Analadhia Illistim

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The eleventh of the dynastic line of Argent Mirrors, Analadhia was a descendant of an illegitimate son of Celemerun Illistim. While undoubtedly a blood relation of Linsandrych, it was incest by way of his first cousin, presumably during his playboy years. The bastard was raised in Ta'Loenthra, but moved back to Ta'Illistim after Celemerun's death. Their subsequent generations were recognized as royal relations, but too distant to be considered politically relevant.

Since Filostya left no heirs, a council of august leaders raised Analadhia to the throne, which set a precedent that would eventually become the Council of Thrones. It is remarkable that the Council of Thrones opposes investigation into Filostya's death to this day, as well as being somehow complicit in the future death of her grandson Elmelan. What would be at stake is the legitimacy of all other Argents, through the illegitimate line to Lilorandrych and up to the present day.

Analadhia Illistim was born in -30,786 Modern Era (18,321 Illistim). She had her only daughter Cafainiel at the age of 1,530 years. She assumed the Peacock Throne in -29,997 Modern Era (19,110 Illistim) at the age of 789 until the accession of her daughter in -28,040 Modern Era (21,067 Illistim) when she was 2,746 years old after ruling for 1,957 years.

Argent Mirror of the House of Illistim
Preceded by: -29,997 Modern Era to -28,040 Modern Era
(19,110 to 21,067 Illistim)
Succeeded by:
Filostya Illistim Cafainiel Illistim

Illistim Bloodline (Illegitimate)
Descendant of: Ancestor of:
Celemerun Illistim (distant descent)
Cafainiel Illistim (daughter)