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Search-phrase "Ruined Tower"

I am left unsettled due to the fact that if I search for "Ruined Tower" I get a page about creatures in the area, rather than about the tower itself. Both of the below pages are helpful. I just wish there was a good solution to making the searchword lead to "BOTH" of them:

  1. Category:The Ruined Tower creatures <-- search-phrase "Ruined Tower" leads here
  2. Elemental Plane of Water <-- actually has more info about the "Ruined Tower" than the other article

Any thoughts on the best way to direct users? (I have posted this same message on both pages' Discussion page.) -Soliere FIRENSIA (talk) 10:56, 13 September 2019 (CDT)

It also appears that there's more info about the Ruined Tower directly on the River's Rest page itself:

The Ruined Tower 30-35 Although damaged during the Great Quake of 5018, the tower remains an imposing structure. Located on the mainland north of the Tempest River, it was once the demesne of the wizard Kiergaunt Pandarre, a student of the elemental planes. The dungeons beneath the keep are worth exploring for their abandoned cells and torture chamber, while the tower and its courtyard hold the remnants of many admirable pieces of art, some of which can still be appreciated despite the decay. Abandoned after the Great Quake, the tower is still structurally sound.

Points of Interest: The Pool and Workshop, The Library, The Torture Chamber

Rumors: The wizard Kiergaunt Pandarre is said to have disappeared about the time of the Great Quake. It is thought the strange lifeforms now found in and around the tower are a product of his research. Some travelers claim to experience peculiar and revealing visions.

What do do, ponder. Maybe the search-phrase "Ruined Tower" could point to the River's Rest page, but only after the Creatures page and the Elemental Plane of Water page are linked from the River's Rest page? Not sure here. -Soliere FIRENSIA (talk) 12:51, 13 September 2019 (CDT)