow-capped spruce and fir trees. Occasional gusts of wind blow through, creating silvery moonlit tendrils of dancing snow. A large ash tree stands alone in the center of the snowfield, its branches proven a hazard for one mangled kite. A narrow pathway leads to a thatched roof pavilion.


Find the perfect outfit from a selection of dwarven-inspired clothing!

an austere reddish wood wagon, Lich #XXXXX, Map Rm 15, go reddish wagon

The austere wagon has a perimeter of built-in wall hooks displaying the general garments out for sale. A crooked wooden rack rests near the entry door, surrounded by a scattering of dark liquidy stains and smudged footprints on the floor around it.
Obvious exits: out

On the Rack you see

a pair of narrow pants fashioned from patched brushed suede leg-worn 15000
some faded suede pants smeared with sooty black markings
a pair of leather pants buckled with shiny brass closures
some charcoal cordetum pants with faintly ripped cuffs
a snuff-colored leather skirt sewn with gilded threading
a layered raw silk skirt printed with colorful mushrooms
an ankle-length muslin skirt hemmed with stone beads
a deep slate grey linen skirt with off-white lace paneling

On the Hook you see

a softened muslin tunic with cotton-covered buttons chest-worn 15000
an aged canvas tunic lined with ebony brushed cotton
a lengthy cordetum tunic deeply stained with coal dust
a walnut brown suede tunic with gem-pinned folded cuffs
a dark blue-grey suede tunic laced with tanned leather cords
a shabby raw linen shirt with long ragged sleeves
a worn brushed cotton shirt with dark-blotted lapels
a pallid suede shirt streaked with smoky black smudges
a half-buttoned faded canvas shirt with rolled sleeves
a plain cotton shirt with a slightly ripped neckline

Elven Excellence

Vaalorian military surplus - Weapons, shields, and clothes to keep one safe and warm in the field.

a slate-shingled red brick shop, Lich #XXXXX, Map Rm 9, go shop

[Elven Excellence]
Well-lit and organized, the interior of the shop is welcoming. A fireplace of rough-cut grey stone dominates one wall, banishing the chill from outside. Fine banners and standards of Vaalorian infantry legions decorate the stark stone walls. Inlaid in the polished black stone floor is a large golden crest. A polished mahogany stand sits between a series of mannequins and a large rack. An unassuming wooden door stands behind the long sales counter.
Obvious exits: out

On the Rack you see

a narrow-bladed vultite sheering sword with a crimson hilt longsword 49500
a vaalorn gladius with a wyvern etched blade short sword 23750
a gilt-trimmed imflass pavade dagger 8400
a tapered imflass dirk dagger 7200
a heavy matte vultite knee-breaker mace 52000
an oversized vaalorn spikestar with a long ash haft morning star 43000
a massive gornar sledgehammer with a long ironwood handle maul 91500

On the Stand you see

a lacquered orase targe painted with a red thanot berry border small shield
an inlaid square faewood parma medium shield
a polished villswood kite shield with black willow trim large shield
an embossed vultite greatshield with a raised wyvern crest tower shield

On the Gold mannequin you see

some thick woolen robes with a deep fur-trimmed hood Pocketed:Signif (100-119)
any number of items
a pair of thin leather fingerless gloves with fine stitching hand-worn 2500
a supple oiled-leather pouch with a golden wyvern clasp Pocketed:Medium (20-39)
any number of items
a pair of buffed leather knee-high boots with crimson heels Pocketed:VSA (<2-4)
one item

On the Crimson mannequin you see

a fleece-lined crimson cloak with an embroidered gold wyvern Pocketed:Signif (100-119)
any number of items
a stiff canvas rucksack with polished crimson buckles Pocketed:Signif (100-119)
any number of items
a pair of scale-backed mail gloves with tough leather palms hand-worn 2500
a pair of sturdy boots covered with overlapping steel plates Pocketed:VSA (<2-4)
one item
[Elven Excellence, Storage Room]
There is just enough room for the door to open into this back storage room. Numerous crates of various shapes and sizes fill most of the available space. The floor is rough wooden planks and the walls are of unadorned plain stone. A cluttered wooden desk sits upon a simple woven area rug in one corner. A ladder-backed chair behind the desk sits empty, waiting.
Obvious exits: none

Everything Under the Sun

What is best in life? To march proudly onto the field with your banner, draw forth your weapon from its scabbard in style, and afterwards put down the keg for a victory beverage!

a blue silk pavilion topped with a green flag adorned with a white swan, Lich #XXXXX, Map Rm 17, go blue pavillion

[Everything Under the Sun]
The silk canopy hangs high overhead, supported by stained oak poles along the pavilion's perimeter. Running the length of one wall stands a polished applewood table, its finely crafted wares on display. A plush blue Vornavian silk carpet lays underfoot, providing comfortable footing, and extends along the ground into the other parts of the pavilion.
Obvious exits: north, out
Each of these scabbards have been carved and bound with the utmost skill and care.
Additionally, each one will allow you to draw forth and put away your blade with style.
Each scabbard can be worked on twice to bring forth additional stylish actions.
These scabbards will only work with sword like weapons, both the one handed and two handed variety.

On the Table you see

a silver-bound tanik scabbard Pocketed:Small (5-7)
one item
Sword scabbard
a rolaren-bound mistwood scabbard
an eahnor-bound faewood scabbard
a faenor-bound ironwood scabbard
a mithril-bound maoral scabbard
a copper-bound pearwood scabbard
an eonake-bound linden scabbard
an ora-bound thanot scabbard
a steel-bound fel scabbard
an invar-bound teak scabbard


[Everything Under the Sun]
Several lanterns hang from above on the pavilion's support poles, providing illumination and casting pale light over everything. Most of this area is open, with a carved mistwood display and a golden oak rack sitting several feet apart in the center. The plush silk runner continues to lead deeper into the pavilion.
Obvious exits: north, south
These pennons and standards bear the heraldry for regions throughout the Empire.
Each can be worn over the shoulder, or held in your hand, and used to display your insignia.
All can be customized to bear the markings or heraldry of individuals or groups.

On the Rack you see

an emerald silk standard emblazoned with a white swan Battle standard pin-worn 50000
a dark blue silk standard adorned with a white seagull
a silver silk standard adorned with a blue phoenix
a white and black standard embroidered with a golden ram's head
a red and gold silk standard crested with a black triskelion
a light blue silk standard crested with a white stork
a kestrel blue silk standard emblazoned with a golden hawk
a crimson silk standard embroidered with a golden sunburst

On the Display you see

a red silk pennon embroidered with a gold crown Battle standard pin-worn 50000
a blue silk pennon emblazoned with a silver tree
a dark green silk pennon emblazoned with two black towers
a white silk pennon adorned with two interlocking blue circles
a deep blue silk pennon crested a red eagle over a gold sun
a silver silk pennon adorned with crossed purple lances
a golden silk pennon embroidered with a crimson sunburst


[Everything Under the Sun]
Flower pots are scattered along the silk walls, their floral blooms bringing their sweet scent and dashes of color throughout the area. A heavy maoral table with thick round legs takes up a massive part of one wall, while opposite sits a large carved pearwood wine rack. A blue and gold chain curtain hangs down from the ceiling and leads into the rear of the pavilion.
Obvious exits: south
We are proud to offer many fine vintages of wine from Vornavis and beyond for your drinking and buying pleasure.
On the table are ten kegs, each holding its own brew from across the Empire.
Each keg will provide a number of pours to bring refreshment for a large number of persons.
Buy several today and be well-stocked for your next social engagement!

On the Table you see

a banded cedar keg of toasty Gallardshold ale Earthen aromas flood your nostrils as you sip the malty ale.
The heartiness of the ale is accented by nutty notes, making the beverage refreshingly smooth.
Beer Keg 25000
a banded beech keg of amber lager The smooth lager offers a good balance between malt sweetness and hop bitterness.
a banded birch keg of orange blossom ale The simple tastes of fermented honey, cloves and cinnamon leave you feeling quite satisfied.
A fine blend of cloves and cinnamon thrills your palette.
a banded oak keg of plum and honey mead The warmth of the spicy mead permeates your body as you swallow.
Smooth and warm, the sweet honey taste of the mead is subtly flavored with exotic herbs and spices.
a banded teak keg of Phanus ginger mead The strongly spiced mead makes you gasp for breath as it burns its way down your throat.
The heavily spiced mead quenches your thirst and leaves behind a distinct cinnamon
a banded maple keg of golden wheat ale Dry, yet fruity, layers of exotic spices burst through the citrus flavor.
The diffused orange peel tastes serves to enhance to wheatiness of the ale.
a banded tanik keg of Fairport spiced beer It has the soft, grainy flavor of wheat.
There is a hint of clove to the tart, spicy taste.
a banded maoral keg of Mestanirian stout The thick, overly sweet taste of the stout leaves a faint lingering bitter aftertaste.
A coffee-like aroma accompanies the sweet taste of this drink.
a banded thanot keg of Oiran winter ale The dark, roasty flavor is almost reminiscent of a stout.
The noticeable presence of hops accounts for the bitterness of the ale.
a banded linden keg of spiced Vornavian apple beer Full bodied and tanic, the beer leaves a taste of apple and molases-like caramel upon your tongue.
Tart apple flavors break through the heady foam of the smooth, sweet beer.

On the Rack you see

a bottle of fine Vornavis chardonnay The spicy hazelnut aroma hints at the oak barrel that was its birthplace.
The rich aroma combines with the well-rounded fruity taste, giving it a fresh-from-the-garden heartiness.
a bottle of red Vornavian wine An earthy hint of truffles balances the rich blackberry flavor.
It is intensely flavored, with a jam-like taste of blackberry.
a bottle of blended Oiran grenache With white pepper, cloves, and blackberry, it is zippy on the tongue.
There are deep, dark berry aromas with moderate spice, entwined with subtle oak.
a bottle of Estorian burgundy Dry, but not overly so, and it courses over the tongue with the lush elegance of fine velvet caressing skin.
The burgundy's robust, passionate flavor inspires and satisfies simutaneously.
a bottle of dry Selanthian merlot A slight herbal quality lends complexity to the medium-bodied wine.
Despite its dryness, the wine is soft and elegant in taste.
a bottle of Allacian white muscat Flavors of melon and grapes combine for a compact yet striking sensation, leaving a crisp, clean taste in your mouth.
The clean taste of melon vies for attention with the crisp flavors of gooseberries and green grapes.
a bottle of pale Aldoran riesling An exquisite floral aroma graces your nose as the sweet, luscious flavor fills your mouth.
Light, sweet, and airy, with a perfume reminiscent of lushly blooming honeysuckle.
a bottle of Hendorian red wine Aromas of forest floors and pipe tobacco hover over floral notes of roses and violets.
Hints of violets lift the spicy scent of black fruit and cherries.


[Everything Under the Sun]
Light and noise faintly filters through the curtain into this quiet corner of the pavilion. Comfortable green and white velvet cushions lay atop the plush Vornavian silk carpet, while some supple leather couches line the walls in a horseshoe pattern.
Obvious exits: out
We will be raffling off two kegs that each have an unlimited amount of pours.
Perfect for those who wish to be the ultimate purveyor of tasty beverages.
We will also be customizing banners for individuals and organizations.
Organizations will be able to obtain multiple copies for an additional charge.

