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Citizenship pins are only available to citizens of a given town.

River's Rest

a small tortoise shell pin
An egg-shaped piece of polished tortoise shell provides the backing for this small pin, its surface scribed with the faded lines of the Imperial seal.  Rimming the front of the piece, a seawater-filled glass tube provides a watery home to a pair of tiny vessels rigged at full sail.  Overreaching the glass are four ornate bridges that span from a cradled heart of Turamzzyrian diamond to a bold script that proclaims the bearer as an Elanthian misfit and proud citizen of River's Rest.
>tap pin
You tap your tortoise shell pin and set the tiny cutter racing against the imperial man-o-war.  The smuggler is victorious and races safely ahead.

>read pin
In the Common language, it reads:
Kaldonis, Citizen of River's Rest


Citizenship pins in Ta'Vaalor have an additional benefit besides announcing citizenship: the citizen who possesses a pin or badge need not present their papers when entering the fortress or doing business in the town.

Full Citizens

an eahnor wyvern badge
The masterfully crafted badge has been molded in the shape of a shield, with a wide, scalloped crown and a narrowly pointed tip.  The face of the badge bears a cunningly hand-painted image of the Guardian Keep of Ta'Vaalor, tiny crimson banners flying from its ramparts.  Soaring overhead is a large golden wyvern, its wings spread protectively wide and its maw agape in a challenging cry.  A pair of tiny crimson blazestars are set into the badge as the wyvern's eyes, and layers of gold leaf cover its wings.
There appears to be something written on it.

>read badge
In the Elven language, it reads:
Milque, Citizen of Ta'Vaalor
>tap badge
You proudly rub your thumb over your wyvern badge to enhance the shine.
Milque shines her wyvern badge with a quick rub of her thumb, and a hint of a proud smile plays across her face.

Partial Citizens

a golden wyvern pin
Wrought of brushed gold, the pin is crafted in the shape of a wyvern in flight.  Its wings are spread wide, and its maw is agape in a challenging cry.  Two tiny rubies have been inset to form glittering eyes, and a finely detailed eahnor inlay along the wings gives definition to the wyvern's scales.
There appears to be something written on it.

>read my pin
In the Elven language, it reads:
Vilhra, partial Citizen of Ta'Vaalor
>tap my pin
You rub your thumb over your wyvern pin to enhance the shine, proud that you have been accepted among the Vaalor elves.
Vilhra shines her wyvern pin with a quick rub of her thumb, smiling with pride.


an invar volcano pin
You tap your invar volcano pin and fiery red sparks and grey ash come out of the top!
You are fondly reminded of home.

Wehnimer's Landing

a lacquered modwir keg pin
This small keg-shaped pin is constructed of lacquered modwir and accented with a miniature brass spigot.  A tiny otter figure is perched atop the container, his paws holding one end of a long banner that swirls around the keg.  The banner bears a message in flowing gold lettering:  Dragonsdraught Ale -- The brew that made Wehnimer's Landing famous!
>tap my pin
As you tap your modwir keg, the tiny otter figure leans down and turns the spigot.  A brief spray of ale-scented mist bursts forth as the otter chitters mirthfully.
You are fondly reminded of home.