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Map of The F'Eyrie

A new hunting area, The F'Eyrie, was released on on Teras Isle featuring firebirds (level 85), ash guardians (level 87), and blazing red phoenixes (level 90)! To reach the area, you must brave a treacherous climb from the Basalt Flats to the top of the volcano Stormbrow. Don't forget to bring your rhimar blades and fire resistant gear, or these birds and their defenders may just be too hot to handle!


Concept Oscuro
Coding Oscuro, Naijin
Creature Messaging Netz, Oscuro, Gyres
Rooms Netz
Release Event Netz
QC Mestys, Itzel, Isten, Estild, Wyrom, Ixix


Teras Isle - edit
Hunting Areas: Eye of V'Tull | The F'Eyrie | Fhorian Village | Greymist Wood | Kharam Dzu | Lava Flows | Temple of Luukos | Ruined Temple

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