Chambeli Malatina

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Chambeli Malatina
Storyline Beyond the Arkati
Gender female
Race Human
Status dead
Relationship(s) Casiphia (cousin}
Alias/Title Chatelaine

Chatelaine Chambeli Malatina became the interim mayor of Wehnimer's Landing after the disappearance of Mayor Stennis.


You see Chatelaine Chambeli Malatina.
She appears to be a Human.
She is average height and appears to be in the prime of life. She has almond-shaped dark eyes and ivory skin. She has long, thick blue-black hair worn in a chignon. She has a dainty oval face, a small nose and thin eyebrows.
She is in good shape.
She is wearing a thin black linen cape, a deep blue velvet bodice with thread-of-silver accents, a large alabaster-centered signet ring, a small black velvet bag, a small arctic fox fur pouch with a silver clasp, a floor-length light blue cotton skirt with black trim, and some short brown suede boots.


When Walkar Wellington was elected mayor, and her own tenure was over, Chambeli decided it was time to take a break and return home. During her voyage by sea her ship befell a tragedy at sea and she was thought dead, but she washed up along the shores of River's Rest where a pirate named Thanden took her captive.

She was rescued, distraught, by a group of adventurers under the fog of war. She was whisked to Wehnimer's Landing to an unnamed location when she came within sight of the town she became hysterical and refused to go further. She kept rambling "He'll find me" over and over.

It was at this time that a possessed Thrayzar, an Orc Assassin, who had been missing for some time appeared and to the shock of the rescuers knifed her in the back. Her body was later found in Moot Hall, headless. Mayor Walkar had to identify her and confirmed her death.