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This page lists all the Fey Family creatures found in Elanthia. Fey creatures are biped humanoids that often adopt and mirror elements of their surroundings. They can also be known as nymphs, sprites, pixies, and sirens, but there are many other creatures that this pertains to as well.

Creature Level Location
Mistydeep siren 2 Ta'Vaalor
Sea nymph 2 Solhaven, Wehnimer's Landing
Fenghai 23 Solhaven, Foggy Valley
Jungle feyling 24 Isle of the Four Winds Monsoon Jungle
Cloud sprite meddler 27 Isle of the Four Winds Cloud Forest
Lesser wood sprite 30 Ta'Vaalor
Cloud sprite bully 32 Isle of the Four Winds Cloud Forest
Wood sprite 38 Ta'Illistim
Forest bendith 40 Ta'Illistim
Gaunt feral selkie 54 Icemule Trace Crawling Shore
Fire sprite 64 Teras Isle
Ilvari sprite 73 Ta'Vaalor, Wehnimer's Landing
Ilvari pixie 74 Ta'Vaalor, Wehnimer's Landing
Siren 96 Teras Isle

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