Fiery Finery

Wander your way to Fiery Finery to peruse carefully curated Teras-themed corsets and skirts!

an obsidian-hued wagon flanked with fiery scarlet pennants, Lich #XXXXX, Map Rm 10 go wagon

[Fiery Finery]
The dark walls of the obsidian-hued wagon are accented with swathes of lustrous fiery scarlet silk. A cedar and driftwood wardrobe is worked with elaborate scenes of island life and flanked by two black diamond statues guarding the back of the space. A round smoky glass table stands alone in the center of the room, topped with a variety of colorful fabric items, subtly fanned outward for browsing.
Obvious exits: out

On the Table you see

a grey damask skirt infused with touches of silver and gold leg-worn 20000
a ruffled scarlet silk skirt strewn with dark gauze swathes
a dark copper satin skirt side-bustled with layers of fabric
a bell-shaped ebony cotton skirt swirled with satin designs
a bronzed silk skirt with an asymmetrically gathered hem
a sea blue silken skirt with a lightly flounced train
a blue silk skirt tiered with a trio of black lace accents
a pale golden satin skirt with a wavy-finished hem

In the Wardrobe you see

a smoky pewter silk corset patterned with drakefern stalks Pocketed:VSA (<2-4)
one item of very small size
front-worn 40000
a scarlet velvet corset fringed with black onyx-beaded loops
a rich umber sarcenet corset masked with coppery red netting
a slim ashen grey samite corset with five platinum cinches
a fiery orange satin corset swept with rippling bronze waves
a sea-hued damask corset with delicate silver back-lacing
a stormy blue suede corset beaded with obsidian teardrops
a sage green brocade corset woven with golden scalloping

Flip It Around

A wonderful selection of jewelry that can change form. Lady Gelynne will be adding more options to the jewelry throughout the festival. She will also have special jewelry pouches for sale so you can keep your valuables safe.

a polished mistwood wagon carved with a fan-tailed peacock, Lich #XXXXX, Map Rm 20, go mist wagon

[Flip It Around, Showroom]
Lining one wall of the spacious wagon is a series of marble-topped shelves elegantly displaying pieces of glittering jewelry. Alabaster and sapphire silk bunting draped from the rafters above creates an elegant canopy. Standing to one side of a carved mistwood door is a small table neatly stacked with a variety of jewelry pouches.
Obvious exits: out

On the Table you see

a beryl blue velvet pouch Jewelry Pouch Pocketed:Small (5-7)
several items of very small size
a creamy white velvet pouch
an alabaster silk pouch
a sapphire silk pouch

On the Bottom shelf you see

a slender rose gold ring inset with a faceted carbuncle Morphing jewelry finger-worn
a slender silver ring inset with a faceted dreamstone

On the Middle shelf you see

a slender platinum ring inset with a faceted chrysoprase Morphing jewelry finger-worn
a slender white gold ring inset with a faceted labradorite

On the Top shelf you see

a slender faenor ring inset with a faceted citrine quartz Morphing jewelry finger-worn
a slender vaalin ring inset with a faceted sapphire


[Flip It Around, Secluded Nook]
Filtering through the skylight above, beams of pale light illuminate the small area inside the wagon. Various tools and materials are neatly placed on the surface of a clean, polished table. Several cushioned benches are scattered around the thick wool carpet that covers the floor.

Fortified Fortress

Providing citizens of the Fortress (and their esteemed guests) with stylish outerwear to protect you from the ever-changing weather and environments of Elanthia. We also sell bandoliers and harnesses, as well as practical ways to hold your magical crystals.

a mahogany-framed darkened brick building, Lich #XXXXX, Map Rm 16 go building

[Fortified Fortress, Supplies]
The brick-stacked walls of the room are decorated with various pieces of Elven heraldry, the banners framing a series of mahogany shelves set towards the back. Displays of well-honed weaponry and tattered maps are scattered between a pair of carved wyvern racks, the wooden creatures' wings curved inward to protect the various wares hung between their gilt-inset claws. Miniature steel versions are strung across the ceiling, a candle caught in each maw to add lighting to the area.
Obvious exits: out
In the Common language, it reads:
The crystals upon the shelves are magical and can be PUSHed into the various pieces of jewelry.

Hazy Emerald - Unpresence
Crimson Red - Mantle of Faith
Matte Black - Floating Disk
Dark Aubergine - Natural Colors
Pallid Jade - Celerity
Bright Gold - Prayer of Protection
Burnt Copper - Elemental Deflection
Smoky Grey - Spirit Shield

On the Shelves you see

a gold-scaled wyvern pauldron Crystal Holder shoulder/back-worn
a wrought golden wyvern ring finger-worn
a carved mahogany hawk bracer arm-worn
an onyx-framed leather vambrace arm-worn
a coiled bronze cobra pauldron shoulder/back-worn
a leather-hung steel sword pendant neck-worn
an open-paged vellum grimoire talisman neck-worn
an etched smoky grey crystal Spirit Shield (202) 8740
an etched burnt copper crystal Elemental Deflection (507) 15000
an etched bright gold crystal Prayer of Protection (303) 16000
an etched pallid jade crystal Celerity (506) 13740
an etched dark aubergine crystal Natural Colors (601) 4500
an etched matte black crystal Floating Disk (511) 10000
an etched crimson red crystal Mantle of Faith (1601) 9000
an etched hazy emerald crystal Unpresence (204) 11240

On the Carved oak wyvern rack you see

a side-buckled crimson brushed wool jacket Pocketed:VLA (80-99)
any number of items
a tall-collared slate jacquard jacket
a cream ramie silk capelet caught in scalloped layers
a thick wolverine fur cloak striped in ebony
a charcoal black suede cloak with a lining of dark wolf fur
a half-circle taupe linen cape patterned with tonal feathers
an ivory wool coat with a collar of thick tan leather
a dark chainsil mantle layered with thin alum scales
a layered indigo silk robe with a faint metallic sheen
a thin-striped olive and black suede coat

On the Carved linden wyvern rack you see

a rope-looped dark oilskin harness Pocketed:Medium (20-39)
any number of items
Pirate Harness
a quilted grey suede harness
an oiled jet leather bandolier
a fringed pale doeskin bandolier
a thin cognac leather bandolier

Frontier Repair

The place for all those unappreciated folks who fix the towns after invasions to get their construction needs. Shirts, boots, things to keep your britches up, as well as tools for chopping and building. The break area for all those laborers has some rough and tumble food with some magical properties.

a snow-covered campsite, Lich #XXXXX, Map Rm 20, go campsite

[Frontier Repair, Campsite]
Frozen mud full of boot-prints and wagon tracks defines the circular interior of the campsite. Lining the perimeter edge are stacks of varying sized crates, the tops of which have started to accumulate a light covering of snow. In the center rests a large round firepit crafted out of rectangular pieces of rough-cut granite. A shoddy hut rests in at the rear edge of the camp.
Obvious exits: out

In the large wooden crate you see:

a bent iron crowbill crowbill 16500
a chipped iron woodsman's axe battle axe 41500
a rusted iron mining pick military pick 35000
a heavy iron sledgehammer maul 35000

In the small wooden crate you see:

In the Common language, it reads:
Important!  Do us all a favor and keep yer pants up!
a dirty canvas belt Belt-worn
a scuffed leather belt Belt-worn
some frayed red suspenders Pin-worn 10000
some faded black suspenders Pin-worn 10000
some dirty canvas suspenders Pin-worn 10000

In the deep wooden crate you see:

a pair of dirt-caked boots foot-worn
a pair of scuffed work boots foot-worn
a set of scuffed work gloves hand-worn
a set of dirt-caked gloves hand-worn
a dirty canvas shirt with elbow-rolled sleeves chest-worn 15000
a red and black checkered flannel shirt with elbow-rolled sleeves chest-worn 15000
[Frontier Repair, Break Area]
Just over the hill from the main campsite, a series of half-log benches are arranged in a circle. In the center sits a large red wheelbarrow overflowing with bottles and cans. Empty containers litter nearly every inch of the snow covered clearing, most covered in fresh powdery snow.

In the large red wheelbarrow you see:

some oversalted jerky Martial Prowess (1705) 4500
a stein of dark ale 3750
some watered-down whiskey Iron Skin (1202) 5250
some black coffee Resist Elements (602) 1600
a grilled rolton flank Strength (509) 4000

Haemmer's Anvil

Offering dwarven forging expertise, blacksmithing items and services

a squat coal black wagon with tendrils of smoke floating above it, Lich #XXXXX, Map Rm 15, go coal wagon

[Haemmer's Anvil, Showroom]
Black invar sconces are illuminated behind crimson-colored draped canvas near the top of the walls, giving the showroom a dim, red glow. Displayed on the west wall are several hangers of goods and a trunk opened widely for curious customers. On the north wall hangs a rack made of hammered steel, more than sturdy enough for its contents. Almost hidden behind the drapes on the east wall is a curtain made of the same canvas, adorned with images of black hammers and anvils.
Obvious exits: out
The apron's are fer smithin', the sling and bandoliers are to hold yer glyphs and smaller materials, and the belt is fer keeping yer pants up!  The harnesses hold the most, for yer heavy slabs and projects!  Of course, you could also put other things in these things too, but then why not buy a frilly pink belt pouch from an Elf shop?!

On the Rack you see

a beaten frayed leather harness clasped with a miniscule mace Pocketed: Slightly Large Shoulder-worn
a hefty mottled leather harness clasped with a miniature maul
a thin charred leather harness clasped with a small sai
a long ebon leather harness clasped with a petite pilum
a slashed black leather harness clasped with a diminutive dagger

In the Trunk you see

an invar-buckled dark leather belt Pocketed: SA
Any number of small items
a dark leather glyph bandolier Pocketed: MA
Any number of small items
an invar-studded faded leather glyph sling Pocketed: Slightly Large Shoulder-worn
an iron-banded dark leather bandolier Pocketed: MA
Any number of small items

On the Hangers you see

a periwinkle cotton-fringed paisley patterned apron Front-worn
a faded black and white checkered oilskin apron
a fine silk-stitched charcoal gray blacksmith's apron
a thick fur-lined canvas crafting apron

If the Shoe Fits

Cobbling materials - uppers, adornments and dyes - oh my!

a large white wagon, Lich #XXXXX, Map Rm 12 go white wagon

[If The Shoe Fits, Studio]
A sun-bleached mat of woven rushes, curling slightly at one corner, lies in front of a whitewashed mistwood counter stacked high with various fabrics. To one side, some baskets spattered with bright colors are arranged next to a cabinet, its doors removed and tossed nearby in a corner. A banana plant in a terracotta pot is framed by a small window with thick panes of tinted blue glass, the leaves of the plant reaching towards the light.
Obvious exits: east, out
A sun-bleached mat of woven rushes:
Cobbling Materials:
Uppers are on the counter.
Dyes are in the basket.
Adornments are in the cabinet.

