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Map of the hunting area Atoll. Cartography and map by Machtig.

This category lists all creatures found on the Atoll near the town of Kraken's Fall, accessible via the rapids near Widowmaker's Road.

Tritons (both living and non-corporeal undead) have taken up residence on the Atoll and the Temple that is built on it to the north.


In order to get to the Atoll you must jump onto a log at the rapids (Lich Room #30811) and successfully keep your balance on it while navigating the rapids before jumping again when you see a thick branch looming overhead with a single vine that may reach the opening of the area. Factors that impact success are Physical Fitness, Dexterity, Survival, and Mobility(618). Factors that hinder success are encumbrance and level.

There is a barrier to the temple that is shaded one of four colors (Red, Blue, Yellow or Black) - passage into the temple is achieved by visiting the grottos near by and touching the corresponding colored crystal that is wedged into the mouth of a skull in each cave, which enables access through the barrier.

The entire Atoll area is subject to spell sever.

Spell sever

Spell sever is a balancing mechanic for hunting areas to manage the amount of outside spells a character can wear in the affected areas. Spell sever will strip any beneficial spells that a character does not know over a maximum allowed limit per area. The order in which the spells are stripped is in random order.

Spells in the Arcane circle(such as Spirit Guard (1712)) are not removed or counted by Spell sever.

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