Brieson Cassle

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Brieson Cassle
Storyline Eyes of the Dawn
Gender male
Race human
Status alive
Relationship(s) Soffeia (twin sister)
Affiliation(s) Hall of Mages

Brieson Cassle is a member of the Hall of Mages.


You see Lord Brieson Cassle.
He appears to be a Human.
He is short and appears to be in the spring of life.  He has pale emerald eyes and ashen skin.  He has short, curly rich auburn hair.  He has a sharp, angular face, a thin nose and a trimmed auburn goatee.
He is in good shape.
He is wearing a small engraved golden plate suspended by a stained woven cord, a high-collared dusky brown longcoat clasped with a golden sheaf of grain, a sprig of Imaera's Lace, a gold-threaded dark leather bag, a fitted gold silk tunic with smooth emerald buttons, an embroidered ingredients pouch, a gold-threaded dark leather book satchel, a pair of pleated dark linen trousers, and a pair of dark chestnut suede gilt-toed shoes.


Brieson displayed an early development of magic prowess at a young age when he bravely protected a fisherman and his two daughters from a dark bear-like beast that emerged from one of the "forbidden" glades near their home. His actions made him a celebrated hero throughout the town and nearby farms, and soon caught the eye of the Hall of Mages. Days after Brieson had demonstrated innate magical abilities, he grew very sick, almost to the point of dying. His twin sister Soffeia tended to his care, rarely leaving his bedside and forgoing all of her friends. Local healers tried to examine and treat the dying young boy, but nothing worked. Miraculously, weeks later, the boy completely recovered.

It was days later, that a representative of the Hall of Mages came, who examined Brieson, and his twin sister. Soffeia did not demonstrate any of the same innate abilities and had no desire to learn magic. Brieson's parents were then instructed that their boy would need to register with the Hall of Mages, and when he was older, would be welcomed to join their ranks.

Shortly after his seventeenth birthday, Brieson fell ill again and even lapsed into unconsciousness, where he remained for nearly two weeks, his sister Soffeia once again working feverishly to keep him alive and fed. Just like before, he recovered and was back to full health. His parents urged him to reach out to the Hall of Mages, to see if by enlisting in their ranks he would have more resources available to help him against whatever ailment kept befalling him. Both his parents and Soffeia were concerned that the next time, might be the last.

Brieson, with Soffeia going along to protect him, left for the satellite Hall of Mages located in the Swale. There he joined the Hall's ranks, being taken on as a Student. His sister built a new life for herself in the Swale, spending most of her time overly concerned for her brother, and protecting him on his various journeys, most typically local.

Through the years, Brieson's illness flared up, almost to the point of happening every few months. Skilled mages from the Hall, even imperial healers, could not seem to cure him, and many offered only one explanation. Whatever caused the innate powers in Brieson were too strong for his body, and his birthright of mana manipulation was both a gift and ultimately a poison. Whether they believed it a blessing or a curse, all agreed that Brieson's life expectancy was short, judging the magic may destroy his flesh before he reaches thirty-five years old. His power has been compared to the glow of a burning star, raging inside of him, bright and powerful, but waiting to burn out.

For a little over twenty years, Brieson served with a fierce loyalty to the Hall of Mages, moving from student, to scholar, to eventually inquisitor. His fairness helped him to forge many friendships and favors over his short life, although many argue it is out of pity for his poisoned mana that he has acquired so many opportunities and friends. With the crippling effects of his magical disease flaring up many times a year now, his sister Soffeia has become even more protective, and is rarely not at his side.

Recently, because of affairs that had transpired out of Wehnimer's Landing, and its rumored ties to the assassination of Earl Kestrel and supposed sanctuary of oathtakers to Elithain Cross, who waged war on the Empire, Brieson and Soffeia have been dispatched by the Royal Magister to investigate these matters, and those involved. In addition, there are rumors some Landing citizens helped Grishom Stone escape custody from the Hall of Mages, and this matter will be investigated as well.

Brieson finished his investigation into the death of Tayeros, Earl Kestrel, and the escape of Grishom Stone. He was eventually stationed at the Hendoran Outpost outside of Wehnimer's Landing where he began conducting research on Melgorehn's Reach for the Hall of Mages. His sister, Soffeia Cassle, is also there, although not seen out and about as much as he.

When Larsya Caulfield was shot by the clockwork Vinswith, Brieson was able to contain her in the crystallized coffin to halt the aging effects of the wound.