On the Counter you see

a block of tigerwood maple Upper 3000
a block of blackwood
a block of lacewood
a bolt of metallic damask
a bolt of tonal silk
a bolt of flecked cotton
a bolt of tatted lace
a roll of textured ramie silk
a roll of floral-motif flyrsilk
a bolt of striped dimity
a roll of woven rush
a square of ombre paeline

In the Cabinet you see

some tiny silk rosebuds Adornment 3500
some lunar jasper tiger lillies 2000
a set of virescent fireflies
a set of carved nephrite beetles
a set of silk-winged butterflies
some silvered glass droplets
a set of petrified beech knots

In the Basket you see

a vial of gamboge dye dye 2000
a vial of griseous dye
a vial of cardinal red dye
a vial of chartreuse dye
a vial of balsam green dye
a vial of slate blue dye
a vial of dove grey dye
a vial of cameo pink dye
a vial of boysenberry dye
a vial of blond dye
a vial of avocado dye
[If The Shoe Fits, Storage]
A faint tropical scent fills the air around a glass display case, and on top is a centerpiece comprised of hollow coconut shells stuffed with potpourri. In one corner, a rope net hammock filled with colorful silk pillows and strung from large hooks in the ceiling, hangs over a salt-stained trunk, its lid cracked and handles missing. Some shoes and sandals, badly in need of repair, are piled next to a low dark steel workbench with a leather-covered stool positioned in front.
Obvious exits: west

In the Case you see

A thick parchment note:
~Laces and Trims~
a set of dried liana vines 500
a set of pearl-tipped ribbons 500
a set of braided raffia ribbons 500
some shiny silver bars 2000
some peacock feather eyes 3500
some downy feathers 3500
a strip of star-cut leather 3500

In the Trunk you see

a pair of polished bone plates 1000
a pair of tortoise shell plates
a pair of barbed faenor plates
a pair of riveted steel plates
a pair of roestone plates
a pair of wide vaalin plates
a pair of corrugated alum plates

On the Workbench you see

a rope-bound bamboo sewing kit Pocketed:Medium (20-39)
any number of items
a lilac-glossed mistwood sewing kit Pocketed:Medium (20-39)
any number of items
a white paper box tied with a raffia ribbon Pocketed:Small (5-7)
any number of items
Shoe box
a sharp fel-handled knife dagger 5000
a knotted black silk cord 5000
a piece of sunny yellow chalk 100


Clothing fit for folks with wings, and flowers for anyone with ears!

a vine-covered trellis, Lich #XXXXX, Map Rm 15, go trellis

[Inclusions, Under the Trellis]
Moonlight glints off of silver coins scattered at the bottom of a shallow pool centered under a fel trellis draped with vivid blue-green silks and crawling with jasmine vines overhead. A wooden bench, its wrought iron feet concealed by luminous white gravel several inches deep on the ground, sits next to a narrow opening in the tent beyond. Hanging baskets sway gently as a crisp breeze blows through, mingling the scents of the fragrant florals within.
Obvious exits: out
The flowers in the basket can be tucked behind your ear.  I am able to customize the look and smell.
The pectorals are fancy necklaces.
The gems and feather plumes work well in pieces crafted by Veola. 
~ Ielisha

On the Silver tray you see

an oversized mint cream plume Plumes for Veolas 200
a wilted turquoise marabou plume
an ebon-banded metallic gold plume
a wispy seafoam green plume
a pale pink silver-tipped plume

In the porcelain box you see

a striated cream and mauve jasper Gems for Veolas 5000
a bloom of silvery green aventurine
a checkerboard-cut pale cherry quartz
a glossy ebon petrified fel posy
a fragment of pear green amber

In the Basket you see

a cobalt blue double primrose Tucked behind ear 15000
a tubular pale white narcissus
a spike of fiery orange snapdragons
a green-tipped milky white snowdrop
a cream-hearted apricot calendula

In the Cart you see

an onyx-inlaid pectoral of layered silver feathers SCRIPTED neck-worn 5000
a vaalin chain pectoral woven with silken blossoms
a pectoral of silk-strung milky amber petals
a beaded haon pectoral scattered with crystal dropletS
a long pectoral of beaded rosewood and ivory strands


[Inclusions, In the Tent]
Bright blue-green silk, embroidered with gilt-threaded dragonflies, clings to a tall frame constructed of thick, black fel poles. A meandering path of luminous white gravel winds around a whimsical silver-hued tree with leaves made of stained glass, its lowest boughs displaying vendible items, while its tallest branches brush against translucent panels in the silken ceiling. Several white wicker bins are lined along one wall opposite a spindly wooden rack.
Obvious exits: out
The garments on tree are made to wrap around your body.
I can customize the garments on the rack to better fit your wings, as well as improve the way they are worn.
 ~ Ielisha

On the Rack you see

a vanilla cambric shirt with a gilt chevron on one sleeve Winged wear chest-worn 15000
a pale blue cotton shirt with an extended shirt tail
a sleeveless sand-hued linen sundress tied at the waist
a blush cotton shift dress inset with lace on the low back
a mint flyrsilk column gown crisscrossed with tonal waistbands
a pale sienna muslin blouse with a gathered peplum hem
a lavender paeline tunic with sheer lace sleeves

On the Tree you see

a white orchid-patterned flyrsilk saephua Pocketed:VSA (<2-4)
one item
chest-worn 10000
a raw-edged lilac linen saephua
a gauzy pale peach cotton saephua
a layered ebon-hued gossamer saephua
a navy-banded white cotton saephua
a crinkled ramie silk skirt dyed in aqua and berry shades Pocketed:VSA (<2-4)
a couple of items of very small size
leg-worn 20000
a cream linen skirt with open latticework side panels
an ivory floral lace crochet skirt layered over linen
a low-slung coral pink flyrsilk skirt
a hip-tied natural ramie linen skirt artfully frayed at the hem

Island Assortment

Straight from the Isle of Mist Harbor, enjoy some local delicacies as well as clothing and accessories fit for an afternoon of sand and sea.

an open-walled bamboo and leaf stall, Lich #XXXXX, Map Rm 9, go stall

[Island Assortment]
This open-walled stall has a support structure of long, polished bamboo poles, and a ceiling crafted of large banana leaves. Several torches, set in the dirt at the corners, illuminate the room. Parallel low bamboo counters run the length of the stall in the center of the floor. Several serving dishes laden with food rest on one, while various accessories are displayed on the other. The stall expands to the east, separated by strings of shells that hang in a curtain, click-clacking together with the slightest movement.
Obvious exits: east, out

On the Counter you see

a broad-brimmed woven reed hat head-worn 3000
a linen-wrapped slim zebrawood case Pocketed:Medium (20-39)
any number of items
a burnished toucan-tooled hip-case Pocketed:Medium (20-39)
any number of items
the hip
a sun-bleached sea grass back-basket Pocketed:Signif (100-119)
any number of items
some flat-soled thin leather sandals foot-worn 3000
some turquoise beaded leather sandals foot-worn 3000
a carved cocobolo armband arm-worn 3000
a wide spiky oyster shell cuff wrist-worn 3000
a knotted white ramie sash waist-worn 3000
an embroidered coral silk saewehni shoulder/back-worn 3000

On the Drinks plate you see

a mug of sunset orange ale 125
a cherry and black rose sun tea 200
a goblet of pale icewine 200
a cup of fruity coconut milk 200
a glass of passionfruit juice 200

On the Appetizer plate you see

a boar-wrapped hard boiled egg 150
a cup of clear turtle consomme 500
a selection of artisan cheeses 500
a slice of duck and garlic pate 500
an arugula and watermelon salad 300

On the Entre plate you see

a skewer of beef medallions and green peppers 500
a mint-infused cucumber sandwich 100
a cranberry and roasted walnut chicken sandwich 100
a bowl of salted ham and beans 275
some savory cedar-plank salmon 500

Under the Dishes you see

a half-vanilla half-chocolate cookie 100
a slice of sugar-dusted gingerbread 100
a blueberry lemon scone 100
a fluffy vanilla creme donut 200
a frosted chocolate cupcake 200
[Island Assortment, Clothing]
This open-walled stall has a support structure of long, polished bamboo poles, and a ceiling crafted of large banana leaves. Several torches, set in the dirt at the corners, illuminate the room. The stall expands to the west, divided by strings of shells that hang from the ceiling in a curtain. A long metal rack traverses the center of the floor, its contents shifting in the light of the torches.
Obvious exits: west

On the Rack you see

a soft pale green cotton sweater chest-worn 5000
a suede-backed sapphire silk vest front-worn 5000
a gold-sheened peridot organza saephua chest-worn 5000
an open-necked chamomile silk tunic chest-worn 5000
a wide-sleeved ecru linen tunic chest-worn 5000
a cowl-necked cream chainsil blouse chest-worn 5000
an ankle-length white chainsil skirt leg-worn 5000
some tangerine painted silk serwals leg-worn 5000
a pair of rich marine dupioni serwals leg-worn 5000
a pair of baggy beige linen pantaloons leg-worn 5000

Jeweled Caverns

Unique jewelry made by the finest dwarven jewelers, with indentations perfectly sized for special jewels, can be found in this cliffside shop.

Garli jewelry (saved posts)

a dimly lit cavern, Lich #XXXXX, Map Rm 12, go cavern

[Jeweled Caverns, Entrance]
Oval glass jars caged in brass and filled with tapered candles are mounted on solid iron plates and fastened securely onto the cavern walls. An iron track makes a wide circle around a dwarven stone statue and then leads into a dark tunnel which makes a steep incline, preventing further survey. Rope-lined paths lead off toward both the east and west.
Obvious exits: east, west, out


[Jeweled Caverns, Exhibit]
Arranged into an orderly semi-circle that stands about three feet high, dark stone and light grey mortar have been fashioned together into a makeshift forge complete with a large anvil and worktable. Bright red rubies, golden citrines, and yellow topaz are scattered around a small pit inside the forge and appear like embers of a burning fire.
Obvious exits: west

On the worktable you see:

a hammered invar anklet wrapped with mithril ivy 50000
a braided ankle-chain of faenor and bronze 50000
a riveted silver ankle-cuff dangling a tiny ivory key 50000
a solid vultite chain cradling a brass emblem 50000
a rippled invar collar edged in brass 50000
an alum drop pendant encompassed in pewter filigree 50000
a leather-bound copper medallion inset with gilded leaves 50000
a silver annular pendant on a long vaalin chain 50000

In the pit you see:

a bronze-edged mithril hair fastener 50000
a silver filigree hair clasp 50000
a chain-looped patinated bronze barrette 50000
a hairpiece of overlapping vaalin feathers 50000
some thick mithril hoop earrings 50000
a pair of gold bar earrings 50000
a rune-etched invar earcuff 50000
an octagonal stud of burnished gold 50000
a single earring of knotted metal chains 50000

On the anvil you see:

a wide etched iron band 50000
an oval-shaped mithril signet ring 50000
a silver herringbone ring 50000
a twisted steel and obsidian ring 50000
a slender ora-inset gold ring 50000
a delicate faenor bracelet with a filigree clasp 50000
a mithglin-plated wristlet with ora edging 50000
a collection of solid mithril bangles 50000
a tri-toned imflass bracer 50000
a grey-veined dark invar wristband 50000

WEST from main room

[Jeweled Caverns, Exhibit]
Braided rope threaded between iron poles creates a circular pathway around chiseled granite pedestals that have been arranged into a vee-shape. The center pedestal's platform displays a thick black velvet cushion and bears an assortment of gleaming jewels. Condensation from the seaside locale has formed tiny icicles along the rock walls that glisten in the cavern's changing light.
Obvious exits: east
>ask worker about pillow
The dwarven worker says, "Tha' pillow, eh?  It is filled wit' lots of jewels, ya see.  Thems be perty 'spensive.  Best ya gots a decent note if ya wants one.  I reckon a value of at least 50,000 silvers would getcha one 'o dem jewels if ya really wanted one.  The jewels will be useful to ya in all kinds of ways.  They'll work wit' those fancy trinkets o'er in tha other exhibit toward tha east."
>ask worker about trinket
The dwarven worker says, "Those trinkets up in the forge exhibit be special creations for Briarmoon, crafted by our finest team o' lapidaries 'n forgers from Zul Logoth.  They're able t'hold one 'o our special jewels in thems indentations, and any o' our jewels will enhance the trinkets a bit.  Makes 'em shine a bit more, yanno?  Kin only wear one 'o 'em trinkets at a time, though."
>ask worker about jewel
The dwarven worker says, "Jewels, eh?  There be three types of jewels here in the Jeweled Caverns.  Two of 'em ya kin finds down in tha Underground.  One kind in tha case, and one kind in tha coffer.  Tha other jewel ya kin finds here in this gem exhibit.  Tha ones down in tha Underground will stick t' yer hand, but not tha ones up here, so ya kin does whatever ya want wit' these.  But since tha ones down below be a bit more special, well...they be a bit more 'spensive."  The dwarven worker shrugs and continues, "Ya kin decides which jewel ya wanna put in tha trinket.  Tha's up to ya."
>ask worker about indentation
The dwarven worker says, "Each trinket has only one indentation.  Yar, just one.  Well, unless ya gets lucky an' finds me master.  She gots a big 'ole tool tha' can dig outs some 'o that metal an' make another indentation.  She ain't gonna do many, though, so don't get yer ales all in a bubbly spuds er nothin'."

