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This category lists all creatures found in the Wehntoph hunting area. The Wehntoph hunting area is nearest to the town of Wehnimer's Landing. It is found on the maps WL-wehntoph as well as WL-gates.

The Wehntoph is the third largest mountain in the Dragonsclaw Mountains made up of three distinct regions.

The Twin Canyons can be found in a ravine past the hobgoblin boulder. The gremlins that lurk in the canyon can steal items from an adventurer's inventory. The gremlins will then stick the item in their sack until they can get to the place that they stash their loot. Some areas cannot be traversed by larger races; other areas require the larger races to lie down to squeeze through.

The Northern Slopes can be found just past Ocoma Vale.

The Krag Slopes can be accessed by jumping the chasm at the top of the Twin Canyons. This area was overhauled in 2008.

Twin Canyons Northern Slopes Krag Slopes
Nasty little gremlin Puma Krag dweller
Slimy little grub Ogre warrior Krag yeti
Wind witch Lesser minotaur
Thunder troll Minotaur magus
Minotaur warrior


Rumors: The curse of the minotaur is whispered only rarely and never spoken aloud. There are those that say the mere mention of it will bring down the curse upon you and your family.

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