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This page lists all the Humanoid Family creatures found in Elanthia.

Humanoid creatures have a bipedal body type and characteristics resembling humans, but may not be specifically being human themselves.

Creature Level Location
Wall guardian 11 Icemule Trace
Arachne servant 21 Wehnimer's Landing
Arachne acolyte 23 Wehnimer's Landing
Arachne priest 26 Wehnimer's Landing
Cyclops 26 Vornavis
Cook's assistant 28 Wehnimer's Landing
Hooded figure 30 Wehnimer's Landing
Emaciated hierophant 66 Ta'Illistim
Hunch-backed dogmatist 70 Ta'Illistim
Deathsworn fanatic 98 Sanctum of Scales
Bandit Variable
Corporeal Undead
Creature Level Location
Rotting woodsman 23 Solhaven
Carceris 25 Wehnimer's Landing
Rotting farmhand 32 Icemule Trace
Baesrukha 42 Ta'Illistim
Decaying Citadel guardsman 56 River's Rest
Rotting Citadel arbalester 58 River's Rest
Putrefied Citadel herald 60 River's Rest
Vaespilon 93 The Rift, Plane 5
Non-Corporeal Undead
Creature Level Location
Ghost 2 Wehnimer's Landing
Dark apparition 5 Icemule Trace, Ta'Vaalor
Spectral fisherman 6 Vornavis, Wehnimer's Landing
Death dirge 9 Ta'Vaalor, Vornavis, Wehnimer's Landing
Ghostly warrior 18 Wehnimer's Landing
Nedum vereri 18 Icemule Trace, Wehnmimer's Landing
Darken 28 Ta'Illistim
Spectral warrior 34 River's Rest
Spectral woodsman 35 Icemule Trace
Banshee 50 Teras Isle, Wehnimer's Landing
Ethereal mage apprentice 54 River's Rest
Phantasmal bestial swordsman 62 River's Rest
Fallen crusader 97 The Rift, Plane 4

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