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Requiem and Renewal was a four day storyline that focused on the death of Duke Bannon Chandrennin of Aldora and how his death impacted his family and the communities of Aldora, Vornavis, and the rest of the Turamzzyrian Empire.

On Lumnea 7, 5122, Duke Bannon died of old age while at home. His eldest son and heir, Gerjonn Chandrennin was present during the last moment of the old Duke's life. Gerjonn sent word to his younger siblings of their father's death. Duncarr Chandrennin was training with the southern Imperial Legion when he was informed, and Kasendra Malwind was engaging in diplomacy in Ta'Illistim when her husband, Salnim Malwind, relayed the news. Emperor Aurmont issued an announcement of the Duke's death the following day that recounted Duke Bannon's long legacy as a hero of the Empire. A remembrance vigil was held in Solhaven on Lumnea 9, where Salnim was in attendance and those present shared their condolences and memories of the late Duke and his lasting impact. The funeral for Duke Bannon was held in Aldora, and in addition to all of Duke Bannon's children, Emperor Aurmont was also in attendance. After it was over, Kasendra spoke to Aurmont as a cousin and urged him to finally repeal Chaston's Edict for the sake of the children she intended to have with Salnim, whose blood was a quarter elven even if he appeared to be human.

A final lasting impact of the short storyline was the formal repeal of Chaston's Edict two months later.

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  • 2022-06-09 - Remembrance Vigil (not yet on wiki)

Behind the Scenes

The majority of the storyline consisted of official vignettes posted over the course of four days relating what was happening in places inaccessible to players and what major NPCs were doing off screen. There was only one official in-game event related to the storyline, the remembrance vigil in Solhaven, although news of what happened influenced many characters' actions both during and after the storyline concluded. While the storyline did technically impact much of the game world, its actual in-game events were focused exclusively on Solhaven.

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