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Talbot Dabbings was a Paradis halfling and hero of Wehnimer's Landing.

Talbot became a hero approximately around 5850 M.E., during the Krolvin War, when the Krolvin attacked Wehnimer's Landing. It was during the peak of the attack, when it seemed that the Krolvin were to be victorious, that Talbot wrote himself into history by attacking and killing the leader of the Krolvin forces. The halfling was killed in the process, but the death of the krolvin set off a series of events which saved the town. It began when the Krolvin forces called a halt to the battle and withdrew to their ships which were anchored in the adjacent harbor for the purpose of selecting a new leader. Unable to choose amongst themselves, bitterness spread through the Krolvin fleet, and the invasion collapsed as the krolvin forces splintered and sailed away in different directions. The town of Wehnimer's Landing was saved.

At some point after the end of the war, a party of Paradis halflings removed Dabbings' remains from burial in the outpost town and placed them in a tomb in the Paradis town of Icemule Trace.

The rogue Trevor Dabbings, Talbot's cousin, resides nowadays in an alcove in the Thirsty Penguin, an inn where he teaches brand new adventurers the lay of the land and quizzes them on his lesson for a bit of experience.

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