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The Reivers is Rising storyline ran in 2007 and focused primarily on Wehnimer's Landing, with some events happening in Icemule Trace. It followed the Bone Witch Hagga of the Luinne Bheinn Clan as she attempted to take control of the Reivers.

Cast of Characters

  • Ahana - Reiver
  • Arivein - Reiver scout
  • Cotuil - Reiver guard of the River's Rest drawbridge
  • Dorand - Milbagua's son
  • Fernage - Council Elder
  • Hagga - Bone Witch of the Luinne Bheinn Clan
  • Kaovarq - Hagga's Hound
  • Katver - Milbagua's wife
  • Lentack - Hagga's Hound
  • Lotti - Dorand's wife
  • Menetra - Council Elder
  • Milbagua - Warchief of the Reiver Clans
  • Ponthas - Reiver
  • Raevik - Council Elder

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