Lighthouse Pub

Food and drink with a local flare!

a high-reaching gold and ivory lighthouse bangs open, Lich #XXXXX, Map Rm 11

[Briarmoon Cove, Lighthouse Pub]
Crescent-shaped tables and some curving birchwood benches fill the grand circular room at the base of the lighthouse. Winding stairs climb the structure in a spiral to the top, while torch-bright sconces ring the space with cheerful light, supplemented by a brick-faced fireplace placed behind a lacquered walnut and mahogany bar. Squeezed onto a small side stage, a disparate band of musicians circulates in and out of the pub, playing a boundless profusion of merry, foot-tapping music.
Obvious exits: out
Transfer the Essence of Zest :  I can move the zest from a donor object to a similar recipient object.  This will not work for everything.  The zest must be non functional, that means if it does something useful then it is indeed functional.  Wearable things must be worn in the same location.  I reserve the right to deny absolutely, positively anything for this service.  Cost is 500,000 silver.  Cost is 1,000,000 if the recipient object is enhancive.  No combat magic!!!
I can remove spikes, flares, weighting, padding, resistances, warding enhancements, and sanctification from your items.  Some restrictions apply.  I can also destroy some complex things such as rotating flares or remove the zest from many items.  I can NOT remove enhancive properties or vulnerabilities, so don't ask.
It is also highly likely that I can make your clothing, containers, or jewelry less fancy if you need that done.  Simply inquire if your gear is breakable!

On the lacquered walnut and mahogany bar you see:

some plum-infused bilberry honey mead 750
a tumbler of burnt umber scotch 1000
a glass of intense emerald absinthe 1500
a tankard of smoky black stout 1300
some deep purple-red crowberry wine 800
some effervescent sparkling gold champagne 1000
a tiny roll of lavender-infused goat cheese 500
some buttery crescent-shaped crackers 300
a vanilla cream-filled tartlet topped with candied lemon peel 1500
a lacy wafer-thin gingersnap 500
a palm-sized golden seared scallop 1000
a shank of herb-crusted lamb 1000
a maple-drizzled sweet corn griddle cake 1000


[Briarmoon Cove, Lantern Room]
The cylindrical glassed-in structure is supported by vertical bars of gleaming vultite and crowned with an intricate cupola roof. Dominating the majority of the space, an immense adamantine-framed crystalline lens is brightly illumined by a flock of glowing white gold lanterns. Tucked into a narrow outer corridor, a rainbow glaes-paned door sits next to some winding stairs that descend back to the pub below.


[Briarmoon Cove, Gallery]
Encircling the open platform is an elaborate veil iron cagework of celestial designs and patterns, backlit from the central glow of the lantern room. Bracingly chilly winds whip through the airy, high-placed balcony, carrying with it the refreshingly mild scents of salt and snow. Eye-catching moonlit waves unfurl like overlapping midnight blue petals across the all-encompassing sea that surrounds the coast.

Moomph's Picklearium

Moomph! Picklesmith to the Emperor! If it can be pickled, we've pickled it! Come sample the fare that feeds the upper echelons of the Empire! Direct from River's Rest.

a towering golden oak wagon with a green pickle-shaped banner on the side, Lich #XXXXX, Map Rm 20, go oak wagon

[Moomph's Picklearium]
Golden oak walls enclose this space, brightening the decor, which is primarily composed of varying shades of dark green found in everything from the rugs underfoot to the curtains framing the windows. The walkway is edged on both sides with floor-to-ceiling shelving that is, in turn, lined with lidded glass jars and dishes of all sizes and shapes. Above the arch leading deeper into the wagon is a gold-lettered banner that reads, "Welcome to Moomph's Picklearium!"
Obvious exits: south, out

In the lidded glass jars you see:

a giant Moomph dill pickle 200
a few cubes of pickled goat cheese 500
some crisp dilled vegetables 500
a clove of pickled garlic 500

In the dishes you see:

a beet-pickled turkey egg 500
some red pepper-flecked pickled green beans 500
a few pods of hot pickled okra 500
some pickled thin red peppers 500

On the small pedestal table you see:

a vine-etched jar of pickle brine 750


[Moomph's Picklearium]
Oak sideboards set with an arrangement of glass-covered platters and trays, along with some covered wide-lipped bowls, stand along the circumference of this small area, and the scent of vinegar lingers in the air. A green-curtained window on the back wall stands open just a bit to let in a breath of fresh air.
Obvious exits: north
I will be stopping by throughout the festival to do some general work for folks - sewing, lightening things, deepening things.  Feel free to visit! 
~ Rosilina, Picklesmith Apprentice

On the glass-covered platters you see:

some sliced sweet and sour pickles 500
some spicy pickled winterberries 500

On the trays you see:

a pickled sliced apple ring 200
some plump pickled strawberries 500
some slivers of pickled white ginger 200

In the some covered wide-lipped bowls you see:

some spiced and pickled black cherries 200
a few pickled green almonds 200


Ne'amyrana presents a reverent gathering of L'Naere-centric hair flowers and jewelry for those traveling to Briarmoon Cove.

a high-peaked rosewood wagon, Lich #XXXXX, Map Rm 16, go wagon

The spacious wagon's lofty walls are blanketed in smooth sheets of flyrsilk that are woven throughout with intensely pallid floral patterns, starkly contrasting with the deeply colored rosewood beams that peak overhead. A fine-grained white monir reliquary emerges from the back, accented by a spiraling presentation of pale beeswax candles that washes the space in golden light and undulating shadows.
Obvious exits: out

In the fine-grained white monir reliquary you see:

a richly pleated eburnean moonflower Hair flower 10000
a sharp-petaled niveous magnolia blossom
an unfurling pale-hued iris
a velvety pearlescent white gallica rose
a gold-fluted paper white daffodil
a sprig of creamy trumpet-shaped honeysuckle
a blush-hearted ivory almond blossom
a silky-petaled frost white violet
a many-petaled translucent white water lily
a scalloped alabaster trillium bloom
a strand of fel and haon beads carved with wisp-thin spirals neck-worn
a sleek cloud agate band channeled with petrified thanot finger-worn
a pale sea glass ring colored with opalescent inclusions finger-worn
a white monir locket cradling an oval panel of spun glass 25000

Of Sand and Sea

Discover the mysteries of the Tehir! Delve into the culture with clothing and jewelry, ritual goods, and spices from the heart of the Sea of Fire.

a billowy ivory linen pavilion painted with adhmir blue designs, Lich #XXXXX, go ivory pavillion

[Of Sand and Sea]
The peaked ceiling of the pavilion is held aloft by a series of interlocking bracers and beams, from which dangle strings of hollowed glaes orbs illuminated from within by tiny candles. Though each is small, the tiny candle flames have warmed the air, and the spicy-sweet scents of cardamom and vanilla waft throughout the area. A brass-hinged trunk sits open off to one side of the walkway, while a crooked tree branch boasting bronze hooks is mounted along one linen wall, displaying a variety of goods.
Obvious exits: south, out

In the brass-hinged trunk you see:

a rectangular morduska hide-covered mirror case Pocketed:VSA (<2-4)
one item of very small size
a pair of copper studs set with hazy blue snakestones 15000
a trio of warped copper hoops set with green snakestone shards 15000
a tiny embroidered linen sachet with a corded wrist strap 7500
a strand of openwork anise beads strung on ridgeweaver silk 7500
a pouch of selshis bone shards 10000

On the crooked tree branch you see:

an elaborate teal farszig hudor with delicate gold embroidery Pocketed:VSA (<2-4)
any number of items of very small size
a cowled ridgeweaver silk burnoose with a morduska fang clasp Pocketed:Signif (100-119)
any number of items
a drawstring selshis skin hip satchel with a suede flap Pocketed:Medium (20-39)
any number of items


[Of Sand and Sea, Workroom]
From a censer set upon a small altar at the rear of the pavilion, the scents of cardamom and vanilla fill the air with a smoky redolence, and the warm amber light from the glaes orbs dangling overhead is made soft and suffuse by the tendrils of pale incense. Colorful rugs and pillows are scattered across the floor, and a variety of exotic skins and hides are draped across the support beams above.
Obvious exits: north

Over Yander

Inventory includes wines, beers, and clothing items all made from things grown/produced on Yander's Farm (since Vaalor has a working farm, why not right!?) Additionally inside the wagon, you will find the finest crafted vaalorn weapons and armors.


a covered wagon, Lich #XXXXX, Map Rm 12 go covered wagon

[Over Yander, Goods]
The sides of the covered wagon have been folded down, providing a sturdy shelf on which goods are displayed. Several crates, barrels, and tubs have been placed near the rear of the wain, and hold a variety of products for sale. Twin brass braziers flank a series of wooden steps leading to the interior of the schooner, providing both light and heat for patrons.
Obvious exits: out

On the Shelf you see

a red and black plaid rolton wool shirt chest-worn 5000
a blue and black plaid rolton wool shirt chest-worn 5000
a brushed ebon rolton wool cloak Pocketed:Signif (100-119)
any number of items
a brushed crimson rolton wool cloak Pocketed:Signif (100-119)
any number of items
a tawny centaur hide jacket Pocketed:Signif (100-119)
any number of items
a pair of gak hide trousers Pocketed:VSA (<2-4)
a couple of items of very small size
some supple centaur hide pants Pocketed:VSA (<2-4)
a couple of items of very small size
a lion hide backpack Pocketed:Signif (100-119)
any number of items

In the Crate you see

a chocolate covered strawberry 500
a chocolate covered cherry
a chocolate covered apple
a chocolate covered blueberry
a chocolate covered grape
a chocolate covered raspberry

In the Barrel you see

a bottle of Yander's chardonnay 2500
a bottle of white wine
a bottle of red wine
a bottle of Ravelin cabernet
a bottle of Neartofar riesling

In the Tub you see

a bottle of Agresh stout 1000
a bottle of hard apple cider
a bottle of apple bottom ale
a bottle of Mistydeep lager
a bottle of Neartofar pale ale
[Over Yander, Interior]
Tawny canvas, stretched taut over metal ribs, keeps the interior of this covered wagon dry and comfortable. A weapon rack and an armor stand dominate the cramped space, leaving little room for browsing. A small wooden seat has been built into the far end of the schooner, providing a rough resting place for patrons.
Obvious exits: none

On the Rack you see

a slender vaalorn longsword with a ruby-capped pommel longsword 80000
a simple vaalorn longsword with a sapphire-capped pommel longsword 80000
a tapered vaalorn longsword with a diamond-capped pommel longsword 80000
a thick vaalorn khopesh falchion 44500
a well-balanced vaalorn falchion falchion 44500
a sturdy vaalorn short sword short sword 23750
a vaalorn wakizashi short sword 23750
a vaalorn gladius short sword 23750
some vaalorn field plate AsG: 20 750000

On the Stand you see

some vaalorn mirror armor AsG: 17 250000
a vaalorn plate corslet AsG: 17 275000
some vaalorn full plate etched with a segreant wyvern AsG: 20 250000
a vaalorn chain shirt AsG: 13 185000
a vaalorn chain hauberk AsG: 16 225000
a vaalorn jazerant with crimson enameled pauldrons AsG: 15 218000

Poiret & Company

A selection of Ta'Illistim's best champagnes, as well as custom perfumes directly inspired by some of her most famous monuments

a prim teal and silver silk tent, Lich #XXXXX, Map Rm 20, go tent

[Poiret & Company, Main Room]
Great care has been taken to lending this prim tent every accroutement of a standing boutique. A plush claret rug rests over sturdy floorboards, while gilded candelabras stand at a protective distance from the tent's taut silk walls, basking the space in a pleasant, golden candlelight. An oaken display table dominates this area of the tent, its surface artfully carved and painted to resemble the streets and structures of Ta'Illistim.
Obvious exits: out
We at Poiret & Company have taken care to bring you some of the finest goods Ta'Illistim has to offer.
In this room, we offer five new perfumes, specially commissioned to capture the essence of different monuments and spaces within the Shining City.
Beyond the velvet curtain, we offer a variety of prestige champagnes and related accountrements from the finest vinters in the Nations.
Appreciate them all as testaments to our civilization's exquisitude.
~ P & Co.

