Kiyna (prime)

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Kiyna Zetaya
Race Halfling
Culture Mhoragian
Hometown Wehnimer's Landing
Profession Rogue
Affiliation(s) Wehnimer's Landing Town Council, Black Hand Trading Co
Hobbies Forging, whittling, sailing
Likes Warm colors, phoenixes, swimming
Dislikes Alcohol, narrow-mindedness, Arkati
Best Friend Kayse Thaellian
Loved One Vaemyr (father figure)

Kiyna Zetaya is a halfling rogue, citizen of Wehnimer's Landing.


You see Kiyna Zetaya the Patron of the Indentured.
She appears to be a Mhoragian Halfling.
She is taller than average and has a lithesome, nimble build. She appears to be youthful. She has bright amber eyes and tanned skin. She has long, tousled red hair pulled back into a messy ponytail and set in place with a twice-looped flyrsilk strand suspending two phoenix feathers. She has a button nose.
Kiyna's form radiates flames of red-orange, the air around her faintly crackling as it lashes out into nothingness. She is in good shape.
She is wearing an ascending phoenix pendant clutching a jewel in its talons, a rich burgundy chainsil cloak laced with dark velvet ribbon, a gold-edged silk vest, a white linen opal-buttoned shirt, a pyrothag hide swordbelt fringed with red firebird feathers, a layered skirt of vividly inked silk and lace scarves, and a pair of cushioned silver-threaded black socks under a pair of scorched orange suede knee-boots with buffed maple heels.

WL Town Council Application 5122

Application Questions
1. What does Wehnimer's Landing mean to you?
The Landing is my home. I've had the best moments of my life here, and the worst. I've left, left many times, but always I return. I am a part of it, and it is a part of me. I could harp on, but I feel it's really that simple. The Landing is everything to me, whether I like it or not. I've bled and died for it before and will do so again, although... hopefully not soon.
2. What do you feel you can bring to Wehnimer's Landing, if serving on the town council?
I like to think I am keen of eye and wit, as well as cautious and thoughtful in my actions, and I have some modest connections. I am duty-focused and do not stand on ceremony. But above all, I am tenacious. It is the quality I credit with getting me to where I am now. The reason I, who come from absolutely nothing, crawled up from the bottom to sit here, penning an application for town councilorship, of all things. I believe myself qualified to speak for the disenfranchised of the Landing, and most other places besides. You may find poverty makes quite the equalizer. If the people of the Landing want a councilor like me, I am happy to step into this role. We have earned, through our toil, the ability to choose, after all.
3. What are the goals you would like to accomplish for Wehnimer's Landing? How would you do this?
Though I will address any concern brought to me, I do have a number of interests in the town currently.
Given my focus on those with less, I feel that improving and expanding education is vital to the growth and prosperity of the Landing, and to that end I have a few ideas in mind. A program of apprenticeships with disciplines ranging from farming and fishing to artisanry and trade, which may help teach our younger people valuable skills and provide a safer environment than wandering off to the Red Forest. I also have an admittedly ambitious project to construct a new schoolhouse. I hope to involve House Sylvanfair in this endeavor, as well, for their expertise as well as a source of funding and even potentially staff.
The town's defenses can always be improved. I am not the first to suggest improvements here and there, and I won't be the last, but I have a related matter in mind. Very recently, the town barracks was attacked by the Darkstone Bay Consortium's armigers. These vigilantes did not accomplish their goal of violently overturning a lawfully democratic decision, but they did manage to convince me that something must be done to prevent something like this happening again. The consortium wishes to handle the matter internally, and I hope those responsible are brought forward to face justice. Even so, I am not satisfied. I will be considering methods to curtail the potential threat the armigers pose without disrupting the merchants who lawfully employ them.
Beyond this, my goal is to work with the other councilors, rely on their expertise and contribute what wisdom I can to the group.
4. Describe your connection to Wehnimer's Landing, your history with the town and its people, and why this makes you the best choice for councilor?
My earliest memories are of the Landing's grubby alleyways, being cared for by some of the other orphans and urchins. I was perhaps four years old in those memories. I've been here the entire time since. I've scraped by. Starved, stolen, sacrificed. I pushed myself through vicious times too numerous to count together with the Landing, and emerged on the other side a changed woman. I've no great power, or influence, or wealth. I have only a life lived buried in adversity together with this town and its people, and the drive that saw me through it. This, and my own unique perspective, is what I can offer.
5. Do you belong to any organizations, inside or outside of Wehnimer's Landing?
I am currently an employee at the Black Hand Trading Co., which is represented also by the lovely Kayse Thaellian. I have also pledged my blade to the Guardians of Sunfist, which leaves me very familiar with many of our local enemies.

Early Years

The identity of Kiyna's parents and her place of birth are unknown, even to her. It is only known that she was abandoned or orphaned and grew up from a young age in the dingy alleyways of Wehnimer's Landing. Nurtured by some of the other urchins, Kiyna spent a decade and a half relying on quick thinking, quick fingers, and occasionally the charity of others for survival.
At the age of 17, the still homeless Kiyna was adopted by Vaemyr Gateuser. Kiyna learned from him her letters and numbers, and was gifted simple equipment to become an adventurer and make her own way, as Vaemyr had. Kiyna took to the adventuring life well, and quickly refined her blade techniques, learned over the years in the rough back streets.


Ashes to Ashes 5122

During the invasion of the krolvin warlord Tyrrax, discussion arose of what to do about the warlord's captive mentalist, Kharusa. Opinions ranged from rescue of the enslaved halfling to merciful elimination of the dangerous threat before she could be employed to cause more harm.
Kiyna had other plans. During the counter-invasion of the krolvin fleet, Kiyna whisked the enslaved mentalist away to safety. Kiyna made it clear to all those who asked that Kharusa was under her protection of her own will, and refused to share her location until the krolvin threat passed, lest she be recaptured or her powers pressed into use out of obligation.
When the krolvin sailed away, and Kharusa's father had been returned, Kiyna brought Kharusa to the Moot Hall in a meeting with Thadston and Amos, facilited by Kayse of the Black Hand Trading Company.