Cafainiel Illistim

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The twelfth of the dynastic line of Argent Mirrors, Cafainiel was the only daughter of Analadhia Illistim. Her rule was most notable for a conflict she had with her Loenthran counterpart, Siskania, which ended up leading to the formation of the Council of Thrones. There was a disagreement over whether Ta'Illistim owed the Loenthra treasury for the privilege of fostering some of Cafainiel's distant relations, which the Argent Mirror took as a petty insult, returning in kind by denouncing Siskania as "a money-grubber and a human-lover."

Ta'Loenthra responded by levying taxes on Illistim merchants, which caused an embargo on Loenthran imports in retaliation. The conflict flared up as the other Elven noble houses took sides, until the feud was settled without any admission of fault by a small sum of money being donated to a bardic troupe Siskania enjoyed. The furor over such an insignificant issue led a prominent writer of the time to call for, "a council to manage these quarrelsome thrones, and the quarrelsome children atop them." There were royal advisors in any case, but the name stuck in its abbreviation, and may have even been taken too far with her son Elmelan.

Cafainiel Illistim was born in -29,256 Modern Era (19,851 Illistim). She had her only child at the age of 2,722 years. Cafainiel assumed the Peacock Throne in -28,040 Modern Era (21,067 Illistim) at the age of 1,216 until the accession of her son Elmelan in -25,319 Modern Era (23,788 Illistim) when she was 3,937 years old after ruling for 2,721 years.

Argent Mirror of the House of Illistim
Preceded by: -28,040 Modern Era to -25,319 Modern Era
(21,067 to 23,788 Illistim)
Succeeded by:
Analadhia Illistim Elmelan Illistim

Illistim Bloodline (Illegitimate)
Descendant of: Ancestor of:
Analadhia Illistim (mother)
Elmelan Illistim (son)

Behind The Scenes

Museum Artifact

[Museum Alerreth, Costumery]
On either side of the polished copper arch leading into the chamber are two tall displays, each fronted with glass. Their copper fittings match the trim on several cases, whose contents are clothing both modern and historical. A square tile is inset into the floor in the center of the room.
Obvious exits: none

>look gown (marbinus silk gown)
The single-strapped gown falls, unpleated, from a high waist, which is demarcated by a wide velvet ribbon. The velvet is a shade darker than the blue silk base of the gown, which is striated with veins of ivory. Near the hem of the gown is a small plaque.

>read gown
In the Common language, it reads:
This gown dates to the early years of Argent Mirror Cafainiel's reign, prior to her public spat with Siskania, the monarch of House Loenthra. Though Cafainiel regarded it as one of her favorites, she put it aside, as she publicly put aside all Loenthra goods, and denounced its craftsmanship as "inferior to those goods produced in Ta'Illistim." Even after their quarrel was ended, Cafaniel never worn this gown, or any of her other Loenthran pieces, again.