On the display table you see:

a tawny glass flacon inlaid with white blossoms Arboretum Perfumes 20000
a three-faced flacon crafted from inky black glass Library Aies
a dark green glass flacon with glittering inclusions Glowbark
an airy crystal flacon with a domed cap Hanging Gardens
a fluted smoky grey crystal flacon Hall of Patrons
a finely inked parchment

notes:  jasmine, columbine, rose
At the heart of the Shining City, a garden grows, suspended from the sky itself.  Within a circle of white marble, night-blooming columbine mingles with rose and jasmine to braid a heady floral fragrance that lingers in the evening air.  The garden is small, but perfect, a carefully cultivated testament to the beauty and potential of civilization itself.

notes:  aromatic woods, incense, vetiver
Amid the stone and bronze memorials of Vaeshean Wey stands a monument to the first among us, the Patrons who guide our fortune.  Burning incense and flickering candle tapers fill its cool marble hallways with the crisp scents of nature:  aromatic cypress, powerful cedar, crisp vetiver, and the warmth of damp earth.

notes:  resin, moss, and camphor
Deep within the sprawling grounds of Veythorne Manor lies an ancient tree.  Though its limbs bask the earth in a perpetual night, its bark glows with an ethereal radiance, a promise of life winking within the velvety darkness.  Precious resins, smoke, and moss linger in the air, woven with the gentle cry of sirenflower song.

notes:  ink, parchment, amber
Stone and marble record the greatest ideas of a civilization, but ink and parchment record its knowledge.  Their acrid but alluring scents haunt the halls of the storied Library Aies, their presence promising forbidden knowledge and all its tantalizing fruits.

notes:  clementine, bergamot, neroili, musk
Wondrous and exotic trees from all corners of Elanith grow in Ta'Illistim's Royal Arboretum, their fruits and blossoms cultivated under the safety of a grand glass-paned atrium.  A citrus melange fills the warm and camphorous air here, promising a hint of the exotic to the citizens who stroll among these strange and precious arbors.
[Poiret & Company, Winery]
Stacks of wine cases serve as creaky wooden walls in this back room of the tent, bits of protective straw peeking through the seams of their pine surfaces. Atop a felt-surfaced table, individual champagne bottles sit on display, alongside flutes, glasses, and other accoutrements of wine-drinking.
Obvious exits: none
Please find, for your delectation, some of the finest prestige champagnes vinted in Ta'Illistim.
Elves may find special appreciation of these champagnes' complexity, while citizens of Ta'Illistim are certain to find a memory of home in every sip.
The Lady Veythorne is only available in limited quantities, so please take this opportunity to secure a supply of this truly special rose champagne.
The brave among you may wish to open your bottle through the noble art of sabrage.
Please take care not to shake any bottle before opening, and certainly don't shake it and open it in anyone's direction!
~ Poiret & Company

On the felt-surfaced table you see:

a gold-labeled green champagne bottle Prestige Champagne Age of Vaalin 5000
a gleaming cobalt blue champagne bottle Rhymar 5000
a stately black glass champagne bottle Lady Veythorne 7500
a gold-rimmed crystal flute 5000
a delicate crystal flute 5000
a burled walnut case with bright brass hinges Pocketed:Fairly Small Amount
a few items
a gilded red-tasseled bronze sabre scimitar 10000
a small silver-plated ceremonial sabre scimitar 10000

Rose Couture

Lady Oirisu will be providing only the finest accessories acquired across the Elven Nations. She has procured a number of on-trend nail lacquers, as well as fashionable head wear that she has commissioned from a certain Lady Veola.

a pale grey stone villa framed in rose-covered trellises, Lich #XXXXX, Map Rm 16, go villa

[Rose Couture, Show Room]
Moonlight highlights the stylized designs across the trefoil-arched windows, the stained glass casting muted colors across their surfaces. A trio of scalloped metal trays are flanked on either side by tall flora-filled vases and crystalline carafes, the items displayed upon a rectangular ebonwood table in the center of the circular room. Caught high above the room is a tangled chandelier of faenor leaves and carved onyx roses, the fixture interspersed with softly glowing pillar candles.
Obvious exits: out
Nail Polish Shades:
Grey: alternating grey and pewter lacquer
Gilded: gilded scarlet polish
Kohl: Gginting kohl black enamel
Burgundy: blackened burgundy lacquer
Blushed: blush-suffused ecru polish
Saffron: matte saffron polish
Emerald: jet-tipped smoky emerald lacquer
Fuchsia: vivid fuchsia tint
Golden Pink: muted golden pink gloss
Slate: pallid slate blue polish
Lavender: pearlescent lavender enamel
Citrine: pale citrine polish
Hunter: bronzed hunter green enamel
Peacock: metallic peacock blue lacquer
Sepia: coppery sepia lacquer
Newer Veola items are located on the alum tray and accessories upon the pewter tray.
I will stop by periodically to customize your Veolas or nail polishes.

On the Table you see

some crystalline carafes free wine
You pour yourself a crystalline glass of sanguine wine.

On the Scalloped faenor tray you see

a rose-topped grey and pewter glass bottle alternating grey and pewter lacquer Nail polish 25000
a rose-topped gilded scarlet glass bottle gilded scarlet polish
a rose-shaped kohl black glass bottle Gginting kohl black enamel
a rose-shaped burgundy glass bottle blackened burgundy lacquer
a rose-painted blushed ecru glass bottle blush-suffused ecru polish
a rose-etched saffron glass bottle matte saffron polish
a rose-shaped emerald glass bottle jet-tipped smoky emerald lacquer
a rose-shaped fuchsia glass bottle vivid fuchsia tint
a rose-inset golden pink glass bottle muted golden pink gloss
a rose-painted slate blue glass bottle pallid slate blue polish
a rose-inset lavender glass bottle pearlescent lavender enamel
a rose-inset citrine glass bottle pale citrine polish
a rose-etched hunter green glass bottle bronzed hunter green enamel
a rose-painted peacock blue glass bottle metallic peacock blue lacquer
a rose-etched sepia glass bottle coppery sepia lacquer

On the Scalloped alum tray you see

a quintet of watercolored silk ribbon headbands Veola 100000
a lace-veiled ruffled grey tulle fascinator
a thin-chained faenor filigree headpiece
a brushed onyx wool hat with an upturned brim
a cream chambray cap framed in tanned leather

On the Scalloped pewter tray you see

some jet-banded ivory 1000
a thin nacreous grey feather 5000
a gilt-sheened cobalt peacock feather 5000
a wispy ivory marabou plume 5000
a long smoky amethyst feather 5000
a banded garnet marabou plume 5000
a blush-toned pearl 5000
a teardrop of green-black jade 2000
a rectangle of darkened merlot garnet 530
a pale blue-violet sapphire 2000

Snow On The Go

a snow covered tubular passage, Lich #XXXXX, Map Rm 12 go passage

[Snow On The Go, Frontroom]
Being in here is no escape from the frigid cold outside. Icicles hang from every countertop edge, and snow crunches under your feet as you move about. A snowman stands cheerfully in one corner, holding a sign. An ice axe is driven halfway into one wall, and a bunch of snowshoes in a pile lean up against one another.
Deeters can make the ice-blue satchels more special!

In the Pile you see

a pair of rickety snowshoes foot-worn 10000
some over-sized beavertail snowshoes
some pink-laced teak-framed snowshoes
some ash-framed lattice-laced snowshoes

On the Countertop you see

a pale blue flail flail 9100
a spruce blue mace mace 6000
a cobalt blue cestus cestus 2400
a steel-blue bastard sword bastard sword 9600
an oilskin ice-blue satchel SNOWBALL SATCHEL
Pocketed:Slightly LA (40-49)
any number of items

In the Wall you see

a pale blue rhimar ice axe handaxe 75000

Staves of Glory

Staves of Glory has an eruption of island staves on display for curious customers!

a glaes-trimmed dark ash pavilion, Lich #XXXXX, Map Rm 10 go pavilion

[Staves of Glory]
The silken walls of this wagon are painted with grand scenes of the glorious Kharam-Dzu. The wooden floor has been decorated with a river of blue cutting through the center of a dwarven island town. A miniature Eye of V'Tull replica dominates the center of the room, displaying a variety of runestaves available for purchase.
Obvious exits: out
Welcome to Staves of Glory!
Each runestaff is special in that it has several ways to show off your Terasian pride.

On the Replica you see

a twisted orase runestaff alternating with red and black runestaff 145000
a striated villswood runestaff furrowed with red glaes 120000
a notched faewood runestaff cradling a crimson orb 125000
a convoluted basalt black orase runestaff 145000
a smooth rowan runestaff capped with a carved ale mug 125000
a hollowed-out mesille runestaff with a scorched bottom 125000
a slender orase runestaff coiled with strands of glaes 145000
a lustrous mesille runestaff bottomed with rainbow glaes 125000
an ale-stained villswood runestaff marred with glass shards 120000
a rippled rowan runestaff topped with a carved Glaesen Star 125000

Survive and Thrive

Everything you need to weather the storms...of danger in Wehnimer's Landing! Disguises! Mask your scent! Store your herbs! The shop owner encourages all customers to buy deeds.

a lacquered wooden wagon, Lich #XXXXX, Map Rm 9, go wagon

[Survive and Thrive]
The shop is comprised of wood paneled walls, their surface smooth and lacquered to a nice shine. The air is infused with a mixed aroma of both musky fragrances and weapon oil. Upon the wall is a series of mounted heads, each one carefully stuffed and preserved. A low oak counter stretches across the shop, bordered by rows of driftwood shelves.
Obvious exits: out
Everything you need to survive the dangers in Wehnimer's Landing!

