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Use Weapons, Armor
Bonus +5
ST/DU 0/0
Rarity Rare
Weight Modifier 100%
Special Properties Ice flares
Primary Color Blue
Dyeable Unknown

Rhimar is always some sort of bluish color, ranging from blue-white to a deep steel-blue, and cannot be dyed. It is found in the chilly northern mountains of Elanthia, often located deep within peaks that have been covered in snow for longer than any race can remember. Often a sparkly, light blue, natural deposits of rhimar sometimes form in the shape of a mass of tiny whorls, and gazing upon a chunk of pure rhimar one is often reminded of an intense blizzard. It has a natural enchantment equivalent to that of mithril.

Even the intense heat of a forge cannot distill the magical chill within rhimar, and this makes it an ideal weapon for adventurers going against foes with a fiery bent. Often it will flare up with an intense, cold blue light, releasing the magical energies within it when it strikes an enemy. It was first found by members of the Wsalamir giantman clan, and they hold it as a sacred metal, as it embodies the fierce cold of their homes.

Rhimar is one of four materials that has an enchant bonus similar to mithril and this additional flaring property. The other natural flaring materials are zorchar (lightning), drakar (fire), and gornar (vibration).

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