Brieson discusses the history of the Ilvari (log)

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[Wayside Inn, Dining Room]
This ramshackle hostel bears the signs of rough use by hard-bitten travellers and headstrong adventurers.  Several blade-scarred tables and low stools are lined up against the walls, while the central area is dominated by a large firepit around which is a low platform covered with a few ratty bearskins.  The clatter of clay tankards and the smell of humble victuals provide some small comfort to the steady stream of wayfarers who pause here to meet and greet one another.  You also see the Silvynn disk, a green-eyed black cat, the violet Nyatherra disk, a weathered modwir coffer, a scratched thanot strongbox, the Rodentiarella disk, the Xaeli disk, the Inniro disk, the Gearlock disk, the Daleshan disk, a small raven, the Ordim disk, the Kabann disk, the Dagwyn disk, a sable tiger, a lighthearted sun spirit that is flying around, an excited spring spirit that is flying around, a touchy woodland spirit that is flying around, a forest wolf, a steep stair and some inviting tables.
Also here: Xorus, Gnurlox, Ciri, Silvynn, Pub Proprietor Nyatherra, Squire Legionnaire Legaci, Goldstr, Drektor, Brakian, Lady Aeavenne, Rodentiarella, Zarston, Alasatia, Obstruct, Wolfloner, Xaeli, Inniro, Yakushi, Scribe Mynon, Great Lord Nolofinwe, Gearlock, Maylan, High Lady Holoni, Blade Aurach, Lord Brieson, Great Lord Krampton, Daleshan, Tolan, Ordim, Daephari, Lord Chamorr, Jesyme, Elbromo, Sir Bristenn, Dirra, Sir Aydan, Sareyna, Sirona, Magister Raelee, Bekke, Primayanathangi, Sir Balantine, Dagwyn, Ylandra, Kayse, Katiesa, Maags, Rowmi, Lady Lylia, Sir Cryheart, Kabann, Shinann, Maiden Tyrrah, Mayor Puptilian
Obvious exits: south, out

>look brieson
You see Lord Brieson Cassle.
He appears to be a Human.
He is short and appears to be in the spring of life.  He has pale emerald eyes and ashen skin.  He has short, curly rich auburn hair.  He has a sharp, angular face, a thin nose and a trimmed auburn goatee.
He is in good shape.
He is holding a mug of strong black coffee in his right hand.
He is wearing a small engraved golden plate suspended by a stained woven cord, a high-collared dusky brown longcoat clasped with a golden sheaf of grain, a sprig of Imaera's Lace, a gold-threaded dark leather bag, a fitted gold silk tunic with smooth emerald buttons, a gold-threaded dark leather book satchel, an embroidered ingredients pouch, a pair of pleated dark linen trousers, and a pair of dark chestnut suede gilt-toed shoes.

Brieson says, "The Red Forest was not always...called as such."

Brieson says, "The elves, of the Settlment near your town, speak of such."

Brieson says, "The Ilvari are fey creatures, and they once dwelled in a peaceful woodland realm."

Brieson says, "I do not have dates, and any measure of time by my mortal standards would likely fall very, very short of elven time..."

Brieson says, "But the woods, full of peace and the fey, were overrun by fell creatures, dark, horrible....unending, they see."

Bekke asks, "If I remember correctly, didn't they disguise themselves as children?"

Brieson nods at Bekke.

Aydan says, "So basically the sort of thing that happens on a monthly basis, here."

Brieson smirks at Aydan.

Brieson says, "The forest was crippled by darkness and suffocated by death, and the Ilvari...those fey creatures of light...are but reflections of their environs."

Brieson says, "Thus, they became twisted and evil as well."

Brieson says, "The elves, of whom those in the elven village nearby belonged too, came upon the forest. They mistook the Ilvari for elven children, and adopted them."

Brieson says, "Of course, a tragic mistake."

Brieson says, "Many foul accidents befell the elves, especially their children. In time, the elves discovered the Ilvari were the cause of the misfortune, and learned their true nature."

Brieson says, "The forest, before the elves had settled, was named the Red Forest, for the fell creatures that had slaughtered many, that blood soaked every inch of the woods."

Brieson says, "Why that is no longer the case today, or even with the elves, the name remained."

Brieson says, "Once the elves discovered the Ilvari's true, twisted nature...."

Brieson says, "They cast them out and banished them and the Red Forest behind an enchanted curtain of light, which had been caused by a rare lunar alignment."

Brieson says, "When both Liabo and Lornon could be seen aligned over the peaks of the Glatoph."

Brieson says, "It has been countless years since this occured, the lunar alignment. So you can understand why I'm drawn here."

Ylandra says, "This sounds like we might have some excitement."

Brieson asks, "Excitement?"

Brieson shakes his head.

Brieson says, "Hardly. Perhaps some amazing lights, and a good view."

Brieson says, "We'll look for a good spot tomorrow, if anyone wishes to accompany me."

Speaking to Brieson, Raelee asks, "Did you come bearing a hypothesis beyond that?"

Brieson looks over at Raelee and shakes his head.

Brieson says, "Not really."

Raelee nods slowly at Brieson.

Brieson says, "I would not have any reason to doubt the power of the elven magic."

Brieson says, "It has held for countless ages, I would suspect it will continue to do so."

Brieson says, "Regardless, it will be a sight worth seeing, as it will likely not occur in many of our lifetimes again."

Brieson says, "Tomorrow evening I will head out to the Glatoph, I will let you all know before I do."

Evia says, "Very excited at the prospect of observing this rare occurance."

Brieson nods at Evia.

Brieson says, "But we will see what tomorrow night brings. It should be historic, I am most certain."

Brieson says, "I will try to take accurate notes, but if the beauty raptures me, well, the Hall will need to accept my written apology."

Brieson smirks.

Speaking to Brieson, Puptilian says, "May I offer...Raelee LOVES to write notes."
Puptilian whistles tunelessly to himself.
Puptilian coughs.

Raelee gives a sidelong glance at Puptilian.
Puptilian flashes a wide grin.

Speaking slowly to Puptilian, Raelee says, "Should he be distracted by beauty or what not, yes... I suspect my own efforts will suffice."

Brieson grins at Raelee.

[Brieson announces rumor of royal pregnancy.]

Brieson says, "Thank you all for listening."

Brieson bows.

Brieson says, "Good evening to you all."

Lord Brieson just went out.

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