On the Counter you see

an angular silver amulet neck-worn
a slender white flask with a cork stopper 2000
a scorched black oak compass 13000
a crisp map of Wehnimer's Landing 5000
a dark leather survival kit Herb kit
Pocketed:Medium (20-39)
any number of items
a smooth red oak survival kit Pocketed:Medium (20-39)
any number of items
a stained grey survival kit Pocketed:Medium (20-39)
any number of items
a frayed white leather kit Pocketed:Medium (20-39)
any number of items

On the Shelves you see

a rotting zombie costume chest-worn 10000
a large black golem costume chest-worn 10000
a grizzled Grimswarm orc costume chest-worn 10000
a stained krolvin pirate costume chest-worn 10000
a bottle of horrid scented oil 1000
a bottle of manure-scented oil 7000
a bottle of foul-scented oil 7000
a bottle of sulfur scented oil 7000
a bottle of blood red oil 7000
a leather-bound dark steel canteen 750
a leather-bound hunting longbow long bow 20000
a woven rugged pelt satchel Pocketed:Slightly LA (40-49)
any number of items
a metal-plated gem case Pocketed:Medium (20-39)
any number of items
a stained grey metal potion case Pocketed:Medium (20-39)
any number of items

Blood red oil

You analyze your blood red oil and sense that the item is largely free from merchant alteration restrictions.

The creator has also provided the following information:
This oil is for scented oil.  Current verbs are: DRINK, MEASURE, POUR, and SMELL.

Taste of Tamzyrr

Make your way to Taste of Turamzzyr to sample some of the choicest wine and food pairings prevalent in the Turamzzyrian Empire.

a yew-framed tent emblazoned with Turamzzyrian crests, Lich #XXXXX, Map Rm 17, go tent

[Taste of Turamzzyr]
Sturdy yew poles, bound with lengths of thick rope, provide a robust frame for the many layers of oilskin that form the walls and canopy of the rectangular showroom. The din of the festival is heard beyond an arched entryway leading out to the north, while a more humble atmosphere to the south is complimented by the delicate sound of clinking glasses. A multitude of robust spices and herbs dominates the otherwise woody scent of the tent. Near a painted wooden sign, a stained ash pallet is stacked high with wooden cases.
Obvious exits: south
*  ~  *  ~  *  ~  *  ~  *  ~  *  ~  *  ~  *
pale wooden case - pale ale from Torre
stained wooden case - brown ale from Mestanir
golden wooden case - honey mead from Mestanir
scorched wooden case - ale from the Frontier
dark wooden case - bitter ale from Selanthia
black wooden case - stout from Selanthia
*  ~  *  ~  *  ~  *  ~  *  ~  *  ~  *  ~  *

On the stained ash pallet you see:

a black wooden case chiseled with the crest of Selanthia 10000
a dark wooden case chiseled with the crest of Selanthia 10000
a scorched wooden case chiseled with a coiled dragon 10000
a golden wooden case chiseled with the crest of Mestanir 10000
a stained wooden case chiseled with the crest of Mestanir 10000
a pale wooden case chiseled with the crest of Torre 10000

In the long mistwood box you see:

an emerald-hued candle etched with a single delicate swan 3500
a fiery red candle adorned with a lustrous gold crown 3500
a sunny gold candle accented with a vivid red eagle 3500
a sea blue candle crested with a soaring white seagull 3500
a hazy blue candle with a right-facing golden hawk's head 3500
a rich blue candle embossed with a charging white horse 3500
a black and white candle stamped with a golden ram's head 3500
a pale silvery candle painted with a golden sheaf of grain 3500
a light blue candle painted with an elegant white stork 3500
a forest green candle overlaid with a silver-limbed oak tree 3500


[Taste of Turamzzyr]
Pine cases are stacked on pallets along each side of the tent's interior, leaving a moderate amount of walking space between them. North leads to the tent's entryway, where the muted sounds of the festival can be heard, and south leads to the rear of the tent, where yet another grouping of pallets reside. Positioned in the middle of the walkway, a carved pine wine list fitted with a wrought silver candle plate offers enough light to clearly see in either direction.
Obvious exits: north, south
dark pine case - chardonnay from Vornavis
carved pine case - marsanne from Selanthia
elegant pine case - chardonnay from Selanthia
rosy pine case - blush from Oire
light pink pine case - blush from Chastonia
*  ~  *  ~  *  ~  *  ~  *  ~  *  ~  *  ~  *
stained pine case - white wine from Torre
knotty pine case - muscat wine from Allace
bleached pine case - white wine from Allace
pale pine case - pale riesling from Aldora
golden pine case - golden riesling from Aldora

In the pale pine pallet you see:

a stained pine case branded with the crest of Torre 15000
a knotty pine case branded with the crest of Allace 15000
a bleached pine case branded with the crest of Allace 15000
a pale pine case branded with the crest of Aldora 15000
a golden pine case branded with the crest of Aldora 15000

In the dark pine pallet you see:

a dark pine case branded with the crest of Vornavis 15000
a carved pine case branded with the crest of Selanthia 15000
an elegant pine case branded with the crest of Selanthia 15000
a rosy pine case branded with the crest of Oire 15000
a light pink pine case branded with the crest of Chastonia 15000


[Taste of Turamzzyr]
Mounted to the backmost wall of the tent, a carved oak wine list is prominently displayed over a reinforced sturdy wooden counter. Dimly glowing lanterns, mounted on a thick wooden beam overhead, offer a comfortable measure of visibility, the flames within flickering indifferently as patrons walk by. A multitude of cases are stacked on pallets in the corners and along either side. The scent of spices and herbs mingles harmoniously with that of freshly cut wood.
Obvious exits: north
knotty oak case - mourvedre from Vornavis
striped oak case - ruby port from Oire
stained oak case - grenache from Oire
blackened oak case - spiced syrah from Allace
dark oak case - dark syrah from Allace
*  ~  *  ~  *  ~  *  ~  *  ~  *  ~  *  ~  *
golden oak case - spiced Tehir wine from Seareach
red oak case - merlot from Selanthia
warped oak case - cherry wine from the Frontier
burgundy oak case - burgundy wine from Estoria
pale oak case - claret from Chastonia

In the red oak pallet you see:

a pale oak case painted with the crest of Chastonia 15000
a burgundy oak case painted with the crest of Estoria 15000
a warped oak case painted with a pair of large red cherries 15000
a red oak case painted with the crest of Selanthia 15000
a golden oak case painted with the crest of Seareach 15000

In the blackened oak pallet you see:

a knotty oak case painted with the crest of Vornavis 15000
a striped oak case painted with the crest of Oire 15000
a stained oak case painted with the crest of Oire 15000
a blackened oak case painted with the crest of Allace 15000
a dark oak case painted with the crest of Allace 15000

The Gilded Heart

a stately gold-sailed brig, Lich #XXXXX, Map Rm 4 go brig

[The Gilded Heart]
Golden suede with a flourishing russet pattern is smoothly draped from a quartet of curling maoral supports at the center of the brig, creating a large canopy with fully lined walls. An exalted maple and oak dais emerges from the back, accented by a host of ivory-colored pillar candles that bathe the whole area in honeyed light. Unfurling calendulas are set here and there about the space, speckling the warm amber glow with their fiery colors.
Obvious exits: out

On the maple and oak dais you see:

a slim-necked carved ivory bottle sheer seaside mists laced with white moonflower and magnolia accords
You have the pure essence of seaside mist haloing you in a sheer, airy fragrance. Soft magnolia accords are captured within the white moonflower heart notes, adding a subtly floral afterglow to the scent.
Perfume 25000
a clover-etched pale marble vial stormy ozone blended with refreshingly green hints of wild mint and clover
You have a refreshingly green infusion of wild clover and mint drifting about you. A sharp undercurrent of stormy ozone adds a tangy base note to the crisp scent.
a silver-twined dark dreamstone phial wild rose, hyssop, and canver flower
You have the moist scent of a smothering fog surrounding you, broken only upon occasion with wild roses, hyssop, and essence of canver flower.
a grey-laced green malachite flask damp evergreen and guelder rose
You have the heavy scent of damp evergreen needles about you, like maoral leaves moldering on a rainforest floor. Wraithing about the outskirts of the scent are flashes of guelder rose, like a ray of sun breaking through a grey day.
a jade-inset lavender agate vessel witchwood flower and hawthorn over a darker forest accord
You have virid top notes of hawthorn and damp leaves wreathing lightly about you. Pronounced heart notes of witchwood flower vaguely mask the darker oakmoss undertones lurking beneath.
a faceted gold crystalline ewer water lily and iceblossom
You have the faintest touch of honeyed oil swirling about you, overshadowed by shards of water lily and notes of iceblossom.
a copper-glazed fiery amber bulb almond oil and plum blossom with fiery cinnamon amber undertones
You have the blended scent of almond oil and plum blossom bathing your skin in delicate redolence. Deeper cinnamon amber base notes arise from the initial sweetness with traces of fire and spice.
an iridescent spun glass flacon concentrated tuberose softened by airy jessamine heart notes
You have the dizzying concentration of redolent tuberose laced with lily of the valley clinging to your skin. Staggering breaths of oleander and azalea rise from beneath the lighter jessamine heart notes, enhancing the vernal fragrance's sweetness.
a smooth red clay cruet freshly cut wyrmwood bark and sun-warmed mezereon
You have the woodsy blend of freshly cut wyrmwood bark and sun-warmed mezereon drifting about you. Tangy yew berry notes ricochet off of the potent, yet mellow aura of pennyroyal, arnica, and rhododendron.
a lustrous black pearl ampulla black currant fruit and golden pear wine tinged with subtle chords of illthorn wood
You have the spirituous fragrance of black currant fruit splashed with golden pear wine encircling you. Subtle, ligneous chords of illthorn wood coalesce around fleeting notes of blanched tea leaves.

In the fine-grained rosewood cabinet you see:

a thin gold ring finger-worn

The Lily's Grace

Summerberry? NO! Springberry! NAH! Winterberry? OH YES. Come and see what this little fruit can do - delicious foods and drink, clothes dyed with pigments from the plant, and everything in between!

a rope-railed wooden gangplank leading to the upper deck of a magnificent oak ship, Lich #XXXXX, Map Rm 3, go gang

[The Lily's Grace, Deck]
An elaborate railing encloses the deck of the ship, and every inch of the vessel's timber construction has been polished to a high, flawless sheen. Overhead, the mast balances the bundled weight of the striped buff and ultramarine sails, while a simple banner of the same colors flies over the crow's nest. Set into the face of the upper deck, under the watch of the ship's wheel, is a sturdy round-windowed door leading down below.
Obvious exits: none
[The Lily's Grace, Below Deck]
Gold-set oil lamps hang between the windows, casting the area with a warm light that gilds the oak of the walls and furnishings. Set perpendicular to the windows and nestled against the wall is a long golden oak bar laid out with a variety of drinks and edibles, while a glass-framed wall case hangs opposite. Beneath the case is an octangular oak pedestal table, and across the way, an archway leads eastward and further into the ship.
Obvious exits: east

On the octangular oak pedestal table you see:

some violet winterberry incense 2500
a quartet of polished winterberry wood dice 10000

In the glass-framed wall case you see:

an elaborate fine parchment map 10000
an octagonal silver-cased compass 10000

On the long golden oak bar you see:

a melted cheese and winterberry tartine 200
a slice of spit-roasted duck drizzled with winterberry sauce 500
a chocolate-covered winterberry bonbon 100
some golden-crusted pear and winterberry pandowdy 200
a pewter stein of winterberry ale 400
a silver-stemmed glass of winterberry wine 200
a stout mug of winterberry cider 400
a tall slender glass of winterberry juice 200
[The Lily's Grace, Below Deck]
A tiered oaken rack rests between a pair of cobalt-curtained windows that offer a view of the port outside, flanked to one side by a carved oak armoire and to the other by a set of golden oak hooks. A deep blue carpeted runner extends from the archway to the west to an elaborately carved oak door across the way.
Obvious exits: west
The items here for sale owe their coloring to dyes created from the winterberry plants native to River's Rest.  From the berries, shades of purple and black.  From the leaves, sage greens and greys.  From the wood itself, pale pinks.

