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Tsoran's map

This category lists all creatures found in the Foggy Valley hunting area. The Foggy Valley hunting area is nearest to the town of Solhaven. It is found on the Tsoran map VO-foggy-valley.

Foggy Valley is a valley near to the port of Solhaven. It was once the location of a sect of Fash'lo'nae followers, who experimented in magical inter species breeding. In an attempt to breed a cross between elves and bats, they created creatures called Vesperti. The Vesperti eventually turned on their creators, killing them, and then inhabited the forest adjacent to the valley. They cohabitate the area with other creatures, both living and undead. One must travel through Foggy Valley to reach Bonespear Tower. The creatures of the area are named with a variety of obscure language games.

Behind the Scenes

Foggy Valley is a memorial to the late GM Kygar. It was originally infested with giant fog beetles, and plays off the demonic fog filled themes of Shadow Valley and The Broken Lands. The creatures of the area represent unnatural mutilations and transmogrifications of life, including various cultists, and the hybridization of species in the attempt to acquire exotic immunities or enhancements.