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The Cessation of Coraesine Field (CCF) was a ticketed event held March 28-30, 2014 for Prime and April 4-6 for Platinum. It was limited to 50 tickets distributed via raffle on Mist Harbor and tickets cost $199.99 for Prime and $149.99 for Platinum. Each ticket allowed the attendee to one service (or item) each from five different tiers, for a total of five services (or items) per attendee.

The grounds were the same as the ones used for Return to Coraesine Field, as were many of the merchant shops.

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Services and Schedule

Click on Day & Time column for the schedule.

  • Wyrom 3/29 1:00 pm EDT: Since the Last Chance pool is already over 20% of people skipping out on a tier, I figured it's time to explain how this will work. Last Chance will take place after the storyline has ended. They will be very pricey, each having an addition Last Chance surcharge/raffle cost (this includes epic deepening). If you don't have the silver to participate, you will be walking away with no win in that tier. Services and items will go once by, if everyone passes during Last Chance, the service is officially forfeit.
Tier Service Day & Time Distribution Method
1 Glove Bow (1) Friday 22:00 Skill Raffle
1 Ethereal String (1) (Attaching this string to an appropriate weapon makes it into
a "returner" and gives it the ability to increase AS at the cost of mana and stamina
when raised, limited to hammer, handaxe, discus, quoit, javelin, or dagger with no
other scripts)
Friday 22:30 Skill Raffle
1 Self Mana Magic Item Creation (5) (double mana cost) Friday 23:00 Auction (3)
Spin (2)
1 Duping Quiver (1) (A quiver which will copy any arrow that is placed into it
an unlimited amount of times.)
Saturday 11:00 Auction
1 Greater Chrism Holder (2) (+2 Spirit Recovery) Saturday 11:00 Raffle
1 Hidden Bracer (1) Saturday 11:00 Spin (some amount of
perception skill required)
1 Coraesine (Pure) (1) Saturday 12:00 Auction
1 Coraesine (Impure) (3) Saturday 12:30 Raffle
1 Undead Bane (5) (+8 or flares) Saturday 13:00 Auction (2)
Raffle/Spin (3)
1 DB Item Enchanting/Creation (5) Saturday 14:00 Auction (2)
Raffle (3)
1 Weight Reducing Containers (50%) (5) (no stacking with the 25% version,
no containers holding more than 200 lbs, will work on pretty much any already
scripted container, there will be charges for containers with other mechanical
benefits, including per day weight reducing backpacks, teleportation cloaks,
enhancives, etc.)
Saturday 14:30 Auction (2)
Raffle/Spin (3)
1 Spell Knowledge Enhancives (5)
(Spells 606, 211, 1606, 513, 1612)
Saturday 15:00 Auction (2)
Raffle/Spin (3)
1 Rune Tattoos (5) (Empathic Focus not available this event) Saturday 16:30 Auction (2)
Raffle/Spin (3)
1 Script Adding (10)
(T4 Voln Armor (armor does not need to have any existing Voln tiers on it),
greater elemental flares, entanglement flares on bolas or nets)
Sunday 11:00 Raffle/Spin (10)
2 Pick-a-Bane (10) (Orc, Giant, Troll, Magical Critters, Tritons, Extraplanar,
Krolvin, Grimswarm, Bandits, or Roltons; +12 or flares--fire, disintegration, disruption,
unbalance, grapple, ice, electricity, impact, acid, vacuum, plasma, steam)
Saturday 13:30 Auction (2)
Raffle/Spin (7)
2 Weighting/Sighting (10 pts) (20) Saturday 20:00 Auction (5)
Raffle/Spin (15)
2 Padding (10 pts) (10) Saturday 21:00 Auction (3)
Raffle/Spin (7)
2 TD boost (+10) (10) (an item's DS+TD can be >+50 for this event) Saturday 22:00 Raffle/Spin
3 Enchanting (+5) (50) Sunday 12:00 Room Order
4 Resistance (+30) (15) Saturday 19:00 Raffle/Spin
4 Defender (+10) (10) (If you are not interested in Defender service, you can
get Epic Deepening instead)
Saturday 21:30 Auction (1)
Raffle/Spin (9)
4 Epic Deepening (25) Saturday 00:00 Spin (likely)
5 Flares (25) (Mana (+1 rank), acuity (+2 ranks), fire, cold, lightning, impact, acid,
vacuum, plasma, steam, disintegrate, disruption, unbalance, grapple, slash,
puncture,crush, knockout, and poleaxe. If you have a permablessed weapon without
holy water flares, we'll add that to the list. Only holy water flares are possible.)
Saturday 23:00 Room Order
5 Flares (25) Sunday 16:00 Room Order
X Door Prizes* Sunday 19:00 Spin
*Door Prizes: a few wisps/amulets, climate wear garments, pirate harnesses/bandoliers, gambling kits, gory weapons, and pelt bags will be spun off. Everything fully unlocked, but stock descriptions. If you have an item and wish it to just be unlocked, that can be arranged.

Service Costs

If an item is being enchanted, price will be based off of the item's final enchant. Unlike in previous events, for items that are auctioned the final winning bid amount does not contribute toward the service cost, those are separate.

Base Cost

Enchant Pricing (in silvers)
+0 10,000
+5 20,000
+10 40,000
+12 50,000
+15 80,000
+20 160,000
+25 350,000
+30 750,000
+35 1,500,000
+40 3,000,000
+45 8,000,000
+50 16,000,000

Partial enchants will have additional costs.


Property Pricing (in silvers)
Weighting (includes bane levels) 50,000 per level
Padding 50,000 per level
Sighting 50,000 per level
TD 50,000 per plus
Defender 20,000 per plus
Ensorcell 20,000 per tier
Resistance 25,000 per 5%
(vulnerability not counted)
Flares 100,000 (flat)
Fusion 1,000,000 (flat)
Combat Scripts 1,000,000 (flat)
Permabless or Undead Bane (does not count
special properties of bane or flaring of permabless)
1,000,000 (flat)
Miscellaneous Surcharge (for anything else that is
just odd about the item that doesn't fit anything else)
500,000 (flat)

Everything Else

Services that don't have combat properties or are a pre-made item will just be the cost of the raffle or auction. If spinning is chosen as a selection method, the merchant may have a small base fee.

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