On the tiered oaken rack you see:

some fern-hued boots with tapered grey heels Pocketed:VSA (<2-4)
one item
a pair of pewter suede boots fettered with side-buckled straps Pocketed:VSA (<2-4)
one item

In the carved oak armoire you see:

a front-laced sage leather bodice incised with ivy leaves Pocketed:VSA (<2-4)
any number of items of very small size
a mottled grey suede bodice laced with sterling-hued cording Pocketed:VSA (<2-4)
any number of items of very small size
a loose-fitting grey-green silk skirt with a scalloped hem Pocketed:VSA (<2-4)
a couple of items of very small size
a silver-belted ashen silk skirt shot with argent threading Pocketed:VSA (<2-4)
a couple of items of very small size

On the set of golden oak hooks you see:

a crinkled black-violet silk cloak with a silver clasp Pocketed:Signif (100-119)
any number of items
a long ivory lace cloak lined with pale blush-hued silk Pocketed:Signif (100-119)
any number of items
[The Lily's Grace, Lounge]
Against the back wall of this modestly sized cabin is a set of bookshelves that rise to the ceiling from the wall-to-wall cabinet upon which they sit. Several richly cushioned chairs of golden oak and blue velvet are scattered throughout the remainder of the available space, all arranged so as to offer a comfortable view out of the cobalt-curtained bay window.
Obvious exits: none

The Revenge

The Revenge sells a variety of fire and ice flaring weapons, armor, jewelry, clothing, tobacco, cigars, pipes, and tattoos. In addition, you can find gambling and games to enjoy while you sip on custom ales and whiskeys!

a sleek ghostly-white airship, Lich #XXXXX, Map Rm 5, go gangplank

[The Revenge, Annex]
Beams loom overhead, each one fastened with large iron bolts to the planking above. A collection of candelabras line the walls leading in each direction, stopping just before a narrow cubby that houses a wide gangplank. Opposite the gangplank is an open hatch with a lacquered ladder leading down to the cargo hold. Embroidered in large golden lettering across the ivory carpeted floor in the center of the annex are the letters, "GC."
Obvious exits: north, south


[The Revenge, Cargo Hold]
The walls and ceiling of this portion of the cargo hold are painted black as night. Affixed to the wall is a blackened weapon rack placed next to a blackened armor stand. A white mannequin and a black mannequin are positioned as if they are holding hands, but in place of hands, they have wickedly curved iron hooks. Scattered at the feet of the mannequins are a large black display and a square black case. On the opposite side of the bulkhead is a lacquered ladder leading back up to the main deck.
Obvious exits: north, south
The weapons have the power of a fire or ice elemental.
The armor and shields are all plain and four times enchanted.
The clothes are plain and the containers hold a large amount.
The jewelry is plain.
This sign is plain.

On the weapon rack you see:

a vultite backsword with a crimson leather hilt 4x fire flares backsword 95000
a vultite backsword with a cobalt leather hilt 4x cold flares backsword 95000
a long vultite lance with a cobalt vamplate 4x cold flares lance 100000
a long vultite lance with a crimson vamplate 4x fire flares lance 100000
a vultite bastard sword with a crimson leather-wrapped handle 4x fire flares bastard sword 180000
a vultite bastard sword with a cobalt leather-wrapped handle 4x cold flares bastard sword 180000
a vultite stiletto with a crimson leather-wrapped handle 4x fire flares dagger 17000
a vultite stiletto with a cobalt leather-wrapped handle 4x cold flares dagger 17000
a faewood runestaff capped with a crimson orb 4x fire flares runestaff 240000
a faewood runestaff capped with a cobalt orb 4x cold flares runestaff 240000
a large vultite tetsubo with a painted crimson haft 4x fire flares maul 150000
a large vultite tetsubo with a painted cobalt haft 4x cold flares maul 150000
a slender vultite wakizashi with a crimson hilt 4x fire flares short sword 67000
a slender vultite wakizashi with a cobalt hilt 4x cold flares short sword 67000
a short vultite ridgemace with a painted crimson haft 4x fire flares mace 105000
a short vultite ridgemace with a painted cobalt haft 4x cold flares mace 105000
some crimson leather hand-wraps with plated knuckles 4x fire flares UAC 100000
some cobalt leather hand-wraps with plated knuckles 4x cold flares UAC 100000
some crimson leather foot-wraps with plated toes 4x fire flares UAC 100000
some cobalt leather foot-wraps with plated toes 4x cold flares UAC 100000

On the armor stand you see:

some vultite full plate painted a ghostly white AsG: 20 1107000
a vultite metal breastplate painted a ghostly white AsG: 17 389000
a lacquered leather bodysuit painted a ghostly white AsG: 8 80500
a lacquered leather buffcoat painted a ghostly white AsG: 6 60000
some vultite chain hauberk painted a ghostly white AsG: 16 357000

In the Case you see

a wide black leather belt covered in iron studs waist-worn 10000
a wide white leather belt covered in iron studs
a wide dark leather thigh-sheath fringed with white fur Pocketed:Fairly small (8-11)
one item
a slender leather thigh-sheath covered with iron studs

On the Display you see

a skeletal finger bone sigil pin-worn 5000
a skeletal finger bone insignia pin-worn 5000
a thin gold chain necklace dangling a pair of iron bones neck-worn 10000
a pair of heavy steel earrings dangling a pair of bones 10000

On the white mannequin you see

a fitted white leather waistcoat with a tattered hem Pocketed:Signif (100-119)
any number of items
a pair of knee-high boots with rusted iron buckles foot-worn 20000
a wrinkled white cotton shirt with cuffed sleeves chest-worn 20000
some white twill pants with stitching down the sides leg-worn 20000
a silk-lined white leather tricorn head-worn 10000

On the black mannequin you see

a fitted ebon leather waistcoat with a red satin lapel Pocketed:Signif (100-119)
any number of items
a pair of knee-high boots lofted on spiked heels foot-worn 20000
a pressed ebon cotton shirt with cuffed sleeves chest-worn 20000
some black twill pants with stitching down the sides leg-worn 20000
a silk-lined dark leather tricorn head-worn 10000


[The Revenge, Cargo Hold]
A heavy cloud of smoke rests on the ceiling overhead, a leather and tobacco smell lingering in it. Lengths of beveled blackened boards are hammered into the wall in alternating lengths. Each board has a small carving of assorted tobacco leaves accented with white paint. An elaborately carved case sits in the center of the room, its legs carved into long slender pipes. Sitting next to the case is a chest and a trunk filled with assorted goods.
Obvious exits: south

In the carved case you see

a short brown cigar 2500
a fat chestnut cigar
a narrow brown cigar
a short ghostly white cigar
a red-banded slender cigar
a dark fat cigar
a tan slender cigar
a pink-banded aromatic cigar

In the white chest you see

some purple plum pipe tobacco 2500
some green mint pipe tobacco 2500
some dark rum pipe tobacco 2500
some pale hazelnut pipe tobacco 2500
some red cherry pipe tobacco 2500
some light vanilla pipe tobacco 2500
some blended coconut pipe tobacco 2500
a scale-bowled oak pipe 50000
a scale-bowled teak pipe 50000
a scale-bowled walnut pipe 50000
a gold-ringed silver jar 50000
a leaf tobacco wrapper 100
a ghostly white matchbox 500
a small ghostly white box 10000

In the black trunk you see

a rotund glass tobacco jar 20000
a twisted yellow tobacco jar
a short mauve tobacco jar
a large bronze tobacco jar
a large bronze tobacco jar
a large red tobacco jar
a short brown tobacco jar
a ghostly white tobacco jar

SOUTH from ladder room

[The Revenge, Cargo Hold]
Long coils of blackened chains are stacked systematically down the side of the hull, each thicker in size than the last. On the far wall, resting atop two ale kegs, is a tattoo display with a rusted iron-framed mirror sitting next to it. Pinned to the wall with small golvern daggers is a torn dark notice with a pricing sign just beneath it.
Obvious exits: north
Stock Tattoos: 25,000 silvers.

Top of the Mountain

Halfling delicacies to make your mouth water, and a unique toy that will keep you occupied for hours!

a snow-covered structure, Lich #XXXXX, Map Rm 20, go structure

[Top Of The Mountain]
A large slab of granite, chiseled to resemble a magnificent mountain range, bisects the center of the room with snow white tufts of cotton capping numerous peaks along the grandiose formation. Filled baskets and trays offering an assortment of food and drink are placed on leveled spaces along the stone creation. Delicate crystalline snowflakes hang from the ceiling and dangle freely on thin silver threads.
Obvious exits: out

Under the carved ice bench you see:

a small note
The tube of frosting contains bearberry frosting.  It's the only frosting flavor for sale in the shop, but I will be able to change the flavor to something more palatable if bearberry doesn't tickle your tastebuds.  Just read the sign to see the list of available flavors.  I will also be working on the frosting tips.  As a side note, my frosting will stick best to the sugar-dusted tarts in the basket.  See you soon!

a white sign
~~Available Flavors for Frosting~~

Vanilla ~ Chocolate ~ Strawberry ~ Raspberry ~ Blueberry ~ Banana ~ Orange ~ Peach ~ Lemon ~ Butterscotch ~ Caramel ~ Rum ~ Whiskey ~ Peppermint ~ Cherry ~ Lime ~ Hazelnut ~ Bacon ~ Pineapple ~ Cream Cheese ~ Licorice ~ Maple ~ Buttercream ~ Almond ~ Winterberry ~ Coconut ~ Praline ~ Ginger ~ Iceberry
a tube of bearberry frosting 20000
a brass berry-shaped frosting tip 10000
a mithril halfling-shaped frosting tip 10000
a steel mountain-shaped frosting tip 10000
an ora snowball-shaped frosting tip 10000

Behind the carved ice bench you see:

a carved mountain toy 15000

On the oak-handled tray you see:

a fried monkey ear 300
a mug of pepper-laced crab chowder 500
a bowl of crab and crocodile chowder 500
a pot of ginger-braised squirrel stew 500
a tall glass of bearberry tea 300
a glass of bearberry wine 500

In the cotton-lined basket you see:

a sugar-dusted tart 250
a goat cheese biscuit 300
a chocolate pastry with bearberry drizzle 300
a salmon and onion tartlet 250
a bearberry and apple tart 250

Tunnel Vision

Note: This shop connects two rooms within the festival grounds. Should you enter the other way, view the directions in reverse.

The Grand Borthuum Mining Company of Kharam Dzu, in conjunction with its offices in Kharag 'doth Dzulthu, is proud to present a fine assortment of artisanal, hand-crafted dwarven goods! Genuine bearded dwarven artisans have slaved over the forgefires to bring you this fine assortment of wares. The Grand Borthuum Mining Company has even secured the use a runestaff lathe from our Anfelt cousins, for your enjoyment!

a dusty tent, Lich #XXXXX, Map Rms 3 and 5, go tent (inventory done from Rm 5 entrance)

[Tunnel Vision]
The tent's domed roof is haphazardly reinforced with crossing wooden beams. Long nails jut out at odd angles, bearing wares for sale. Faded rugs have been carelessly tossed on the dirt ground to serve as a floor.
Obvious exits: east, out

On the Rusty nail you see

a soot-stained pebbled leather satchel Pocketed:Medium (20-39)
any number of items
an ash grey kidskin satchel Pocketed:Medium (20-39)
any number of items

On the Bent nail you see

a soot-stained oilcloth cloak Pocketed:Signif (100-119)
any number of items
an ash grey soft kidskin cloak Pocketed:Signif (100-119)
any number of items

On the Crooked nail you see

a pair of rhimar-toed red tsark hide boots 4x ice flares(?) UAC foot-worn
a pair of rhimar-studded red tsark hide gauntlets 4x ice flares(?) UAC hand-worn


[Tunnel Vision]
A large grappling hook hangs from an overhead beam, its flukes bearing shop goods. Muddy footprints lead from the north up to a warped wooden stool that stands off to one side. A dirty shovel leans against the stool, its blade wedged deeply into the dirt floor.
Obvious exits: north, west

In the Hook you see

a pair of mechanical goggles with clear glass lenses head-worn 45000
a gold-paneled glaes helmet set with a brightly shining clear glimaerstone lens Truthie jewelry head-worn
  • You take a closer look at a gold-paneled glaes helmet set with a brightly shining clear glimaerstone lens.

Flame-yellow light shines brightly within the semitranslucent glimaerstone.


[Tunnel Vision]
A steel-banded wooden barrel stands along the side of the room, carelessly filled with a variety of mining and digging tools. A few commodities stick out of a splintered wooden box that sits in a shadowy corner. Muddy footprints bisect the timeworn rug on the floor.
Obvious exits: east, south

In the Box you see

an enruned red glaes scarab brooch Crystal holder pin-worn
an enruned gold glaes scarab brooch pin-worn
a mosaic glaes-framed amulet neck-worn
a smooth crimson glaes band finger-worn
a smooth cobalt glaes ring finger-worn
a brass-wrapped smoky glaes bracelet wrist-worn

In the Barrel you see

a copper-shot creamy white sunstone 6000
a chunk of cube-shaped pyrite 100
a shield-cut dragonsbreath sapphire 6966
an opal-sheened pale glaesine crystal 250
a shard of cracked black deathstone 107
a half-diamond black glaes lockpick 9500
a glaes-tipped hooked vaalin lockpick 125000
a white-flecked blue diamond 6780


[Tunnel Vision]
The tent's ceiling slopes dramatically downward, ending at the point where a large spike holds the canvas firmly in the ground. The only furniture is a rickety folding table which barely seems stable enough to hold its wares. A circular hole in the floor leads downward.
Obvious exits: west

On the Table you see

a faceted bronze-hued glaes scroll tube Pocketed:Medium (20-39)
any number of items
a glaes-paned lantern housing a brightly shining golden glimaerstone flame Truthie jewelry belt-worn 100000
  • You take a closer look at a glaes-paned lantern housing a brightly shining golden glimaerstone flame. Flame-yellow light shines brightly within the semitranslucent glimaerstone.
You analyze your glaes-paned lantern and sense that the item is largely free from merchant alteration restrictions.

The creator has also provided the following information:
This item may be altered by a talented merchant, but it must retain a glimaerstone and it must remain some kind of "longish" description - nothing "showy"!  The glimaerstones must remain naturally found glimaerstone colors (clear, green, smoky peach, cerulean, golden, lilac, or ultramarine) - exact colors, not variations.

You can tell that the lantern is as light as it can get.


[Tunnel Vision, Tunnel]
The hard-packed dirt floor slopes steeply downward. The faint smell of smoke wafts in from the east, while dim light can be seen through the circular hole at the upper end of the tunnel.
Obvious exits: east


[Tunnel Vision, Tunnel]
The tunnel floor levels out as it curves toward the south. The air is filled with a smoky haze and the acrid odor of burning wood.
Obvious exits: south, west


[Tunnel Vision, Tunnel]
Dusty footprints cover the floor in no apparent pattern. Fickering firelight to the east illumiates the tunnel somewhat, though the smoke-filled air is still difficult to see through.
Obvious exits: north, east

On the reinforced armor rack you see:

a suit of faceted silvery glaes full plate AsG: 20 865000
an invar-banded sculpted glaes cuirass AsG: 17 398000
a suit of six-in-one black glaes hauberk AsG: 16 364000
a set of triple-linked glaes augmented chainmail AsG: 15 317000
an invar-linked cobalt glaes coat-of-plates AsG: 12 242000


[Tunnel Vision, Workroom]
The hard-packed dirt walls of this ample chamber curve upward to a domed ceiling high enough for even a giant to stand upright. A small wood fire burns in in the center of the area, around which several flat rocks provide simple, if uncomfortable, seating. Tunnels lead both east and west from the area.
Obvious exits: none


[Tunnel Vision, Tunnel]
The tunnel floor levels out as it curves toward the west. The air is filled with a smoky haze and the acrid odor of burning wood.
Obvious exits: north, west


[Tunnel Vision, Tunnel]
The hard-packed dirt floor slopes steeply downward. The faint smell of smoke wafts in from the south, while dim light can be seen through the circular hole at the upper end of the tunnel.
Obvious exits: south


[Tunnel Vision]
The tent's ceiling slopes dramatically downward, ending at the point where a large spike holds the canvas firmly in the ground. A lopsided workbench is covered with a layer of ash and dust, although the goods sitting upon it seem relatively clean. A circular hole in the floor leads downward.
Obvious exits: east

On the lopsided workbench you see:

a blackened squat glaes bottle You sniff delicately at the squat glaes bottle, and detect the faint scent of rusty metal and aged wood, with traces of dust and sulfur.
You have the combined scents of rusty metal and aged wood clinging to you, touched with traces of dust and sharp sulfuric undertones.
10 pour
a rectangular brown glass bottle You sniff delicately at the brown glass bottle, and detect the faint scent of the muskiness of cigar smoke and tobacco.
You have the heady, damp scent of cigar smoke wreathing you, coupled with the complex muskiness of unburnt tobacco.
an oily black glass bottle You sniff delicately at the black glass bottle, and detect the faint scent of the unmistakable oily odor of grease.
You have the unmistakable oily odor of grease, lubricating the air around you with an almost palpable heaviness.
a hammered mithril bottle You sniff delicately at the mithril bottle, and detect the faint scent of roasted game.
You have the smoke-laced aroma of roasted game filling the air around you.


[Tunnel Vision]
A few carelessly tossed rugs cover the dirty floor, though they themselves are soiled by muddy footprints. A dusty bin has been filled nearly to overflowing; some of the goods have been propped against a large shovel stuck in the ground next to it, and appear to be ready to topple out at any moment.
Obvious exits: north, west

In the Bin you see

an octagonal glaes ring box with tiny rolaren hinges Pocketed:VSA (<2-4)
a couple of items
a bezel-edged invar wedding ring set with glaesine crystals 50000
a bezel-edged invar wedding band set with glaesine crystals 50000
a braided silvery glaes wedding ring set with blue diamonds 50000
a braided silvery glaes wedding band set with blue diamonds 50000
a faceted black glaes wedding ring set with crimson firestones 50000
a faceted black glaes wedding band set with crimson firestones 50000


[Tunnel Vision]
A long pole holds the ceiling higher in this part of the tent, allowing for extra space for an elaborate runestaff lathe. An oak-framed sign hangs crookedly from a hook on a wrought iron staff rack.
Obvious exits: east, south
PULL lever for shapes.
TURN wheel for colors.
SPIN knob for themes.
FLIP dial for style.
PUSH button to see your finished runestaff.
PUSH button again to lathe your runestaff into its new shape.
Please make sure your runestaff looks how you want it before you push the button the second time and commit your changes.
Cost is 10000 silvers, and must be in coins.

On the wrought iron staff rack you see:

a kakore staff staff 258000
a mesille staff staff 243000
a mossbark staff staff 265000
a rowan staff staff 243000
an orase staff staff 254000
a faewood staff staff 243000


[Tunnel Vision]
The tent's domed roof is haphazardly reinforced with crossing wooden beams. The floor is dusty, as is the dark invar trunk that sits off to one side of the area, beneath a pair of shrunken troll heads. The top of a dented weapon rack is wedged between two of the overhead beams.
Obvious exits: west, out

In the Rack you see

a rhimar-cored silvery glaes warblade falchion 192000
a rhimar-cored glaes sledgehammer with a rectangular head maul 187000
a rhimar-cored spherical glaes mace mace 142000
a glaes-banded slender orase staff capped with a rhimar spike staff 254000
a gornar-cored silvery glaes waraxe handaxe 131000
a gornar-cored massive glaes maul maul 187000

In the Trunk you see

a dragonfire emerald stickpin pin-worn 1000
a faceted blue diamond brooch
a faceted firestone clasp
a green-flecked golden glaes cloakpin
a gold-streaked silvery glaes clip
a glossy rainbow glaes toggle
a trio of matte black glaes buckles

In the Cauldron you see

a hammered dark invar flask belt-worn
a gold-throated white glaes flask
a matte black glaes flask
a faceted cobalt glaes flask
a smoky grey glaes flask
a glaes flask
a glaes flagon of Dead Man's Pale ale

Yllyc Flyr

Fits of fancy and finery that fits! Cloaks for the winged among us and toys for the rest!

a large white velvet tent adorned with colorful butterfly embroidery, Lich #XXXXX, Map Rm 10 go tent

[Yllyc Flyr]
Only glimpses of the white velvet shell of the tent can be seen beyond the jewel-toned flyrsilk swathes that drape from the willow supports overhead to enclose this area. Fresh winter roses are set in crystalline bowls here and there on tables, lending their heady scent to the air, which is warmed by a smokeless brazier in the center of the floor. A tiered display sits on one side of the curtained archway that leads further into the tent and a slender willow cloak rack sits on the other.
Obvious exits: west, out
Hello, friends.  Welcome to The Wind Flower.
The items within the case are VERY intricate toys that can be attuned to any individual and will only respond to that person.  I will be selling them in person from time to time.  Also, the cloaks on the rack were especially made for my Aelotian kin, though they will provide limited functionality for others.
Please enjoy!
P.S. - I will be around to sew periodically during the festival.

On the Rack you see

a pale lavender flyrsilk cloak patterned with subtle thorns Pocketed:Signif (100-119)
any number of items
a rich cerulean flyrsilk cloak with argent threading
a blush-hued flyrsilk cloak with a sculpted rose clasp
a cowled ashen paeline cloak trimmed in vine embroidery
a brushed sage paeline cloak shot with strands of bronze
a long ebony paeline cloak with a satin-lined collar

On the Display you see

a swirl-painted green bamboo dragonfly with gold propellers SCRIPTED TOY 15000
a speckled azure bamboo dragonfly with silver propellers
a striped ebon bamboo dragonfly with purple propellers
a copper-banded russet bamboo dragonfly with narrow propellers
a twilight blue bamboo dragonfly with pale grey propellers
a slender bronzed bamboo dragonfly with viridian propellers
a shimmering gold bamboo dragonfly with crimson propellers
a twisted magenta bamboo dragonfly with turquoise propellers
[Yllyc Flyr, Workroom]
Colorful flyrsilk scarves in various bright hues line the velvet walls in this area of the tent, creating a particolored barrier that undulates subtly with every passing breeze. A smokeless brazier sits at the heart of the space, and an arrangement of velvet-cushioned chairs and sofas are scattered in a circle around it.
Obvious exits: east